Power Pressure Cooker XL Review

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What is Power Pressure Cooker XL

It is a power packed full sized cooker that can cook any meal, and it replaces all pots and pans in the kitchen to cook food up to 70% faster than conventional cooking.

A versatile cooking system

Power Pressure Cooker XL promises to be the one-stop solution for cooking family sized meals quickly and very easily. Cooking is definitely a fun activity but when it becomes a chore it can be quite frustrating especially with all the processes to cook a meal for your family. And not to forget scrubbing the pots and pans that are needed to suit the variety of cooking. Power Pressure Cooker XL claims to be versatile when it comes to cooking different types of food eliminating the need of pots and pans. Plus it is also said that the technology used inside Power Pressure Cooker XL makes it effectively fast in cooking meal up to 70% than any other conventional cooking method.

Cook meals quickly

Power Pressure Cooker XL is supposedly so efficient at cooking meals that it takes only about 25 minutes to a family roast, 20 minutes for classic lasagna and 2 minutes for crisp, tender vegetables. With the cooking time reduced additional meals can be made quickly like mouth-watering meatballs in 15 minutes and gourmet seafood feast in only 15 minutes. Also cooking pasta with Power Pressure Cooker XL is quite easy as there is no need for boiling water for making pasta and can be cooked from its dry state in 5 minutes.

Intelligent Technology

Power Pressure Cooker XL apparently promises to be the best cooking device one can have because it is designed with a technology that can deliver delicious and quick meals every time. The secret behind its functioning is the flavor infusion technology which uses the high pressure lid along with the container to create a super heated steam inside the pot. This steam starts acting on the liquid and moisture to cook the food and at the same time lock all the flavors and nutrients inside it. Plus Power Pressure Cooker XL states that it features one-touch buttons dedicated to individual food types for easy cooking and has 6-quart capacity. It also has a keep warm function for keeping the meal ready for later. Power Pressure Cooker XL also claims that its cooking pot is dishwasher safe for a quick clean.

What do I get ?

  • You get Power Pressure Cooker XL + ‘Power Cooking’Cook Book + Home Canning’Guide Book + Power Chopper XL just for 1 easy payment of $99.99 + $19.99 S&H OR 3 easy payments of $33.33 + $19.99 S&H
  • Official Website : powerpressurecooker.com

Advantages of Cooking with Power Pressure Cooker XL

Cook Meals Quickly

Cooking food with the Power Pressure Cooker XL is fast and easy because pressure cooking requires less water and energy as compared to conventional boiling, steaming or oven cooking. This means that the food reaches its cooking temperature faster.

Unlike conventional cooking methods that require more liquid than necessary to cook food the Power Pressure Cooker XL uses much less liquid thereby cooking food faster.

Preserves Nutrients

The Power Pressure Cooker XL needs a minimum quantity of water or liquid to ensure the steam is sufficient. This ensures the vitamins and minerals are not leached (dissolved) away by water. Whereas boiling food in large amounts of water takes away the vitamins and minerals. Due to the shorter cooking time, vitamins are preserved relatively well during pressure cooking.


Variety of food can be cooked together in the Power Pressure Cooker XL for the same amount of time as it comes with steamer baskets to allow more foods to be cooked together inside the pressure cooker. You can also use it to sterilize jam pots, glass baby bottles, or for water while camping. As the food is cooked at a temperature above the normal boiling point of water it kills most micro-organisms.

Great for High Altitudes

The Power Pressure Cooker XL speeds up cooking considerably at high altitudes, where the lower atmospheric pressure reduces the boiling point of water. Lower water temperature reduces water’s effectiveness for cooking or preparing hot drinks. The increased temperatures due to pressure cooking are also used to promote the Maillard reaction to develop more desirable flavor profiles that would not be obtainable using temperatures typical of boiling. The flavors are more concentrated in the higher temperature and sealed environment of the pressure cooker requiring much less seasoning.

Disadvantages of Cooking with Power Pressure Cooker XL


As compared to conventional saucepans of the same size, the Power Pressure Cooker XL is considerably more expensive.

Additional Care

Power Pressure Cooker XL requires additional care than standard saucepans. The food debris needs to be cleaned from the additional gasket after every use, which can be time consuming.

Faulty Gasket

The pan may last long however the gasket/sealing ring needs to be replaced once a year or sooner if it’s damaged. You may face problems in closing the lid if the gasket is too dry. Applying a little vegetable oil may be a solution but if you use too much oil the gasket will swell and prevent it from sealing properly.

Time Consuming:

To check whether the food is cooked the Power Pressure Cooker XL needs to be opened. This slows down the cooking process whereas with the conventional saucepan you can simply inspect the food visually. This means that accurate timing is necessary for the recipe e.g. with an audible timer.

