Rank Arena Air Fryer

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What is Rank Arena Family Size Air Fryer?

It is a smart multi-functional air fryer that helps you prepare delicious and healthy food and also performs a range of cooking functions.


Innovative and versatile

Rank Arena Air Fryer introduces you to the world of air frying cooking, which it positions as a new radical way to cook that is likely to become a rage. It promises to revolutionize the way you cook so that the food turns out delicious, wholesome and inviting every single time it’s used. What makes the air fryer tick is along with other features, its unique rapid hot air circulation system technology which add a touch of perfection to it.

A wide range of functions

The creators of Rank Arena Air Fryer claim that it’s a multi-functional appliance that performs a whole lot of tasks that ordinary appliances cannot. According to them, the air fryer can roast, broil, grill, steam, toast and do a lot more with effortless ease. That means you can count on it to singlehandedly prepare a meal for a large number of people all by yourself.


Smart features

Rank Arena Air Fryer claims that it makes cooking a sophisticated experience as it comes with features like 60 minutes ring timer automatic counting down and shut-off, carbon tube for faster and consistent cooking and the option to adjust temperature up to 22 Celsius. It also has a power cord winder at the back and a removable door with large viewing window. It has a slick design and smart looks with a deluxe stainless decorative panel.

The secret…

Rank Arena Air Fryer uses rapid hot air circulation system technology, which is a unique feature that enables it to carry out scores of tasks while cooking.


For nutritious and mouthwatering food

Rank Arena Air Fryer guarantees that the food it helps you prepare is not only healthy but also delicious. It states that it cooks fat-free food quickly and easily and ensures that the flavor of the food isn’t lost. You can perform a range of functions using the air fryer to enjoy the food the way want to.

Easy to clean

Rank Arena Air Fryer is basically an easy to clean appliance as its accessories are dishwasher safe and its stainless steel body can be wiped gently too. The appliance also boasts of non-slip feet which sees to it that its body stays intact for a long time to come.


What Do I Get?

  • Buy Rank Arena Family Size Air Fryer for $129.95
  • Official website: dealsdirect.com.au
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