Rank Arena 10 in 1 ThermoBlender

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What is Rank Arena 10 in 1 ThermoBlender?

It is a highly advanced blender that not only blends but can also chop, mix, melt, knead, steam, cook and perform other tasks with ease.


True innovator and multitasker

Rank Arena 10 in 1 ThermoBlender could be the best thing waiting to happen to your kitchen. The makers of the blender state that goes beyond the ordinary and performs a variety of tasks besides boasting of sophisticated looks, ease of use and exceptional versatility.

No limits to functions

Ordinary blenders just blend ingredients and may do a little bit more but Rank Arena 10 in 1 ThermoBlender is a multi-tasker. It performs so many tasks that you may not feel the need for any other appliance. It carries out functions such as chopping, melting, cooking, crushing and even heating effortlessly and can also grind, whip, knead and steam ingredients singlehandedly.


Exceptionally advanced features

Rank Arena 10 in 1 ThermoBlender appears to be a pro at performing turbo, dough and auto cook functions that make processing ingredients simple, quick and effortless. It is equipped with digital LCD display with blue backlight, easy touch settings, digital speed control, timer and more. Its specifications include 10 operating functions, 1300W cooking power, 600W mixing, chopping and blender power.

Easy to use

Rank Arena 10 in 1 ThermoBlender seems really simple and easy to use. All you have to do is set its timer, speed and temperature and press start for the appliance to get into action. It is easy to operate and features various hi-tech features like auto setting which simplify processing of foods and also save time.

Great at steering

ThermoBlender also helps you whip up soups, sauce, and other food items that require steering. It also makes healthy preparations like juices, soups and more easily for which you simply need to follow the prompts. You can even count on it to independenly prepare a complete meal for your family.


Easy to clean

It’s very easy and convenient to clean Rank Arena 10 in 1. Its blades can be removed easily for cleaning and attachments are dishwasher safe too.


    What do I get ?

  • You will receive Rank Arena 10 in 1 ThermoBlender for $249
  • Official Website : dealsdirect.com.au

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