Heavy Lid

Cooking with the Power Pressure Cooker XL is not easy as it is very heavy. This makes it unsuitable for applications in which saving weight is a priority, such as camping. For this purpose you can use small, lightweight pressure cookers.

Maintaining Pressure:

According to manufacturer’s instruction manual a minimum quantity of liquid is required to create and maintain pressure. This means more liquid is required for longer cooking times making it undesirable for food requiring much less liquid, but recipes and books for pressure cookers take this into account.

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127 thoughts on “Power Pressure Cooker XL Review

  1. My Power Cooker cooking pot (which I’ve only used about 7 times) is peeling on the bottom of the pot INSIDE. In other words, the non-stick coating is flaking off into the food that is being cooked. I have NOT used any metal utensils in the pot or cleaned the pot with anything other than a plastic dish brush (never put it in the dishwasher either). I am really upset about this because I’ve read that non-stick coating (ingesting) can cause health problems.

  2. This company is a JOKE! I got a Power Pressure Cooker XL as a gift for Christmas, I was unable to use up until yesterday (almost 2 months I had the product). The first time I plugged it up it worked for 5 minutes before it shut off; you could smell burnt wires inside the machine. The company is not or will not honor any type of warranty! They sent a discount code for 25% off our next purchase. I will not be purchasing anything from them.

  3. We’ve used ours for a variety of recipes for about a year now. No issues whatsoever. It’s definitely a nice addition to our cooking options.

  4. Piece of junk! Waste of money! I used mine 6 times with no problem, now it shows pressure and timer counts down but food won’t cook or even build up pressure. I cooked rice on meat setting 45 min. barely got warm and never built up pressure although display shows pressure and only got warm. NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. THEY RIP YOU OFF FROM THE GET GO!

  5. I have pressure cooked twice and the button fell out of the lid and not able to pressure cook any longer, very expensive slow cooker now

    • The piece that fell out is removable to clean.The gasket also comes off this disc for cleaning also.I have used mine several times cooking and canning and have never had a problem.After my wife died in April I have to learn to survive and this Power pressure cooker has been a life saver for me, Jenifer, I hope you get your cooker back to cooking so you can enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine.

  6. Anyone who has a Pressure cooker that just quit suddenly, I know what is wrong with it. It is a simple $3 fix you can do yourself if you are handy with tools and electronics. Email me at @ meadbob@netscape.net for the details. Fixed mine in 5min!

  7. I have an original one but the xl has so many more reciepes so I got an xl. The pressure indicator is very hard to tell if it’s on or off. They shouldn’t have changed the lid.

  8. After reading All of the reviews I have decieded NOT to buy one. thank you for saving me money and a big headache, I guess I will stick to my “old fashion” pressure cooker.

  9. Got one for Christmas. It was purchased at SAMs Club so it didn’t come with the extras like on tv. Got the 8 qt cooker. We use it a few times a week. It’s too small for our family of 8. Gonna purchase the 10 Qt one on line. We like it. Wouldn’t mind keeping them both but it would take up a lot of counter space. It took some experimenting to figure out how much liquid to add to recipes but we’ve got it down pretty good. We use it so much it stays on the counter all the time. Cleaning the lid is a bit time consuming but I’d spend just as much time cleaning pots and pans after cooking on the stove top. It’s worth it. It really is easier to prepare meals. I like the timer too.

  10. My son bought this product for me as a Christmas gift,.I used it to cook a recipe that required pasta , the same recipe used to advertise it. After it shut off and i released the steam,removed the lid, the pasta was burned and still hard . I will give it another chance ,but got a feeling it’s going to be sent out to the camp ,just like that nu-wave oven and that stupid antenna (also were given as gifts ).

  11. I received 10 Qt. Power XL as a Christmas gift. In the process of cleaning after 1st use, the small silicone gasket around pressure valve went down the drain. Contacted manufacturer and could not order just gasket but had to order valve also. Sorry about my luck but item is backordered and so far I’ve been 4 weeks without the appliance which I’ve barely used. Poor design! Should have warning about gasket! Should have in stock!

  12. Bought the xl and the 8 qt pro. My 8 qt pro is giving me an E1 error, I have used the xl quite a bit and works well. I have had several issues with the 8 qt pro. Does anyone have fix for the E1 error code?

  13. I ordered it. Their business tactics when wanting to purchase this is BAD!! they stone walled me! They did not hear a thing I said. Why? They did not help me, made me look as the person at fault. When I was told to call back every couple of days to see the delivery date is to be met, I was never told of the decline. I hope your product is worth this wait!!

  14. These units will double your daily electric bill, my electric is monitored daily on my laptop and with one hour and 35 minutes use my daily usage doubled.

