Raise N Roast

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Cooking is an art and with the invention of more of more kitchen appliances and products it has become easier to cook tasty food. But what hasn’t changed yet is the way of cooking especially roasting and is the primary reason for Raise N Roast’s invention. It so happens that roasting in pans and cookware needs a lot of grease to make the bird juicy and ready to eat. But this grease which might be oil, butter, etc is very harmful to health causing serious health issues in the long run. Raise N Roast claims to literally save you from this health concern and roast the best meat you had ever.

How does Raise N Roast Work

Unlike wire roasting racks Raise N Roast claims to be more efficient due to its design features. Its capabilities of roasting to perfection is said to come from the silicone material it is made from. The heat resistant silicone in Raise N Roast provides even heating while roasting and is safe for use in the oven too handling up to a temperature of 500 degrees. The height provided with Raise N Roast is supposed to be good enough to keep the bird high and out of the unhealthy fats and those ugly burned bits that are found at the bottom of the roasting pans, bakeware and dishes.

The key selling point of Raise N Roast is the bendable and flexible body that has a interlocking design so as to mold it in any shape and lock it down for cooking. Its non-stick surface makes sure that the enameled or non-stick pan surfaces are not scratched while using it. Plus Raise N Roast is easy to clean since it’s completely dishwasher safe. Raise N Roast can also be used to support fish for steaming, corralling root vegetables and much more.




What do I get?

  • Buy Two Raise N Roast for $10 plus $15.9 P & H
  • .

Official website raiseandroast.com



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