Provita Juicer Review | Should you Buy the Provita Cold Press Slow Juicer?

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Short Lived – Provita Review by Dan

Dan in his Provita review says that the juicer was a good deal from the Today Show’s Deals and Steals segment for the month. For the initial phase of use Provita worked very well when it came to chopping up the veggies and fruits. It additionally juiced the food items very well. But the major issue started just after a month where Provita simply stopped working and all it does is generate a humming sound. Even after reassembling the whole system it did not work and had some burned out smell that may be of the motor. The issue was of the motor that went out so early even after using it only for 4 times a week.

Cracked Container, Non-helpful Customer Service

Shelly who tried the Provita Juicer says in her review that it stopped working right after the first month. Though it did work very well and juiced the fruits and veggies deliciously it is useless if it stops working so soon. There was a crack that formed on the strainer portion of the machine and the juice started to form clumps while pulping. In the second month the clumps apparently started to increase and were large enough to obstruct the juicing process. She further informs in her Provita review the customer service itself did not have any idea regarding the issue and asked for a call back after 2 days as they would try to figure out what really the problem is. There has been no solution yet or any response from the customer service helpline.

Stopped Working…no help from the Company – Provita Review by Stephanie

Stephanie McMiller who used the juicer reveals in her Provita review that it is completely a waste of money. It worked only for 2 times in total before breaking apart. The customer service based in India were hardly helpful and instead asked the customer to return Provita for repair at their own expense. It does not look that the company really stands true to its own claims and it was far more disheartening to see such a product get a place in the Today show.

Did not work

Samuel in his Provita review says that the unit that was received did not function at all. Even after assembling it as per the instructions there was not even a sound from it. The customer service was not helpful and even comforted with a false claim that someone would call back for further instructions. No response has been made yet making it a bad investment.

Provita is Loud

According to one customer who used Provita has complained that it was very loud while juicing and takes a lot of time too. In comparison to the Nutri Bullet it is very difficult to use.

Just more Pulp

One customer who reviewed Provita complains that the juicer worked amazingly well only for a month. The juice gradually was more pulpy to the point that it completely stopped juicing. The strainer also started developing a crack. The customer service claimed that there was no such issue faced before and would get back but never returned a call.

Cleaning Issues

Hyslop in his review reveals that it is very difficult to work with it as it is completely inefficient in making a glass of juice without cleaning it for many times. It is more of a scam as there has been no response from the so called reputed show for the complain placed.


According to one customer who used Provita has complained in his Provita review that it was worthless to purchase it. The manual apparently is just 6 pages long with 12 pictures in total where it was revealed that the ingredients need to be finely chopped to fit it inside the tiny hopper of Provita. Even after cleaning the whole system for many times it did not start extracting the juice. The manual was pointless here as it did not have any answer to the problem been faced. There was no online help available regarding the issue of malfunctioning where it stopped pulping and kept spitting food items out while overflowing the strainer. The solution was actually a rubber stopper at the bottom of the bowl that is screwed on and needs to be unplugged in order to begin the process which was difficult to figure out. Surprisingly this important process was not even written down in the manual. Though if one does not press the R (reverse) button it does not work and is a task when it comes to cleaning up. The surprising part about Provita was that it was even featured on the Today Show.


What is Provita Juicer and How does it work?

Juices are a very important part of nutrition in a fast -paced life and you’d know that purchasing canned juices is not really a healthy option. The best way to get fresh juice is to make it yourself using a juicer. Conventional centrifugal juicers are good but relatively kill the major parts of nutrition in a fruit or leafy vegetable and hence cold press or slow juicers are a better option. One such option is Provita Juicer as it claims to provide the best of both viz. goodness of a slow juicer and the price of centrifugal juicer.


Features of Provita Juicer
Provita Juicer has a hand press system which has no hazard of fast spinning blades, which is common in conventional juicers. Instead, Provita Juicer adopts the chewing or mastication process of the human system to bring the best nutrient rich juice out from every fruit and vegetable. Also the Provita Juicer system promises to juice out fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and nuts or soy beans to make almond or soy milk right at home. This claim of Provita Juicer is mainly featured due to its single screw crush design that compresses and squeezer out any juice in no time.