  15. When I select any pressure on my Power Pressure Cooker XL why dos it always return to pressure of 20. It does not allow me to change the pressure,

  16. The power pressure cooker xl cooks food in a third of the time that it would take on the stove or in the oven. It cooks food thoroughly and the food is always tender but it makes food like chicken and fish soggy and almost soup like. Even when you season the food the seasoning comes off and goes into the liquid that it makes. When I make pork chops they are really tender and almost melts in your mouth but all of the seasoning comes off of it and it becomes tasteless. The same goes for the baked chicken. It cooks it in 30 minutes when it would normally take an hour to an hour and 20 minutes, but it loses all of the flavor. What I might have to do is not season it, cook it in the power pressure cooker then when its done season it and bake it for an additional 20 minutes. I really don’t know what to say about this product. There are pros and cons but more cons than pros.

  17. Eric Theiss is are con man. He is no more a chef than your average schmuck. He has no formal Chef training in any culinary area. I believe he worked in a restaurant once. Most of us have done that. The copper chef and the pressure cooker are absolute jokes, per reviews. I bought a set of Wolfgang Puck’s cafe collection off of Craigslist and I bought a pressure cooker at Bed Bath & Beyond and I’m thrilled.

  18. Purchased Power Pressure Cooker XL and Quit Working (would not power up) on 3rd time to use. Only came with 60 day warranty (what is with that). If you followed the time directions to cook a roast : the results would basically be a raw piece of meat. We are out $109

  19. Being a raw vegan, the nail salon had the Power Pressure Cooker commercial on while I was having a manicure. The meat images looked awful. The three male diners pounding at the dinner table was too much. No wonder many Americans have heart attacks, cancer, and obesity. Not impressed.

  20. LOVE MINE. I use it all the time. Have used it for about 5 months or more now. I love everything about it. I can’t say enough good about it. If you have things burn or stick to the bottom it would because you are not using enough liquid in it. I want another one so we can have 2 going at one time. I don’t like my veggies with my meat. I love making gravy and like it without a veggie taste. Same with potatoes. So having 2 more would be amazing!

  21. HUGE Disappointment. Second use and it stopped working mid cook! Ruined my ingredients. The unit simply shut off and went dead. Contacting customer service was zero help. Their only suggestion was to “check the power cord” Well yes of course I did that long before reaching out to both the online troubleshooting manual ( no help nor suggestions) and certainly before calling. I purchased the 8 qt unit on QVC so I can only assume my options are to return or exchange. I lost faith and trust in this appliance because the only warranty is 60 DAYS if this had happened on day 61 I would be stuck and out of luck at a $109 investment. Please be aware before considering buying this product. NO REAL customer service. A weak warranty period and absolutely no possible answers as to why it would simply not work on its second use. BUYER BEWARE

  22. I purchased the 10qt.size. It arrived in a box that looked as though it had been through a war. The pot inside was all banged up, very badly. Customer service told me that because of my inconvenience, they would take an additional $30.00 off my order, which I thought was very nice of them. After receiving another pot, I tried to use it but found it to be too heavy for me to manage. (I’m 77 yrs. old) I called customer service and asked to exchange this one for a 6qt. size. They informed me that when they took off the $30.00, it became a FINAL SALE and I’m now stuck with a pot that I’m unable to use. They said that I was told about the final sale, but no one ever mentioned any such thing to me. I find that this is totally unacceptable and I will be spreading the word around about how this company operates. I’m only asking for an exchange from a 10qt.to a 6qt.

  23. Well………….I think this cooker is great for many things, what they don’t tell you is it takes 17 minutes to fully pressurize so always add that to the time factor…..that was misrepresented in the commercial. I tried wings for the Supper Bowl! They were horrible…..they tasted OK but they looked anemic and were swimming in a gross looking soup. I did fish them out of the drool and broiled them for 10 minutes or so and then placed them in a crock pot and added more sauce. In the end I think it would have been better to just do them in the oven. They did fall apart and were tender and juicy and I guess if you were just going to serve to your family and didn’t care what they looked like that would be Ok. I was taking my wings to a party and I would not want to serve them the way they looked. The infomercial shows them looking nicely coated with sauce this is an out and out lie! Very disappointed in this misrepresentation. All in all I would give this product a 4 out of 5 stars!

