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What is Red Steam Express?

The Red Steam Express is a portable 2-in-1 iron and steamer designed to smooth and eliminate wrinkles fast and easy! With the Red Steam Express your clothes will be wrinkle-free in just seconds.


How does Red Steam Express work?

The Red Steam Express employs Advanced Turbo Steam Technology. It features a high pressure pump that generates billions of super-heated micro-steam molecules right at the plate that rapidly penetrate deep into the fabric and instantly remove wrinkles.

Features of the Red Steam Express

  • Sole Plate – Ceramic coated.
  • Delicate Plate – Ideal to iron silks, satins, nylon and other delicate fabrics.
  • Bristle Brush Plate – Eliminates pilling on sweaters. Perfect for dresses, couches, cushions and pillows.
  • Lint Brush Plate – Restores and refreshes sweaters and fabrics to make them look brand new.

Uses of the Red Steam Express – The Red Steam Express is perfect for suits, dresses, shirts, blouses, pants, curtains, drapes and more! Unlike ironing which is too much work and take too much time and dry cleaners that are expensive, the Red Steam Express is a super-fast iron and garment steamer all in one!

Portable, lightweight and compact – The Red Steam Express is a lightweight clothing steamer. It’s so compact and lightweight, weighing less than 2 lbs. that it fits perfectly into any travel bag so you can carry it with you wherever you go! Red Steam Express distributes pure steam right at the point of contact so your clothes are wrinkle-free in just seconds. Order the Red Steam Express today and makes your wardrobe a wrinkle-free zone!


Red Steam Express REVIEW

Brooke Hines in here review of the Red Steam Express says-“The Red Steam Express doesn’t iron well and the water leaks all over the clothes. I will be returning it”.

Jill Lewis complains in her Red Steam Express review that the Red Steam Express barely worked, is poor build quality, the manual is with incorrect information, and the leaked water everywhere.

Raquel Carson says in her Red Steam Express review-“Researched and read many reviews. I just wanted a compact steamer to replace my iron. I find it hard to believe that the reviews for the Red Steam Express are real. Once the unit heats up you push the steam button and get a small out of steam. If you push the button several times quickly then hot water will drop out. Total waste of money”!

Frances Pittman is unhappy with the Red Steam Express and says she would rather buy a branded iron cum steamer than this Chinese junk.

Dolores Wong seems disappointed with the Red Steam Express and writes in her review of it-“The Red Steam Express is horrible. You have to constantly press the button repeatedly to get steam out”.

Another user, Kathleen Greene, states in her Red Steam Express review-“The Red Steam Express may be okay to use as a regular iron. But, this did not work for me. It is so heavy to hold and the steam does not come out unless you keep pushing the button. Just to steam one little silk shirt, it took forever, and my shirt was still wrinkled. After one experience, I decided to order another steamer”.

Patsy Copeland has mixed opinions about the Red Steam Express and says in her review-“I like the burst steam which is powerful, but returned it because it doesn’t have the regular continuous steam. It only has the burst mode, which means I have to constantly press and release the steam button. It also leaks water”.

Wilma Jacobs who tried the Red Steam Express says in her review of it-“Just okay. My regular iron works just as well, if not better. The Red Steam Express is a very average product”.

Red Steam Express Questions and Answers

Q. Does the Red Steam Express really work?
A. Not really, not like a normal iron or steamer.

Q. Does the Red Steam Express leak?
A. The Red Steam Express will not spit out hot water and does not leak if you use it in a right way. Firstly, it was common to see the water in the tank when you first use the Red Steam Express, because that means it has been checked before shipping out. Secondly, do not add the water over the max line when you used it, or it will leak from the tank. Thirdly, just make sure the Red Steam Express steamer is in upright position and desired level, it will not spit out.

Q. Does the Red Steam Express remove lint from clothes?
A. Yes, it comes with a lint removal plate.

Q. Can the Red Steam Express be used as an iron?
A. Yes, but it doesn’t have a very big ironing surface. You probably wouldn’t want to use the Red Steam Express for ironing large things (e.g., tablecloths).

Q. Can the Red Steam Express feasibly scorch the clothes you are steaming?
A. The Red Steam Express doesn’t remove wrinkles very well and doesn’t scorch either.

Q. How hot does the Red Steam Express get?
A. There is no indication about the temperature.

Q. What is “Advanced Turbo Steam Technology” that is mentioned on the official website
A. Chinese stuff and nothing more.

Q. Is this dual voltage 110/220 V?
A. No, just 110V

Q. Does the portable steamer shut off automatically when the water runs out?
A. It will shut off automatically when not in use, however not when it runs out of water.

Q. How long does the Red Steam Express steamer take to heat up and how much water can it hold?
A. The Official website does not answer this question but normally iron/steamers like this one heat up in about a minute’s time.

Q. What is the capacity of the water tank of the Red Steam Express?
A. Approximately 150 to 200 ml

Q. Do you recommend the Red Steam Express?
A. No, there is several branded tried and tested Ceramic plated clothes iron cum steamers available out there on Buy one of those.



What do I get?

  • 1 Red Steam Express Steaming and Iron Unit
  • 1 Delicate Plate
  • 1 Linen Brush Plate
  • 1 Bristle Brush Plate
  • 1 Travel Case
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 Handy Stand
  • 1 Measuring Cup

Price: $59.97 + S/h at the Official Red Steam Express website

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