Benefits of Provita Juicer
Provita Juicer is said to be beneficial firstly because of the cold press technology that it is designed upon. According to the makers of Provita Juicer the juicing technology creates up to 40% more juice than any other conventional juicer system and churns out less wasted pulp. The low friction makes 60% more nutrients to stay in the juice than get wasted. Plus Provita Juicer doesn’t sport any blade which reduces the oxidation and foaming of juices. This makes the juice last longer maybe up to 72 hours. Plus it is supposed to be simple to wash and is dishwasher safe.

Official Website –

As the emphasis on healthy living grows, people are making sure they add fresh juices into their daily diet. That’s the reason juicers have become indispensable in kitchens today. But the problem with regular juicers is that they work with a force and at high speed, which separates juice from the pulp. It leads to loss of essential nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables, which is something you want to try and avoid. That’s where Provita Slow Juicer come into the picture and offer the health conscious a major advantage.


Provita Slow Juicer, as the name suggests, work at slow speeds and gently squeeze the juice out of fruits and vegetables. That’s because during the juicing process there is hardly any friction or heat involved. And thus you can have a fresh glass of juice without losing out on healthy nutrients.


Another major advantage of using Provita Juicer is that there is no separation or oxidation. As a result you will be able to save the juice in the refrigerator for about 48 hours. This makes practical sense for many who are hard pressed for time. You will also be pleased to notice that the pulp that is left behind after juicing is a lot drier, which means you are getting a much higher yield of juice.


Since the processing speed is a lot slower, these juicers are less noisy. And they end up consuming less energy as well. These juicers are quite versatile and effective when it comes to juicing fruits and leafy greens alike. You can use them to juice anything from kale to wheatgrass and spinach. They can also be used to make nut butter, soy milk, soups, pasta, baby food and ice creams.

13 thoughts on “Provita Juicer Review | Should you Buy the Provita Cold Press Slow Juicer?

  1. I got my pro vita juicer from the TODAY show promotion, put it together, pushed the button to turn it on–NOTHING–IT WILL NOT COME ON. I am going to call American Express and make a complaint and they will refund my money. I can’t get a response from the company.

  2. I have used and owned some of the best juicers, e.g. Greenstar, Champion, Acme, Breville, etc.

    I too seek in a juicer great juice, ease of use and cleaning, durability, price, etc. But Great Juice is number one.

    I just bought the ProVita from Craigslist for $50, which I thought was a fair price. After I bought it, I found these reviews and my heart sank, however, after using it once, I believe that a number of the reviewers have gotten lost in the forest of minutia and have forgotten the main idea, which is to get great juice.

    Is it a pain to set up, use and clean? Definitely, but definitely worth the trouble.

    The juicer is made of very strong plastic and should not break easily unless it is worked to death or abused.

    The suction cups on the base, keep it rock steady on your kitchen surface. The manual is virtually worthless, but if one is familiar with juicers, that is not a real issue. One just needs patience.

    After taking it apart and putting it together, I plugged it in and found a small organic apple and a lime. Cutting them up to fit in the ridiculously small hopper opening, with some trepidation, I dropped the pieces into the juicer. The juice came out almost immediately. Very little dry pulp came out. This was a good sign. I tried the juice. Extraordinarily tasty. Very unusually tasty, even for this experienced juicer.

    Clean up was relatively easy until I got to the lower screen. It is almost laughable. To get out the remaining pulp, I used a small sharp knife. Then, I had to remove a screw to get the very last of the pulp.

    But the juice was worth the effort.

    This is a unique “cold press” juicer. Its design is unusual, it is not your typical juicer, except that the juice is fabulous. In conclusion, if you are after really wonderful juice, you will have to have great patience and not rush, but it will be well worth it, especially if you get it at a reasonable price. Hopefully, my next experience with vegetables will prove as satisfactory. I am hoping to do a direct comparison with several of my other fine juicers and hope to report back, how it directly compares to them. Stay tuned.