  24. I bought a power pressure cooker after seeing the ad on television. I used it approximately 5 times and all of a sudden it started developing an error code that resulted in the cooker simply shutting down mid cycle. Repeated calls to the customer support line were fruitless, as their answer to everything is hit factory reset and let the unit sit for 20 minutes. What’s more than that we are speaking to people overseas who can barely hear you in the first place and don’t speak good English in the second. It becomes excruciating frustrating to have to repeat things and wait for the time lag only to be told unplug the unit and this usually works all the time for everyone. After two phone calls and roughly half an hour spend on line between reset and failure cycles I gave up and went to the store and bought a different cooker from a different company. Works the first time with no hassle, wash the inside bowl, dump the half cook dinner into it, close the lid and push one button. Half an hour later we were eating. I wish I could have used the power pressure cooker long enough to develop a good feel for it and write an honest review about the appliance itself. So I guess what this review is about is the customer service. It is a joke, it is laughable, it is terrible. Their answer to everything is to unplug the unit and let it sit 20 minutes. This is a little to no good when your family is approaching in half an hour and you have the thing full of a half cooked dinner. Waiting 20 minutes for a fix that might work is not a great option, especially when it didn’t work either time I did it. maybe I got the one unit of 1000 that was defective soon after purchasing it but I doubt it. All I know is the other unit that I bought work perfectly out of the box the first time, the instructions were simple complete and easy to follow, and the machine worked with the touch of one button. Hopefully I will never have to call their customer service line for anything, but if I do it says its made in America so I have high hopes that whoever answers the phone will at least be able to speak something other than broken English. Power pressure cooker may be a good product overall but the support behind it is a joke. Avoid this thing at all costs

  25. What they don’t tell you,is that there is a 20-30 minute warmup time required before the cooker begins cooking,so it actually tales about 30 minutes to cook some of 10 minute foods. I found that the hot wing timing was way off and had to cook them twice.I did exactly as the directions said,and as I had seen the promo on TV,but even after the second cooking,they were a little chewy.Tasted OK,though.

  26. I bought mine about 6 months ago because my fiancé thought it was a great idea. I was very skeptical, even tried stopping my order but I’m so glad I didn’t. It’s been such a great help in the kitchen it cooks everything to perfection and keeps the kichen cool, saving so much time, guess work, and propane. I use it at least 3 times a week and even cook hamburger helper in it. It’s the best investment I’ve made by far! You won’t regret it.

  27. Hi guys. I just purchased my power pressure pro 8qt today. Just today I cooked chicken breast stew and small potatoes with frozen veggies. Love it! works as well as my other pressure cooker…. but I had to listen to the steam and smell to make sure it was not burning. BUT with the pro it beeped when ready. I hate reading, so I looked up you tube videos for this exact pressure cooker and instantly I followed each step. I bought it at Walmart for 99. The only thing I regret is not purchasing the 2yr for $8.00 more. I’m going back and asking if I can purchase the 2yr exchange, due to so many bad reviews. But so far it does what it promises. Dinner was delicious over rice. Just follow directions.

  28. I purchased the power pressure cooker from Canadian Tire store. $109.00 plus tax…My first attempt was 20 chicken wings, frozen, 1 cup of water, and closed it up… pushed “chicken/meat pieces” and for about 10 seconds 15 flashed and then went out and a circle of flashing lights, for about 15 or 17 minutes,…Soon a solid 15 comes on and count-down…When that stops, I let off the steam as directed and took out the wings… They were still bloody-red close to the bone and certainly not done…. How do I increase the time, or medium-well done..?..
    because 15 minutes did not cook them enough.
    Why don’t they advertise the steps to get ready to cook things, instead of showing all food ready cooked,…Thanx A. Smith..

  29. This is the worst item I have ever tried to use. The instruction manual doesn’t explain how to set the timer, how to program the item. Using on line support is just a joke, calling the hot line for assistance isn’t much better. I think the item would be more user friendly if they took the time to explain the set up. (By the way I had to return 2 of them before I ever got one that would turn on.)

  30. I admit that I was a bit of a victim of good marketing. My wife saw this product on TV and she had me watch the commercial online. I went right out and bought one. My experience, once I got it home, not so great. The directions stink. They are a little north of worthless. This pot does not brown things very well and it doesn’t have a browning setting, which is an important element when cooking with pressure. The slow cooker setting is about as useful as the directions. It never seemed to hold a good slow cook temperature. The bottom of the pot has ‘dimples’ that catch food residue and is hard to clean. The non-stick coating on this pot easily rubs off with the use of plastic tools. Lastly, my pot stopped working after 4 months. It just wouldn’t get hot anymore. I called the company that distributes the PPC XL. They offer an extremely weak 60 day warranty. Who offers a consumer product with essentially no warranty? I was expecting at least a year. This thing is absolute junk.
    Do yourself a hughe favor, buy the Cuisinart version of this product. It has a three year warranty with a very nice pot (no dimples), browning, sauté and simmer modes along with both low pressure and high pressure settings. The instruction booklet is excellent.

