Pyramid Pan Review

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You may be tired of constantly turning your food in the oven so that it doesn’t stick and burn or you may be tired of soggy fat laden fried food. Here is a solution for that, Pyramid Pan, the amazing pan that bakes bread and other foods light and crispy without ever having to turn them. The secret of the Pyramid Pan is the 500 pyramids that let your food sit above the bottom of the pan allowing hot air to circulate under and around the food.


How does Pyramid Pan work?
Pyramid Pan leaves your food tasty, crispy, juicy and evenly cooked. So there is no need to continuously flip or turn your food. You get it perfectly baked from top to bottom. The baked food lies on top of the pyramids therefore it is easier to drain away grease and fats.

When you flip the pan over the flat side can be used for perfectly baked cookies without burning or sticking. Pyramid Pan is perfect for taquitos, egg rolls and onion rings. They turn out crispy and yummy without having to turn them. With chicken wings fat and oils just drip away. It can be used to reheat pizza too. It turns your old pan into a new hi-tech baking tool. It is even perfect for fresh and frozen meals. It is like deep frying in your oven without the fat and calories.

The Pyramid Pan eliminates the need for cooking oils and parchment paper. With the money you save the pan pays for itself in a month. It not only serves as a baking tool but it is perfect as a non slip surface for cutting boards, as a pot holder, to grip and open jar lids and as a trivet. The Pyramid Pan is made of food grade non stick silicone so it is very simple and easy to clean. It is also dishwasher safe and can be stored in a drawer.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer –

  • 2 Large Pyramid Pan-fits inside a half sheet size metal pan (Size: 11 ½ x 16)
  • 2 Medium Pyramid Pan-fits inside a small baking pan or your toaster oven (Size:11 ½ x 8)
  • 2 Special Effects Cookbook
  • All this for just $9.95 + $5.95 S&H.



Reviews and Complaints
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Pyramid Pan Video
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4 thoughts on “Pyramid Pan Review

  1. I already bought one ….Pyramid Pan works as advertised…. cannot get it clean though, tried everything I can think of. Little spots that look like black stains and cannot remove it. On the verge of tossing it into the trash, scared of getting sick from the leftover foodstuff I cannot remove.


    • Ray, same thing happened to me, and the Pyramid Pan toll free # I have isn’t valid. But at least my credit card wasn’t charged.

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