COMPLAINTS – Power Pressure Cooker XL

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We have a gone through almost 150 Power Pressure Cooker XL reviews/complaints and out of those 100 reviews are complaints about the Power XL cooker being on backorder and people haven’t received it after a couple of months, rest of the reviews are actual product reviews rather complaints of those customers who received and tried the cooker. There are a few high sounding reviews which we could make-out as “sponsored ones” posted by the company. Here is a collection of useful and GENUINE Power Pressure Cooker XL reviews.


Power Pressure Cooker XL COMPLAINTS

Undercooked Meat

Mike Harris in his Power Pressure Cooker XL Review says he was already frustrated as it took a couple of months to receive the Power Pressure Cooker XL. After finally receiving it he cooked three recipes to the T, but was dismayed to find the meat always undercooked and pasta overcooked, and soupy. He claims it was the biggest mistake to buy the Power Pressure Cooker XL. He further reveals that the pot roast was like eating a turd dry and undercooked, still frozen in middle. Mike thinks Power Pressure Cooker XL is overrated and even calls it a scam.

Faulty Unit, Poor Customer Service

Jade Fenner in his review on Power Pressure Cooker XL says his wife was not impressed with the Power Pressure Cooker XL. The Cook Time Selector features on his unit did not work and had to start it over three times to get the cooking time she needed. He further mentions in his Power Pressure Cooker XL review that the Customer Service is not helpful. He says it is not worth the money and calls Power Pressure Cooker XL a rip-off.

Backordered Forever

Nick says he was impressed by the Power Pressure Cooker XL after watching the TV commercial. But his excitement has already faded as even after a several months now he has not received his order which he placed on May 14th 2014. He further mentions in his Power Pressure Cooker XL review that after checking the status of his order from the Power Pressure cooker XL website it says “in process”. Another message says “please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery”. The customer service line just hangs up after 30 seconds everytime he called them. He even called the promoter/production studio of the Power Pressure Cooker XL and they too transferred him directly to the same earlier number that hangs-up. He finally called on the number to place the order to have someone check the status of his order. He was told the waiting period is actually 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. He now feels that Power Pressure Cooker XL is a rip-off.

Not the ONLY Electric Pressure Cooker

Eric Payne in his Power Pressure Cooker XL review asks why doesn’t Eric Theiss who does the Power Pressure Cooker XL infomercial, sell his cooker on QVC, where he promotes other stuff? He recommends people to go to to buy electric pressure cookers. He further explains has many models available ranging from 4 to 8 quarts with the same features. He also points out that most of them are actually less expensive than this XL model at In his Power Pressure Cooker XL review he recommends the 6-quart Emeril by T-Fal pressure cooker which is rated “best” by America’s Test Kitchen.

Faulty Lid, No pressure and Sticky Surface

Leslie complains in her Power Pressure Cooker XL review that it took forever to arrive. Finally when it did come she was disappointed with the cooker. She complains that the problems started with the lid, she had hard time to get the lid on and off. Then the meat she cooked was still tough the first time, she complains in the reviews that it seems there was no pressure at all, she had to cook it another 30 minutes. The third issue she has with surface of the Power Pressure Cooker XL it was not smooth, no non-stick surface, she had to scrub burnt stuff off the first time she used it. In the reviews she claims the $20 cookbook to be a joke. She does not recommend the Power Pressure Cooker XL and calls it a junk!

You Still Pay to Ship it Back

Elise makes similar complaints about Power Pressure Cooker XL in her review. First it took forever for the product to arrive, then upon arrival, the pasta burned the bottom of the pot, the second time she used the cooker. The company (TriStar Products LLC.) told her that she has to pay to ship it back and then pay for the shipping of the new replacement cooker. She did not yield and refused and then the Company did send her a return label which was prepaid. But, they haven’t sent her the new inner pot and they say they have not received the earlier pot back. They sent her a parcel post return label without a tracking number. The company Customer Service rep hung up on her when she asked to speak to a supervisor. In her Power Pressure Cooker XL review, Elise concludes that the TriStar company – manufacturer of Power Pressure Cooker XL, is just after your money. They do not have the product, they advertise, in stock. She also complains about the shipping charge of $29.99 being too high; She calls the whole thing a Big scam and does not recommend this cooker.