    • You should have bought the 1st one they put out – the Power Pressure Pro. I’ve had mine for more than a year now and love it. It is only 6 Qt but it does everything this XL does plus it has a “saute” setting, a good solit lid on it with no sloppy gasket and the pressure release valve works wonderfully while cooking the food as well as canning in half the time of this one. The reason I know is I decided to buy the XL 2 days ago and tested it in a canning cycle of my beans which need 40 minutes under pressure. I put them both on at the same time with the same number of 8 oz jars (the XL couldn’t hold anymore of the 8 oz than the Pro) and my Pro finished when the LX still had 27 minutes to go on it!! Then it crapped out after the 1st cook cycle when cooking my beans which I did immediately after the canning. I took it back to the store (Walmart) and bought another 6 Qt Pro!! I don’t know who the design engineers were but they need to go back to school!

    • I got the PPC XL in August of last year. It has already started to wear away on the inside of the pot due to cleaning off of food that gets stuck in the dimples at the bottom of the pot. I cleaned it according to the direction with a non abrasive sponge even soaking it first. I would like to continue using it but am afraid of the health risk. Did you purchase a replacement for inside of the PC or continue using it?

  31. the one at walmart is a different one to the infomercial hence the price difference..i wanted one didn’t want to wait so bought at Walmart to see if I like it..LOVE IT ..I have the montel Williams living well one also and have used that for 4 years..unfortunately they dont make them anymore , so saw the infomercial for the pressure pr xl and decided to get the one at walmart..now at 79.97 its a steal..i use it every single day…from soup to dinner to dessert…..not as fancy as the TV one…that one has extra buttons…but I am going to get that one as well as soon as Kohls or BBand beyond restock…getting the one at walmart for my grandsons fiancée…..this is not a company planted review..I am 67 retired and live in Hampton Va..if you want more information about the product..leave a message and I will supply my email :}

    • I forgot to mention I purchased this in January 2015…..I never buy from the infomercials…you can always find it in a store if you just google :}not going through all the B.
      S. that they do…now just waiting for WEN to get in the stores:}

      • while reading about the pressure cooker, I think this is the best appliance I have ever purchased. True some things take longer than the infomercial says but I am always willing to wait a little longer the food will get done a lot faster than using a stove.
        But the person that is waiting for wen in the store don’t I think that is the worse purchase I have bought. Nothing but butter put in your hair could possibly make it as greasey. but if you want to try oh well.

        • I absolutely LOVE Wen. I use in once a week, and mix it with water in a bottle everyday to liven up my curls. I just bought the Power Pressure cooker XL, and haven’t used it yet, but I love Wen. I buy all my Wen products on Ebay, so I never have to deal with the informicial bs.

          • How much are they paying you? I am going to display mine by planting grass on it. It is a PC of garbage! Errrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    • Trust me. My husband ordered the one on tv. I had it for a long time before I took it out of the box. I found out that it is not the same cooker as the one on tv. It is the same one as Walmart sells. No XL listed on the cooker. I called then about the browning and mentioned the XL. They said it was an XL. The buttons are listed different also. IT IS NOT THE SAME COOKER. As of today I still have not used it. Recipe book is terrible.

  32. I too ordered on line and waited forever. However, it was worth the wait. I have used it twice- pot roast (receipe in cookbook) delicious! Last night I cooked the roasted chickens. I used a receipe I found on line from Eric Theiss using blood oranges. Very good! Only frustrated to find out the pressure cooker he used in the video was not the same as mine (his had a button labeled “chicken”) mine does not and ended up referring to the cookbook that came with it.


    Is anyone else frustrated when it comes to knowing when to use Pressure Adjustment and cook time? I set the pressure adjustment to 70 and then the cook time to 40 minutes. I did this about 3 times because the pressure cooker would switch to keep warm after about the 25 minute countdown. The chicken totally fell off the bone, but looked more like what you would find chicken to look like in a soup. It definitely didn’t look like the chicken Eric took out of the pressure cooker he used. I tried to insert a pic here but couldn’t. Sorry.

  33. I first bought in 7/14, Lid got stuck first, had to send it back and get a replacement sometime in October, now, early March, I have an error code and they say it has to be replaced again. They want me to pay 29.99 because it’s beyond 60 days. If I have to pay freight going and coming, it won’t be worth it. Maybe 10 meals total between two units. Not worth it.

  34. I also ordered this Power XL Cooker over the phone, paid for it, waited for it for weeks, called them and was told that the truck had not yet come in. I finally called and canceled the order, was in Syracuse New York bought one from Walmart for my niece, she made venicen stew, and other things, she reported to me here in Florida that she was well pleased with the pressure cooker and I paid a little over 80 dollars, plus the new york state taxes.

  35. I enjoy my power pressure cooker! I bought mine at bed bath and beyond. I have been using mine for a few months now and use it just about everyday!

    I do have a quick question for fellow folks that have one and don’t mind answering a quick question for me… On the seal for the lid, it says

    “this side face forwarding lid while installing”

    So which way does that seal go on? I know which way the flat piece goes back into the lid. But which way does that seal go?
    If anyone can help that would be great!
    Thank you!

