Potato Pouch

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What is Potato Pouch?

It is an insulated potato bag that can give you perfectly oven-baked potatoes in just 4 minutes instead of the regular 45 minutes.


Up to 4 large oven-baked potatoes in just 4 minutes

Potato Pouch promises to give you perfectly oven-bake potatoes that are tender on the outside and fluffy and yummy inside. If you love cooking and eating potatoes, you know how painful it is to bake them in the oven. It takes as long as 45 minutes and the results aren’t great either because the potatoes turn out mushy and dry. You cannot serve your family or even guests such oddly baked potatoes and neither can you have them yourselves. But Potato Pouch promises to give you perfectly oven-baked potatoes in just 4 minutes so that you not only get a yummy dish but also save a lot of time. Potato Pouch claims to let you bake up to 4 large potatoes at one go in the oven.


Special insulation design

You can supposedly get the perfectly baked potatoes so quickly because of the special insulation design of Potato Pouch, which creates a steam pocket when you place the potatoes inside the bag and keep it in the oven. This pocket is meant to give the right amount of moisture that cooks the potatoes to perfection, which is neither too soggy nor too dry. The potatoes are said to be baked absolutely evenly in Potato Pouch.


Lets you make innumerable dishes

No matter what potato dish you want to whip up, Potato Pouch is supposed to let you do it easily and quickly, whether it is loaded baked potato, chili cheese potato, mashed potatoes, sour cream chives or anything else. Not just potatoes, you can supposedly also bake yams, sweet potatoes, corn and zucchini and it also warms breads, and freshens bagels. Potato Pouch guarantees to give you perfect results every time you use it. It also claims to be washable and reusable. You can get gourmet foods for breakfast, lunch, snack like tender potato skins or dinner for the whole family within minutes.


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