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110 thoughts on “COMPLAINTS – Power Pressure Cooker XL

  1. I read some of these reviews and have to say that I am not sure the reviewers used this appliance properly. On the other hand I just used my common sense and felt that there are some things better cooked on the slow cooker setting. This has been the only one I have used so I don’t have anything to compare it too. If an item is defective it is defective but my mother who was 82 couldn’t get the lid on and off correctly so she gave it away. Sometimes it can be tricky to line the lid up correctly but it does work. This product has made my life so much easier. No longer do I have to think, “I don’t feel like going to the trouble.” My complaint is the inner liner pot. It sucks! The non stick coating peels off right away. I am on my third one and looking to replace it with a ceramic coated one but haven’t found one in 10 qt. I will probably go with the stainless steel but certainly not the non stick. If you don’t like this one, try another.

  2. Called customer service in regards to this tiny silicone ring that is secured to float valve. Could not use after attempting to cook because steam was coming out thru hole in handle. After reading manual it showed how this ring fits on float valve. Fortunately I saw the tiny ring laying on the floor by sink. They should include a package with several of these rings included just in case they come off with product. Poor customer support. They want to ship it with the pin when all I need is just that tiny seal

  3. I’ve used mine about 6 times, and now its useless. Buttons don’t work. Moisture in the keypad area. Wasted $130. Takes forever

  4. power pressure cooker didnt consider making the pressure xl 10 quart just a 3/4 inch bigger so a quart jar could fit for canning, and instructions of 10 minutes longer for above 1000 feet instructions. such short sighted that the standard canning jar isnt compatable with ths product

  5. It is a great pressure cooker and easy to operate. But it only lasted a month after the warrenty date. The heating element went out and seems no body sells that heating element. So that’s the one down side. Ended up buying a foodi with a life time warranty. We’ll see how that works out

  6. I bought this pressure cooker and right out of the box, it did not even work. Plugged the unit in and NOTHING!!!. Wont even do anything. A giant paper weight. Dont wast your money

  7. I have heard nothing of this settlement until this past month when trying to purchase accessories for my cooker, the company informed me that they no longer are selling accessories due to the stop production but if i submit 25 dollars and pay to ship my cooker to them they would replace it. I wasnt told there was a settlement found out by searching on line myself that the lawsuit is the reason the cooker can’t be replaced. Can someone please tell me why I have to pay shipping AND 25.oo replacement to receive my fair replacement for the cooker I’m using. In all fairness i own the cooker and shouldnt have to pay to replace something they are ordered to pay for, i dont mind paying 1 or the other but I’m getting double whammied having to pay both, i already paid for the product once this is effectively forcing me to pay to replace a faulty item, seems unfair to me as a good faith customer.

  8. I’ve had two…pin falls out while hand washing.all you have to do is bump it with cloth while washing and it’s gone down the drain.

  9. The time adjust button absolutely positively does not work on my XL. I spent $89 on a pot to boil eggs, which is about the only thing that has turned out right in this thing.

  10. I tried to use this for the first time. I could not get the lid to seat properly. It would not seal. I could not get the lid off to try to reset it. I ended up having to use a hammer to get it off. I trashed it and finished cooking in our regular pressure cooker. Don’t waste your money or time


  12. The liner pot or inner pot of the pressure cooker xl flakes into your food. Then they want to SELL you a replacement liner. Now, their manufacturing defect and I am going to purchase another inner pot!!?!! Oh, I hope the trash can got its thrill because that is where I threw the whole pressure cooker. Not wasting my money on another one.

  13. I loved it the first couple of times I used it then it started burning everything. I still haven’t been able to get the smell out or get the clean the burnt part. They also don’t send the extra parts you don’t get the steamer basket you don’t get anything that the commercial says you get. I bought mine at Walmart and so I can’t even call customer service to get help Walmart wouldn’t take it back because it was burnt. I am so disappointed in this product I will never buy anything of the infomercial again. I paid 179 for mine and it’s a total joke.

  14. I purchased without the knowledge that if you live above 2000 feet, you cannot use the canning feature. They don’t tell you this before you buy it.

    And if you want a refund, you have to pay for the shipping.

    All the reviews on their site are good ones, nothing about how almost every recipe is incomplete. You have to go onto the internet and research them so you can figure them out. Never did find out what to do with the other half of the salt for the dill pickles. Had to watch the video to figure out what to do with the meat for the baked ziti.

    There are proof readers notes on the recipes, asking how many jars. What did they do, they didn’t fix the recipe, they published it with the proof readers notes. Really!