  36. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!! I would only recommend ordering from the infomercial if you want a massive headache and to go through the difficulty of trying to talk to nothing but customer service reps who are ALL ESL people. They seriously sound like they are outside in the jungle somewhere with birds chirping and wind blowing. I tried to place an order as a valentines gift for my husband on Saturday and today is Friday the 20th almost a week, there is no order in the system but I have had a pending charge ever sine I tried to place the order. I called after seeing the commercial and began the process of placing the order. I know the customer service reps are supposed to try to sell you additional products and other upgrades but after I continued to inform the woman I was talking to that all I wanted was the power pressure cooker XL she just wouldn’t stop telling me about the pro model and yada yada yada.. any how in the end I asked her to please just continue straight to the checkout without any other offers, PLEASE! She also kept saying that I was going to get the wonderful upgrade to the Pro model despite my telling her NO. Here’s where the bigger problem comes in…I asked her one last time to just place my order and give me a confirmation number and the response I got was” Yes, I understand.” CLICK she hung up on me. But not before putting in my credit card information and putting a hold on my account for nothing. I cant get any information from the customer DIService department other than call back in 3 hours call back in 3 hours, wait until tomorrow wait until Wednesday. It is worse than watching paint dry. I have heard that you can buy the same thing in many local stores and that is exactly what I plan to do! This company is awful I wish I would have read the reviews before I tried to place the order, lesson learned. They need to learn a lesson too and hire people who speak English as a FIRST language and to treat the customers nicely. Horrible experience

  37. after reading these reviews, I went to Bed Bath and Beyond. They offered $20 dollars off for a total of 70 and change. Used it that day and three more times since then. Gave to my daughter who took it to college….works perfectly….she is thrilled to be eating the same dishes she had at home. The choice here is to buy it from BB and Beyond.

  38. I bought the pressure cooker XL..it says a roast will cook in 25 minutes..not true, it took about an hour and 15 mins. Tonight I have a pork roast in it, will see how long that takes..a friend of mine says she uses hers all the time, but adds 1 hour to the cooking time.

    • I have been cooking with a stovetop pressure cooker for 40 years. You cannot adjust the pressure on mine. How big was your roast? Mine have never take more than 30 minutes.

  39. Praise The Lord for this product!!!! It is awesome !!! everyone please try the power pressure cooker XL!!! It has changed my life!! I saw an infomercial one morning while getting ready for work at 5 a.m. And searched all over northern New Jersey for the product to make a long story short I found it at a Bed Bath and Beyond store in Springfield New Jersey and I have not used another cooking product or my stove since !!!! this product comes with great recipes. the flavor that stays in the food that I cook in the pressure cooker is awesome.

    I never enjoyed cooking anything at age 48 I am now the best chef in my house. I have 3 adult sons and they love it. i steam every evening I come in from work and on the weekends all day it is an awesome product. I made seafood, Sweet potatoes I made red potatoes I made fresh vegetables I made ribs and the meat fell
    off the bone literally!! everyone has to buy this product and try it. I am so happy and am going to going to buy at least three more one more for myself and two to give away!!! it has cut the time of making a real healthy superb flavored meal in over half the time and the food taste 100 percent better!!! I love it I love it I love it!!! Thank God for this product. By the way I take the great food to my job and eat it for my lunch and all of my co workers are asking about it and they all say they are going to buy one too!! its an awesome product to have I recommend it to everyone try it you won’t be sorry

  40. They do a total bait and switch–while the TV infomercial states “Power Pressure Cooker XL,” the website clearly wants customers to purchase a smaller “Pro-Chef” version for 10 dollars more. After several NO answers, they even take the extra 10 off, and then state the one you want is out of stock. Goodluck. I will buy a Cuisinart.

  41. I had it about a month . Was using it for about the third time and something malfunction the wire connection caught on fire almost cause a major fire in my kitchen. Tried to contact customer service. That’s was a complete waste of time, called three times and once I said “I have a complaint and tried to tell them” Can not HEAR you really!! DO not buy this BEWARE.

  42. BEWARE! Power Pressure Cooker is A TOTAL FRAUD. I try to order by using my Credit Card. They took my money from my account and then displayed online “Please use another Credit Card”. I checked with my bank and found that they took the money. I called the Power pressure cooker company many times and they asked me to fax the details. But, nobody responded. THIS IS AN UNBELIEVABLE FRAUD. Currently, I have filed dispute with Power pressure cooker through my bank.

    • I bought mine thru bed bath and beyond ! I got it for $83.19 total
      Price and it was at my door in 1 1/2 days! I’m a happy camper

    • This is my third one, I purchased one for myself and one for my daughter and daughter in law, I have not had the “fraud” issues as stated above for any of them. I was also able to receive all of mine with 25% off and free shipping.