    • Here is an update, done in a “scientific” manner and hopefully replicable. My pictures prove what I am about to report (which the reader is welcome to request), as follows:

      Yesterday, I compared the ProVita to the Champion and Braun juicers.

      Using a digital scale, I carefully measured out prepared for each juicer 3 1/8 oz of carrots, 5/8 oz of Kale, 3 1/2 oz of celery and 1 7/8 oz of apple. There was no real rhyme or reason to these measurements, e.g. a bunch of carrots, a handful of Kale, three stalks of celery and a single small organic apple. I have fine digital scale and tried to ensure that each juicer received approximately the same measurements.

      The results were as follows:

      All three of the juicers produced approximately the same amount of juice, e.g. @ one 8 oz cup of juice. However, the ProVita juice did not have the carrot foam on top and was noted for its consistent green juice. In short, I concluded that the ProVita processed the Kale (and perhaps the Celery) best. That is objective and not subjective. The photos do not lie!

      Regarding ease of use, all three were similar. I would give the Champion and the Braun best in class.

      Regarding ease of Cleanup, the Braun was the best, followed by the Champion.

      The ProVita was ridiculously difficult to clean, with large accumulation of carrot pulp around the auger. Thus, if one desired to produce much more than a few cups of juice, one would have to at least clean the pulp from the auger, which is fortunately not a big deal!

      The ProVita provided a tasty juice, but from this first experience with vegetables (that were not organic), I could not ascertain a substantial taste difference between the ProVita the Champion and the Braun. However, it seemed to me that the ProVita might have been a bit less tart.

      I will try further comparisons with some of my other juicers and will try to measure PH and ORP values.

      • In reading my review, I realized that the major difference was that the ProVita took out a lot of carrot pulp, which resulted in a purer green drink. However, some people prefer a good carrot juicer. Thus, the Champion and the Braun were superior carrot processors. If that is indeed true, than one conclusion would be that if one seeks a blended drink including carrots, one might want to have a juicer that does well with greens and another that does well with carrots, etc.

        The above is consistent with reviews which report that some juicers do better respectively with fruits, soft vegetables, greens, sprouts, wheat grass etc. Than, there are those juicers which do reasonably well with all of the above, such as the Green Star.

        As I have a broad variety of juicers, I will try to make these comparisons meaningful for the reader.

  3. Maybe some people have a defective unit. Yes, the photocopy manual is not as expected. The all sales final etc is scary. The parts fit snug together, so it takes a little force to take it apart and wash before use. Yes, you have to cut the parts smaller than some other juicers. But the unit is the quietest juice appliance we have used and gives great juice, with a fraction of the pulp than the other ones. Love the clear bowl so you can keep an eye on what is going on. To cleanup after juicing, I did have to use the little clean-out tool and pull the little rubber plug out of the bowl to clean the pulp tube. I fail to see how you would unplug that plug before use and then get liquids running all over the unit? We did not have to use reverse. All in all for the sale price a great unit, which we hope will last a long time. At full price I’d like to see a better warranty, customer service, etc.

  4. After reading reviews I was afraid to even try the Provita Juicer I bought based on the Today Show promotion. For the record, I had never used a juicer before, nor had I seen a juicer being used. When I unpacked it there were two things that made me wonder if I had been scammed: the photocopied user manual as noted by other reviewers and the fact that there is no name on the juicer. I read the instructions carefully (took 5 minutes), took the machine apart, washed the parts and reassembled it. I washed and cut up the fruits and veggies (took less than 5 minutes) and fed them into the machine. The result was an awesome glass of juice. I couldn’t believe how much juice was extracted! I used 2 medium apples, 2 stalks celery and 2 kale leaves, which produced 15 oz juice and a relatively small amount of very dry pulp. This is one of the thousands of recipes on the internet. Also, there is no need to remove the small plug at the bottom of the bowl except to clean it. Bottom line is, I believe I got a super deal on a quiet, easy to use juicer. I’m really glad I bought this product!