  15. I purchased a power pressure cooker xl, 6 quart for my son as a Christmas gift. How embarrassing!!!
    I am so disappointed and extremely frustrated as the box was unopened and MISSING the following items.
    1. Owners manual
    2. Home Canning (made pure and simple)
    3. Recipe book (power cooking the quick and easy way)

  16. My pressure cooker burns my food. I have had it for 2 months and I tried everything like increasing the water in the rice and cooking at the longer time /slower cooking setting with no success.

    I have actually given up!

    Should I return it to the manufacturer?

      • I totally agree!! I was told I would receive a call back regarding my need for a replacement screw found under the release valve and that was more than a month ago!! Ugh! Thankfully, the cooker works fine thus far.

  17. I bought power pressure Xl at Canadian Tire about a year ago. We have used it a half dozen times or so, no complaint about how it cooks.

    I have a complaint about customer service. I called the support line because try as I might I couldn’t get the lid to come off. I spoke with Nicole a support person over the phone. Tried all her suggestions to remove lid, none worked.

    She transferred me to another department, that she said was more knowledgeable about the problem I was having. I was on hold for 20 minuted, finally chose the option to leave a call back number. no call back so far 2 business days and waiting.

    Lessons learned, research the support reviews of a company. If they don’t have a 800 number be prepared to pay long distance costs, if you don’t have a long distance plan.

    Last time I will by a small appliance from this company, ever!! Junk

  18. I see alot of people that have had bad experiences with their Power Pressure Cooker XL. I actually like mine quite a bit. My main problem is the food sticking, but it’s not bad and it’s not all the time. However, I am planning on buying a stainless steel liner. My husband says all the food has a similar flavor. I’m thinking that the stainless steel liner will fix that, or possibly I need a new lid seal?? Someone says it absorbs odors.

    All in all, happy with my purchase. I’ve had it for about a year and a half.

    • Please update me on how it works for you. I have had the same problem. Also where would you find a stainless steel liner?

    • I ordered the power pressure XL 10 quart on December 11th they said it was shipped the last tracking they had on it what’s December 12th they originally told me it come with a cookbook now they’re telling me it don’t after I pay $269 for it they had said they had to reship it I think the company is a piece of s*** if I don’t get my crap out within 10 days of reorder I I’m going to put a lawsuit on them

    • I think we might be the only two that like it. From reading all the reviews I would have never purchased this presure cooker. I haven’t made a ton in it but the things i have made have came out great. Some things needed to cook a bit longer than expected. I do have a couple complaints. One , food sticking but that might be lack of liquid. I’ve never made pasta and I see a lot of complaints on sticking from pasta. Two, cleaning it is kinda a pain and the smell never competly comes out so I only cook savory food. I’m concerned anything sweet would taste how the pan smells. Third, no sauté button like the instapot has. I turn it on and sauté if needed before I put the lid on but it has over heated when I’ve done this.
      Other wise it’s been ok. Like I said I haven’t used it a ton so time will tell. I feel bad for all of the people who ordered it and have had problems not to mention have had to pay for shipping. Biggest pet peeve , horrible customer service. I purchased mine at bed bath & beyond which by far has the best customer service

  19. We purchased the Power Pressure Cooker XL about a year ago. Used it once and put it on the kitchen shelf for about a year. Tried using it again and get an E3 error code – no matter how many times I try to restart it. Customer service simply says I have to replace the unit and there’s nothing they can do. Buyers beware!

  20. i got a 10 quart one off qvc and use it about every other day for 1.5 years. i love it. One thing i recently did was buy a stainless steel inner pot by another vendor which i love. But i use the original one for spigette sauce or creamy sauces which can burn using stainless steel. These are not that expensive pressure cookers and can be bought on monthly payments via qvc. it is worth testing them out. there is nothing like a pressure cooker for having the flavours of your spices permeate your chicken or whatever meat you are cooking or soup.

  21. Purchased the Power Pressure Cooker XL, canning did not meet expectations, the jars did not seal. What a waste of time. Then I tried lasagna and wings. Both burnt in the inner pot. Lasagna and wings tasted burnt. Lasagna was a little easier to clean burnt bottom, but wings, forget it, it has been soaking over a month and still can’t get clean. It will be all thrown out. I will go back cooking my way.
    Don’t waste your money!!

