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Today as there’s a growing demand on our time given our busy schedules you need a helping hand in the kitchen. It’s particularly true when it comes to task of prepping and serving, which is hugely simplified by Press Dome. Moreover it works as a storage solution for food and leftovers as well. With the help of Press Dome you can vacuum seal all the platters, bowls, plates and cutting boards in the house ensuring that you are well ahead of time when you get to cook your favorite dishes.


Press Dome
A strong patented stainless steel vacuum pump is at the heart of Press Dome and with one simple press it’s capable of removing air over the food within seconds. This vacuum seal created is quite strong and ensures that you can transport food without any leakages. Thus you can use it to take food to a party or a potluck. Moreover food will also be insulated and sealed in heat and cold. The airtight seal can be created on practically any smooth surface, which makes things easier for you.

Press Dome can be used to marinade meats as the vacuum opens the pores in them for a better and uniform infusion. With the help of Press Dome you can keep food warm for a long time and it’s ready to serve when you want to. Press Dome also keeps your food, meats and fruits fresher for about 3 times longer for your benefit. Press Dome is a convenient way of serving, prepping and storing food in your kitchen. What’s more, Press Dome is dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer safe for your convenience. It’s definitely a must have for your kitchen.



What do I get?
You can get a Press Dome vacuum seal machine and a large perfect party platter/cake stand for $19.95 plus shipping and handling charge of $7.95 at You can add Press Dome vacuum seal machine Jr to your offer by paying additional p&h of $8.99.



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    Does Press Dome work like it claims to?

    Does Press Dome keep fruits and meats fresher for longer?

    Is Press Dome safe for use?

    Does Press Dome help marinade meats faster?

    Does Press Dome work well on all platters and dishes?

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