          • Obviously you failed math class. Several websites advertise 4 payments of $33.33 and they slash 1 payment making it 3 payments of $33.33 ( THIS IS A 25% DISCOUNT )

        • Why do most of you people think that a “good” review is planted. I’m quite sure that some peolple enjoy their pressure cooker.

    • I ordered Power Pressure Cooker XL online and my credit card was charged for $109. They said it is the pro power model. I call the phone number that was on the email and they said their is no order but my debit card was charged $109. I called customer service and they said I must have ordered from another site with no contact number. I am sick it was for Christmas.

  43. I ordered four of these pressure cookers over two and one half months ago. Paid up front in full. I have yet to see any of my purchase or received any information about my order. I am considering contacting my credit card company and reporting it as a fraudulent purchase . I am already unsatisfied customer. A co worker ordered one on line at a local department store and received it in two days…. I want my money back.

  44. So Glad I checked this review section. To everyone who ordered this product and got runaround instead report them to the Better Business Bureau it is easy to do and to DO follow up and track these kinds of complaints…..

  45. I bought at bed bath and beyond. Have mad chili, jambalaya, ribs. Love it. Anyone know if there is a book with more recipes? My book has maybe 20 or 30 recipes, it’s thin. Is there a bigger one? Or anyone have any recipes (and instructions) to share? Thanks. Cook on!!!

  46. Great product. Save yourself a bunch of hassle and $$$, order from the Bed Bath and Beyond website. Free shipping; save yourself the ridiculous 30 bucks the infomercial charges for S/H. Works as advertised!

  47. I got one of the ones at Wal Mart it worked wonderful is easy to use and easy clean. I’m not going to wait for weeks when you have to run your order down. The Power Pressure Cooker was $79.00 the only problem I had was I drop the inside pot while it was hot and it bent and I couldn’t it get it to reshape but I like the way it cooked so well I got another one, lesson learn but other then that I plan to get one for my daughter. Everything that I have cooked everyone has loved so I am happy with it.

    • You are a liar….shut up and stop scamming people. This is a scam!!! they make it sound like it is some miracle product which it is not. Just go to CVS, Walmart, Amazon and search for , they have dozens of them and branded.

    • I just bought my pressure cooker from bed bath and beyond ! I have not used it yet but it took only 1 1/2 days and it was at my door! Soo highly recommand buying your unit thru them than thru the tv program! Plus I got a coupon too and it cut my bill down ! I paid only $83.19 for it all ! That is it dropped off at my door in 1 1/2 days from the time I bought it!

    • I’ve had a great experience with mine also. Got an online offer for $79 plus free shipping. I was also upgraded to the Pro for free when I ordered. Arrived in 8 days, and has been fun to cook with. It’s easy to clean up, too.

  48. Thank everyone for the warring I was about to order and make the one payment. That would have been a waste of money and time. That’s for the heads up…

  49. I thought I was ordering the product in three monthly payments. When I checked my account they billed me the entire cost and $20.95 processing fee instead of the $19.95. I got sucked in but never again. Product tracked at FedEx supposed to be here by tuesday july 15, 2015.

  50. tried to order the pressure cooker today and wanted to do the 3 pmt plan,all i could get was offers of more items by the end i was so disallusioned about the product i didnt want it any more..I WANT TO CANCEL AND CANT EVEN GET A PHONE# TO CALL>>>i do not want this anymore…!CANCEL!

  51. Today June 25, 2014, ordered XL Pro on April 26th 2014. After 8 weeks of runaround, Was on back order, which I never found out until 6 weeks after placing order. Then they kept saying next week, next week! Shouldn’t have to keep waiting this long! Very very poor customer service and bad company.

  52. Today June 12, 2014, ordered xl pro on April 28th 2014. After 6 weeks of runaround, i cancelled yesterday! Was on backorder, which i never found out until 3 weeks after placing order. Then they kept saying next week, next week! Shouldn’t have to keep waiting this long! Very very poor customer service! Emailed them eight (8) times. No response!! They won’t get my business, now or in the future!!!

    • Me too have had the same problem. Placed order on April 27, today June 19 have yet to receive it. Going to cancel!!! Why advertise something and say order now, when it is not available???

      • Many infomercials do this for the money to fulfill their order because they don’t have enough fund to do so.

    • Yea I had the same problem too, its been almost 2 months now (April 5) and nothing. I ve called and get the answer “sorry its been on back order and will just take another week”…well its been two weeks now. I called again and get the same crap and from the same call center in India from people you can barely understand and the background noise is awful and I totally agree with other reviews why they trying to sell something you are not able to supply. WTH I haven’t gotten it yet so I dont know weather its any good or not but I must say I wouldn’t have spent the money on it, knowing what I know now heck I spent extra to get it faster. I better be getting that refunded too when I cancel cause it doesn’t seem to be coming.