  22. I purchased the Power Pressure Cooker XL, canning did not meet expectations, the jars did not seal. What a waste of time. Then I tried lasagna and wings. Both burnt in the inner pot. Lasagna and wings tasted burnt. Lasagna was a little easier to clean burnt bottom, but wings, forget it, it has been soaking over a month and still can’t get clean. It will be all thrown out. I will go back cooking my way.
    Don’t waste your money!!

  23. I own the pressure cooker, just yesterday I was using it and the valve on the lid fell out I’m worried about if there was some other pen there that was holding it and it went in the food that we ate I’m worried about that.
    I was wondering if you know anything about that, if you could let me know.
    I would greatly appreciate it.

    • Mine fell out when washing in the sink and down into my garbage disposal. I had to purchase a new disposal unit. Seemed to take a long time to order and receive a new part.

  24. Used twice, third time did not work. Why spend money to ship back and do all over again?

  25. I plugged in my Power Pressure Cooker XL for the 1st time and it came on. I selected Brown and started cooking. I added the liquid and put on the lid. I selected Cook and added 5 minutes to the cooking time. I turned my back to clean up my kitchen. I turned around only to find the display screen and lights were all off. I unplugged it and left it alone for hours. I plugged it in the next day and the unit has not come back on. My mother bought me this for my birthday. I called her to tell her what happened and she got upset with me. Thank you so much Power Pressure Cooker XL for upsetting my relationship with my mother.

    • my son bought me the same power pressure cooker in November/2016 and I have the same problem I call them and they tall me it could be the cable I paid for the new cable and still the same do not work I cooked only 2 times now I don’t know is good or not but I am frustrating

    • Because the pressure cooker is the root to your relationship problems?? I agree the pressure cooker is broken. But not the reason your relationship is strained.

    • I’ve had mine less than two months and it quit doing 3 ears of corn. Won’t come back on! I’m so livid. My husband spent a lot on that 10 at cooker. And of course I can’t find anything in the manual or the internet to tell me why or give me a fix. BS.

  26. I bought the XL Select 10 quart pressure cooker a year ago. It is Just wonderful. It cooks everything especially meat, ribs etc. so nice and tender in no time. I also cook beans, black and pinto almost every other day and that is fabulous.
    Anyways all is great, I would like to get a new gasket for it as I think it would be better to have a new one, more sturdy, as mine is getting a little loose. I have not found where to get that gasket on line yet. Would like to know to get a replacement..

    • Natelyn, I just ordered a replacement part for my 10 qt, power pressure cooker on line. Go online and type in power pressure cooker XL. There is one for Parts and accessories –
      They have the gaskets for $9.99 free shipping.

      I just ordered a new float valve. The gasket must have fallen off, but you have to order the valve with the gasket on it. You cannot just buy the gasket. Be sure to pay attention when you wash your lid that the gasket does not fall off the float valve! I hand wash my lid after each use, but it went unnoticed until I saw the valve laying on my tea towel. Could not find the valve.

  27. OK, for those of you who think the 100.00 off of groceries is a selling point, think again. You are directed to a website and you have to order coupons that usually expire in a few weeks,


    So the commercial with the happy couple with the fresh food is very very close to bait and switch.

    So don’t expect any benefit from the 100.00 grocery coupon that you would not already get from the Sunday paper.

    • John I had the same experience and can’t seem to figure out how to cancel this $7.95 grocery coupon club I ended up in. I never have used them, any thoughts?

  28. I purchased after seeing the ad on TV, and was looking forward to using this product. However when the product arrived it was missing the free cooking pan. So I contacted customer service and was told to keep checking the tracking number, I explained that UPS had already delivered that tracking number with one package and that I doubt very seriously that if I checked the tracking number again, it would re appear, Needless to say, with the lack of customer service I saw this was a precursor to any more issues that I might have and asked for the return number, seeing that customer service basically ignored what I was saying and closed the chat with have a nice day. Be ware that shipping costs are about 46.00 ground with UPS, and like the other reviews, the pressure gauge was flimsy which is what you don’t want with a pressure cooker, and I also learned that their are not any electric pressure cookers that are certified for canning, So even though I UN-boxed the unit, and did not use it, repeat I did not use the unit, my complaint is with the lack of customer service and flimsiness of the pressure gauge, So it would be better to purchase a unit at bed bath and beyond to see if your like it so you are not out 46.00 in re-shipping costs.

