Ready Rack

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What is Ready Rack –

It is a rack that lets you wash, strain, and prepare ingredients directly over the sink to save space and eliminate mess and cleaning up.

Wash, strain, and prepare food directly over the sink

Ready Rack claims it will eliminate your need to use colanders to wash and dry your food ingredients while cooking. When you need to wash veggies or fruits, you wash and strain water by keeping them in a sieve. But this only messes your countertop because the water drips and then you need to clean it after you are done. But Ready Rack is supposedly an innovative rack that you can lodge on top of your sink and wash the ingredients and let them dry on it so that you do not have to worry about water draining on kitchen counter and save time wiping it clean.


Dries dishes and saves counter space

You apparently not longer need to have strainers and unsightly dish racks eating up your counter space. Ready Rack promises to let you dry your dishes and glasses on it too over the sink so that all the water will drain into the sink. This in turn saves your counter space because you do not need bulky strainers and dish racks eating away the counter space. Ready Rack is meant to be easy to use and needs no installation. You believably just need to roll it out, place it over your sink and wash, strain and prepare your food.


Slip-resistant and BPA free

There is no need to worry about ingredients like oranges, bell peppers or apples rolling off the Ready Rack and into the sink. The rack is supposed to be made of slip-resistant and silicone coated steel that prevents foods from slipping or rolling away. Ready Rack also claims to be BPA free so your foods will not contaminate and will always stay healthy to eat. Ready Rack is also meant to be easy to store. It rolls up rather easily and can be stored in a cabinet without occupying any extra space unlike racks and strainers.


    What do I get?

  • You get 2 Ready Rack for just $14.99 + 15.90 S/H.
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