      • Shopper….you better look again, the top article in the Walmart category of “pressure cookers” is EXACTLY THE SAME.

      • Walmart carries both the LX or XL (now “As Seen On TV”) at $99.00 and the Pro at $79.00. Those of you that seem to be happy with the $79.00 one have the Pro. Look on the buttons and if the one in the middle at the bottom of the “U” row of buttons is round and says “saute” that is the Pro and the best one of the 2 models in my opinion. The XL stinks and I give it a “1” rating only because a “0” rating doesn’t register.

  53. So why doesn’t Eric Theiss, who does the infomercial, sell this on QVC , where he appears hawking other stuff?

    If you want an electric pressure cooker, go to qvc.com and search “electric pressure cookers.” They have many models, with capacities ranging from 4 to 8 quarts. In fact, most of them less expensive than this “XL” do-hickey, with the same features. The 6-quart Emeril by T-Fal pressure cooker (the $119 model, not the $98 model) is rated “best” by America’s Test Kitchen.

    • It’s true there are many Pressure Cookers on QVC, and, depending on what features you’re looking for, one of those may suit your needs nicely. However, for others, that want to invest in a PC that not only pressure cooks, but also replaces other existing older appliances (slow cooker, rice cooker, canner) finding an electric PC meeting all these requirements isn’t that easy. Neither T-fal you referenced is suitable, as an example. The Power Pressure Cooker XL is.



        From the USDA and linked from Power Pressure Cooker XL website

        “Even if there are instructions for pressure canning in the manufacturer’s directions, we do not support the use of the USDA canning processes in the electric, multi-cooker appliances now containing “canning” or “steam canning” buttons on their front panels. ”
        From the USDA, and linked from the Power Pressure Cooker XL owners manual website under canning.

    • I bought mine off of QVC 🙂 I love it, tho the pot isn’t as non-stick as I would like. Would like more in-depth cookbooks, as well. But overall, I’m happy 🙂

  54. Ordered this Power Pressure Cooker XL for my wife. She uses smaller ones from Brazil.(most Brazilian’s use them daily)
    This one looked interesting. However, after a month now it has not arrived. When I check the status of my order from the Power Pressure cooker XL website it says “in process”. The message after says “please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery”. I called and the customer service line actually just hangs up after 30 seconds. I then called the promoter/production studio and they transferred me directly to the same hang-up number. Finally had to call to place another order to have someone check status. They say wait is actually 6 to 8 weeks for delivery…. starting to sound like a scam to me, I noticed that all the business numbers and production company are to NJ addresses. I should have guessed!!!! I am just certain that some guy who goes by “Vinny” or something spent my money on the tables in a casino within 24 hours! BE AWARE

  55. Really? You both are resorting to name calling?
    Whether it works or not… name calling? Please.
    More than likely it is made in China as is most things these days.
    If stating that deserves being called an idiot or a jerk you are way too sensitive and need to get out more and experience life actually with people so that your social skills can get better.
    Is a lot of stuff made in China junk? Well… yes. Is this junk? Decide for yourself.
    Grow up kiddies.

    • Yes I just received mine in great timming the only problem I have is they need to put up a blog for the people who has ordered it and more receipes and the other only thing is I wish the cook books had been as large as they looked when I ordered it I have cook the roast ,now I am cooking the whole chickens yum I really like it I just hope when I go to do more canning that I will like it as much lol.



        From the USDA and linked from Power Pressure Cooker XL website

        “Even if there are instructions for pressure canning in the manufacturer’s directions, we do not support the use of the USDA canning processes in the electric, multi-cooker appliances now containing “canning” or “steam canning” buttons on their front panels. ”
        From the USDA, and linked from the Power Pressure Cooker XL owners manual website under canning.

  56. Have you tried the Power Pressure Cooker XL, is it any good?

    Does it really work as claimed in the TV ad?

    Does it really cook food faster?

    Is it easy to use?

    Is it easy to clean?

    What is it made of?

    Is it safe?

    What are the pros and cons of Power Pressure Cooker XL?

    Does it last long?

    Where is it manufactured?

          • Great question, alliecat.
            I, too, was captivated by the infomercial and I rarely buy stuff off the T.V.. Unfortunately, I gave in this time and have been experiencing the same frustrations as well as apparently being sucked in by one of Tri-star’s Online partners and trying to cancel that too. The good news is they have yet to get any money. Yet!!!

      • Yes! I used my pressure cooker twice and stopped working ! If I knew that came from China I never would have ordered it! I am waiting for a another one 🙁

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