  29. I wish I would’ve read all the comments before I bought one. I used it six times and cannot get The lid to pressure right. All the food I cook burn on the bottom. What a piece of junk I threw my money away

  30. I use my pressure cooker a lot and most of the time I have success. I do have the problem of some things burning such as mac and cheese. I was wondering if I put parchment paper on the bottom would this help? Also, I too had to replace the pressure valve because I “lost” it.

  31. Cooker died 1 month after we received it. We LOVED (past tense) our cooker. We made a variety of dishes with it in the short time that it worked. It died completely this morning. Won’t turn on at all. Only had it for less than a month. Warranty won’t cover it because it was a gift purchased more than 60 days ago. I do NOT recommend this product, at all. It’s too risky with such a short warranty time.

    • Mine did the same thing while cooking dinner.
      All of a sudden it went blank…no power at first it would not release pressure.
      I got it in December as a gift and used it in total 6 times if that.
      Since it was a gift I’m out of luck.
      The one i gave my daughter which is a no brand is going on 2 years with no problems.
      Buyer beware

  32. So glad I found your website BEFORE biting the bullet and buying this pressure cooker. Saw their infomercial; called to ask about bonuses (too good to be true) and politely declined. They called me back two days later and offer $40 off, but my gut was screaming, “No!” After reading the reviews on your website, I politely declined again. Thank you guys for saving me the headache and frustration that many of you have experienced.

  33. Please don’t waste your money. The bottom of the pot burnt while cooking chicken wings. I’m still not sure how; I believe the pot kept heating after I unplugged the cooker. I’ve scared the pain trying to clean the device. Save your money, Don’t listen to the Advertisement…. it’s not true.

  34. I bought my power cooker xl from Sam’s Club about 3 weeks ago. We love it! Until I burned dinner last night. Wasn’t the pots fault but mine. I didn’t have enough liquid in it 🙁 I am letting it soak and hoping it will come clean. I over heated it I believe. I will cook in it tonight but with more liquid. Yes it takes time to build pressure but all cannes do. You can’t turn on and off it goes without pressure. I like my meat tender so I cooked it on well. We all loved it and it was so tender. We have done stew, loved it. I did noodles but I didn’t like that but the kids did. Oh my we did ribs last week and off the bone they were as I tried getting them out, yum! Not sure why no one else is liking their’s but we love ours.

    • Try putting a dryer cling free sheet on the bottom of the pan. I saw this work on a “did you know” show once. Couldn’t hurt to try.

      • Th cling free sheet is for the burned pan to lift up the burnt portions….not to use for cooking btw….forgot to put that in the details.

  35. We bought the XL to use to can food. The problem is with the altitude. It says you can’t use the canner over 2,000 feet or it won’t be safe. We live at 3,700 feet, so it was totally useless. This information wasn’t on the outside of the box or we wouldn’t have bought it. Took it back to Costco and got our money back. Won’t recommend to anyone.

  36. Bought the Power Pressure Cooker XL two days ago. Did pork chops the first night, browned them first, came out tasting like they were boiled. Nasty! Had to soak pot overnight to get the bottom clean. Last night we did a roast, first we had trouble getting the lid on. Finally got the lid on, set the timer and the roast smelled delicious. However when I opened the lid the roast was still tough so I added 15 minutes more. Didn’t have any trouble getting the lid on the second time. After cooking 15 more minutes and letting the cooker cool down, we couldn’t get the top off. Everyone in the family tried to get the top off but it wouldn’t budge. What to do? ? Can’t take the cooker back to the store with my roast in it! Thirty minutes later still unable to get the lid off and a very hangry group we took the hammer to it. The roast was delicious, still can’t get the bottom clean. Needless to say, the cooker with the cracked handle and dirty bottom is getting returned today! I would not recommend this product to anyone unless they are looking for a cooking challenge.

    • I had same problem, when you put the lid back on make sure the pressure relief valve is in the open position. This will make it so you aren’t fighting the pressure.

  37. So very disappointed with this product. As far as cooking it works fine but food is burning on the bottom. It won’t come off even after soaking. Do not buy.

  38. Unable to select any other cooking selection. The cooker is stuck on chicken meat and unable to cancel an select another cooking mode. It only functions in this mode.
    The buttons that are lit are chicken/ meat, cancel and delay . Used the cooker about 8 times.
    Purchased from QVC.

    • Mine is stuck on warm. I waste so much time on this trying to make it work. Every once in awhile it will work, but most of the time I plug it in and it is stuck on warm. Completely unreliable. Someone needs to start a class action lawsuit as this product does not work.

