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What is RETape?

As depicted in the infomercial, RETape is a tape used for sealing food packets, containers or cosmetics so as to retain their freshness until next use. It is easily removable, resealable and reusable.


How does RETape work?

Have you opened a snack packet and tried to seal it with those regular clips for reusing it later but were never really satisfied with the contents of the packet when you reopened it the next time? More than often, when the packets are not sealed properly, moisture or outside air enters inside the packet ruining the contents and losing their original freshness. Same is the case with food containers or beauty products for that matter. RETape however claims to have found the perfect solution for this issue. It can help save and protect your favourite items until you are ready to use them next time. Now how good RETape really is can be judged only when there are reviews to back it up.


Easy to apply, remove and reapply – RETape works like a transparent tape that has been engineered with nonstick divider tabs which can be easily applied, removed and reapplied. RETape asserts to be better in comparison with regular clips or other tapes that can easily spill the contents of the container on being dropped. But if RETape really works can only be proved once we have analyzed the RETape reviews.


Roll contains 500 inches of tape – RETape proclaims that it will last for a very long time resealing almost everything in your kitchen and more. It sure is a lofty claim but we will only believe it when there are actual reviews of RETape to support the claim.


One tape, Multiple Uses – RETape states to have literally thousands of uses. It can be used for anything and everything in the kitchen, beauty products in the bathroom, food bags in the cupboard or even files in the office.


Easy to remember through name tags – RETape is hand-tearable and its surface is writable with marker or pen which helps for listing contents and date. You can write name tags on the RETape so that it is easy to understand. It’s very common to place a container of chicken stock or some side dish in the freezer without labeling it. It may not seem a big deal at the time but a few weeks later when you see it, you might not recall what it was and when was it made. Thus it may eventually land up in the dustbin. Precisely where RETape asserts its advantage. Using RETape you can now mark everything in the fridge or the freezer, label what it is and the date you froze it. Sounds too good to be true? Why don’t you let us know by sharing your RETape reviews?


Ease of use with the Lockdown Dispenser – The patent pending RETape includes a lockdown dispenser that suctions to the countertop. This helps RETape to stay fixed in a position so that it’s easy to tear off a new strip single-handedly.

What do I get?

See the official website:

One thought on “RETape

  1. I like REtape — especially because of the feature that creates an easy-on/easy-off tab. I hate fussing with a bulky chip clip which doesn’t fit in a drawer in the kitchen or takes up too much room in the freezer.

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