  5. Ok. So I had to repost. I just spent the past few hours (which never should happen) trying to decipher the cryptic and poorly written, photocopied user’s manual that came with the juicer. I also went to the Provita website. After going there, I saw the pattern. The website was as useless as the manual. A website for this supposed awesome juicer and no page for recipes? Who are these people!

    Determined to get my juice, I persisted. I have broken the code and just drank awesome juice! Unfortunately, (I will run this into the ground) the Provita people do not care about a well written manual, which is a shame because this juicer is very easy to use, and produced that awesome juice I mentioned earlier.

    1. The “screw” doesn’t screw at all!
    2. Slightly twist the basket, while wiggling and lifting it. It will work itself loose and will raise out of the bowl, bringing up the “screw” (that doesn’t screw) with it.
    3. The plug in the bottom of the bowl; I have no clue. I think maybe for cleaning. Juice and pulp came out just fine w/ the plug in place. I did unplug the plug when I was washing it.
    4. USE THE BRUSH to clean the parts. It makes a huge difference. The brush was also great for cleaning my tall travel coffee mug. Hahaha.
    5. Yes, you have to cut your fruit. How long does it take you to make a sandwich or cook a meal? And then you just drop the pieces down the hopper and they get juiced! The pulp came out very dry, which is a good sign. I only had to push gently a couple of times to get leafy greens through, and I put those in first.

    So, my overall assessment is that this is a very good juicer that, after figuring it out on my own, turns out to be easy to use and clean, and produces a lot of great juice! The sad part is that the company does not see the benefit in producing a thorough and informative user’s manual and website, that offers tips and recipes. Instead, they cheap out and photocopy the already crappy manual. That is just cheap and embarrassing!

    And now, I will offer the recipe that I used. I just made it up as I went and my son and I split this. I put the greens in first to make sure that I got all the good stuff from them. And next time, I may try to throw some flax seeds in there and see what happens. Enjoy!

    1 apple cored (you can buy an apple corer and slicer combo at the grocery store)
    1/2 orange peeled and cut into 3 pcs
    1 thumbnail size piece of peeled ginger cut in half
    1 carrot broken into three pcs
    1 celery stalk cut into 3 pcs
    a few strawberries and grapes
    handful of greens (spinach, kale, parsley)

  6. I agree with Sal. When I opened the box and saw a photocopied manual, I thought “I got screwed.” I can’t even get the thing apart to clean it! And try to Google a real manual. Not there. I have waited so long to get a good juicer! This is NOT it. All sales are final… Go figure. I am writing the Today Show to complain. They had better stand behind their promotions!

  7. I was so excited to see the Today show which featured Provita as a juicer that “Jill” highly recommended with a 70% off discount special which made it $89 plus tax.

    This was the worst purchase I’ve ever made in my life.
    First off, the “manual” is 6pgs of(12ps) photo copied user manual. It seems easy to read and use. As I read the simple directions, my first pet peeve was that you have to chop all the ingredients to fit into the tiny hopper.

    Then, as I tried many times cleaning and starting the process over and over to “juice” none of the pulp was being extracted. The manual did not help explain any of these problems I was facing. I searched online for a video demo and tried to figure out why my machine was not pulping and just spitting things back up and overflowing the “strainer” which needed to be emptied over and over and making a mess in my sink.

    After many failed attempts, I found a rubber stopper on the bottom of the “bowl” that is screwed on that you have to UNPLUG.

    Finally, the Provita machine does not juice unless you hit the “R”(reverse) button. BTW. it is not an easy machine to clean up either! HORRIBLE!!! I’m sad the TODAY show endorsed such a poorly made product!

    • I completely agree. I am kicking myself for buying this complete waste of space juicer. Impossible to use efficiently…impossible to make a glass of juice without cleaning it several times during the process. Yes, I have been screwed. Also tried contacting the show, thus far, no reply. What a scam, and how disappointing that an apparently reputable show would promote this incredible rip off. Guess I have to consider myself lucky that at least I didn’t fork over the full $400 the juicer apparently retails for. If you find some avenue for assistance, please will you let me know. Thanks.

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