  39. Our XL always burnt food on the bottom as others have mentioned, despite using oils and at all relevant settings so we stuck to heating liquids in it. Now it has packed up altogether.

    Do not by this cooker, it is rubbish.

    • Mine also. The bottom of the pan is wearing and food is sticking to it. The only way you could clean is with a steel scrubber and you can’t use that because you would wear off the non stick surface. Very frustrating.

  40. We bought this pressure cooker last Christmas, 2015. the pot is not the quality I would expect. We had lots of meals stick, even after heating it with some oil to try and prevent further sticking. Very unhappy with the pot. I think that is the major problem.

    • it could be a good product but if they can’t make a pot right for it ,it is useless
      our pot burnt only after maybe 6 times used and tried soaking with mild soap and water and then rubbing with lightly with a wood spoon and cloth .
      after hours scrubbing we noticed small spots where the non stick was coming off .
      the pot should not have the divots in the bottom that seems to be the biggest problem where food sticks and burns in them , it is almost impossible to clean
      where if it was smooth it would be much easier
      I emailed the company and as most once they have your money don’t seem to care or listen to users comments and make changes .

  41. Burns so bad I don’t use it anymore! If I did the pasta like it shows in the commercial, I would literally have to throw it away. I have used it 3 times and it has burned so bad to the bottom I have to soak it for days. Finally had to use steel wool. But hey, it cooks hard boiled eggs really well. So disappointing. No guide for how long to cook anything, so be prepared to go in blind.

  42. This product is just junk.the pressure cooker isnt sealing the meat is always raw. Pasta is over cooked. The beans where not cooked. What a waste of money 150 down the drain

  43. Purchased the XL model 1 year ago, received it in a timely fashion . No problems with it all. Works great. Love it

  44. I bought the pressure cooker xl from kohl’s. It worked the first year. Like everyone else I had the problem with the bottom burning. It’s very hard to clean but I soak it overnight and use steel wool. Now I’m having major problems where the silicone gasket seems to be failing. It makes a terrible noise like it’s getting ready to blow. I use it all the time so I really want to replace it despite the bad reviews and my own issues with it. The great thing about Kohl’s is they will take back any item within 5 years of purchase if you have the original box and used your kohl’s charge for the purchase.

  45. Follow directions from Mark on advertising fried chicken and rice bottom of pot stained and burnt. How do I and what method do I use to clean pot?

    • Why is it so difficult to get a response. I’ve been asking for three days. It didn’t take so long to get my credit card information when purchasing. I fixed all required information ask of me yet I don’t get an answer on what to use to clean insert to xl power pressure (pot)

  46. After about 6 times using the power xl, the pressure valve fell out of the lid. Pretty unhappy about waste of money spent for this product.

    • I own the pressure cooker, just yesterday I was using it and the valve on the lid fell out I’m worried about if there was some other pen there that was holding it and it went in the food that we ate I’m worried about that.
      I was wondering if you know anything about that, if you could let me know.
      I would greatly appreciate it.

  47. Bought power cooker xl and loved it .But after about a 1 year I was cooking and screen went out. They wanted me to pay $24.99 both ways. If they can’t stand behind b their products better than that I want buy anything else from them.

  48. The worst 120.00 I have ever spent. Some of the items did not come with it like the very important pressure valve silicone gasket that fits in the lid handle.. I did like it said in the book to begin run the unit on the canning cycle for 10 minutes. Never built pressure and the display just went round and round. I would really like to file a law suit on this piece of crap for false advertising.. I do not recommend that anyone purchase one of these or anything else from this company what a ripoff!!

  49. The worst thing I ever got , services are sorry never cooked first meal in it.Evertiime you turn it on it cooks for a short time and E 1 error comes on. Service say it is afaulty pressure malfunction. It will cost almost $30.00 to send back and another $30.00 for them to send a new one,that is a total of $60.00.Reviews on this pot is terrible, my worth it.Do lesson learned the hard way.

  50. mike,

    My cooker doesn’t build pressure unless I hold down on the lid until it get’s some pressure going! The cookbook is a joke! You also have to cook your food longer than the cookbook says and then add the pressure build time.

  51. My husband bought 2 power pressure cooker XL’s a year ago. Both worked great for cooking and canning. The one we gave our daughter just quit working in Ju!y. Ours quit working this December. Both won’t heat and tnbe lights and controls don’t come on. We are very disappointed. Seems like they should last more than a year!


  53. I purchased the XL and recieved it in a timely fashion. It worked for one week or so and now i wish i had never purchased it. Called customer no service and got the kind of run around that modern companies just don’t do anymore and stay in business. Pay to return, no thanks, maybe you took the gasket off, no i did not, i have been selected to receive a 50.00 gift card for 1 dollar, no thanks. Who did i buy it from, why you of course. Never again.

  54. I paid for the XL Pro they advertised on TV and received the scaled down model that Wal-Mart sells. I paid $227.96 and received the scaled down model that Walmart sells for much less.
    I called customer service to tell them they shipped the wrong cooker and was told that I received the XL version.
    The cooker looked nothing like what was advertised on TV but this representative said I had to have gotten the correct one.
    I got an RGA # and returned the cooker. I paid $27.00 freight to return the cooker. My credit was $129.96.
    I lost $97.90 on this scam plus the $27.00 to return it.
    Total rip off was $124.90. Quite a scam they have going here.

  55. The whole tv ad makes me want to scream it is so deceptive. We bought ours at bed bath and beyond and this was a good thing. We got it Thursday and took it back Saturday. We fixed chicken breast that night that were thawed out and followed instructions to the letter they came out done but tough and dry through them out. Well we gave it another shot with a pork roast the next night and you can forget fall apart tender it was hard for a sharp knife to cut it so that was it. Now it will cook vegs very well as it did with the roast but that is about all. The times they give do not include the 15 to 17 min it takes to build up pressure just add that to your cooking time plus in the browning mode it will stick to the non stick pot liner. I was a cook in service and catered many meals so I know what I’m talking about. It is back to the old reliable slow cooker for us if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  56. paint on the valve and lid came right off after the second time I used it and on the lid!!!!!!! think I would not get my money back and I got 2 one for me and the other for a gift !!!!!! now how can you use it if you do not have the paint on there to know if you have the valve in the right place!!!!!! have you had this problem? they said they would take 60.00 dollars off,what can I do

  57. I bought the power pressure cooker xl. first it came damaged by ups. kicked in big dint had to pay for shipping. Finally I got it back did a trial run water only.. it worked.. so I tried to cook in it. guess what the buttons don’t. work I have the lower price power pressure cooker I bought at Walmart. it worked. fine. but still have to scrape the burnt off the bottom of the pan.. lesson learned.

  58. This is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with! First off it took two months to finally have one shipped out just today. I called several times only to get lied to everytime. I finally had to insist on talking to management, and then was promised it would be sent out that day.The customer service reps were very rude, and very hard to understand! I have yet to receive my cooker,so as far as the cooker itself I can’t give an opinion about. I will never purchase anything from them again. Very close to reporting them to the BBB!

  59. I ordered the xl model and end up getting the pro.the pro doesn’t have all the buttons the xl has therefore you don’t know how long to cook in it. The Xl model says pick a button with food on it and it knows how long to cook it..I don’t know how long with the pro. The book doesn’t explain it.

  60. I ordered the Power Cooker Pro $159.95 and waited for weeks. Finally received it and when I put the top on it would not come off. I called the company telephone and speak to someone (English not their 1st language). They instructed me to but a pen in the release hole. When it did not work they challenged me about not understanding what I was doing. Then they said that I should send it back and they could replace it. I did that and it took 9 days to get to them. Now they have had it for 6 days(they say 5 days because they did not check it in until a day later). Heard nothing from them. Tried to call but said nobody at that extension was available. After 5 calls someone answered and again (English not the 1st language) told they were out of stock and I should wait another 7 to 10 days until they get in a new shipment. Not happy about them selling things that they do not have in stock.

    • If you can remember, use PAM non-stick spray on the liner’s bottom, then add your 2-tablespoons (or whatever recommended for recipe) to brown your meat, then proceed with your recipe.
      My cooker came out easy clean up, but only when I use non-stick spray first.
      Hope this helps.

  61. Hello, We ordered the XL and they said to add the saute part of XL it would be $10.00 extra. Well, the sent us the TR-16 then charged us 159.96. They said the TR-16 was much better and for the XL it would have been $129.99. Does anyone know to deal with this mess. We are very unhappy about the dishonesty of this company.

    • Used my new pot 2nd time and I had sauce coming out the left side where the drain catch is …..drain catch fell off I had to put in sink due to the messAlso sauce was spewing out from steam valve! Food came ou great cook perfect. What did I do wrong?

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