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What is Potato Express Seen On TV – A Microwave bag that claims to cook potatoes in 4 minutes.


Potatoes are an integral part of almost everyone’s daily food intake no matter in what form. Now the options of potato delicacies are endless with Potato Express Pouch, the smart pouch that you need to place the potatoes in and toss into the microwave to get perfectly baked potatoes in just a few minutes.

How does Potato Express Work

The ultimate source of carbohydrates and fats, potatoes are a standalone source of energy amongst veggies. The only problem one faces while cooking them is the guessing game when it comes to the amount of time the potato will take to cook perfectly without being undercooked or overcooked. Also, they take so long to cook that though delectable they are among the most time consuming food options in veggies. But now you can quickly bake them in express speed with Potato Express.

Baking potatoes the right way, both inside and outside in minimum amount of time is the inspiration behind Potato Express, which has the ability to bake potatoes within a record time of only 4 minutes whereas conventional methods can take up to 30 minutes. This magical functioning of Potato Express is due to its innovative technology that uses an insulation design to hold the potatoes inside the pouch.

When heat is distributed via the microwave, the insulation design of Potato Express Bag creates a steamy pocket to provide optimum level of moisture that is required to bake a potato. In this way Potato Express is successful in baking a perfect potato with a tender skin and fluffy inside within no time at all.

Potato Express is large enough to hold up 4 full size potatoes to save more time while cooking for the entire family. It also works even with sweet potatoes and yams delivering a wide variety of choices to eat. Potatoes baked with Potato Express can be topped with sour cream, bacon and cheese, chili, broccoli or marshmallows can be topped over sweet potatoes and yams for a quick scrumptious bite. Potato Express with its cost effective price tag is re-usable for endless amounts of time and is completely machine washable to provide comfortable mess free cleaning.



What do I get?

  • 2 Potato Express Bag
  • 2 Recipe guide
  • 2 Cheese grater

All this for $10.00 plus $13.98 shipping and handling. Official website buypotatoexpress.com

77 thoughts on “Potato Express Reviews & Complaints | Microwave Potato Bag

  1. Been using PE for 3 yrs. w/NO adverse incidents; on the contrary, this product performed as advertised. To those who complained that potatoes didn’t cook in time claimed, please RE/READ the “NOTE” at the bottom of the pouch: “Cooking times may vary … “. Hard to determine cause of other “defects”; perhaps pouch was incorrectly laundered, unattended, or your microwave was the culprit. Caveat emptor, people!


  3. Never have had any issues with mine… I actually have 4 of these… I have used them for a few years.. I LOVE mine…

  4. I followed all the instructions, at about the 3 minute mark I heard a huge bang I opened the micro and the the glass microwave platter that comes with micro had shattered all over the inside!! I read others below and I am appalled that they are in business!!

  5. This is the weirdest reviews ever! WE LOVE OURS we have had it 3 years or more and use it about 3 times a month to cook little potatoes or giant potatoes! All of them come out perfect within 3- minutes depending on size density of potatoes. I was just looking on internet t see if i could ash it, but now im afraid to do anything with it from all of these fire reviews! Sorry about everyone’s bad time with these, but I think its the best thing ever.

  6. Do not waste your time with this product. I purchased one. When I read the directions, I wonder why any consumer protection group hasn’t pulled it off market. Directions say not to heat on ‘high’ temp. No recommended temp or actual temperature is given. This is especially important because directions indicate that item may be a fire hazard. The list of don’t do and warnings makes me wonder why it is allowed on market. After reading the warnings, my item is going straight back for return.

  7. My Potato Express was a gift for Christmas. Just two short months later, I was using my PE, stepped away for a few seconds, only to come back to Potato Express on FIRE inside my microwave ! So not only was PE destroyed, but my microwave has a nice big, fat black “hole” in the same place were Potato Express was last seen alive. I want JUSTICE! (And a new microwave). Potato Express can punt. How do I get a hold of these people?

  8. My Potato Express was a gift for Christmas. Just two short months later, I was using my Potato Express, stepped away for a few seconds, only to come back to Potato Express on FIRE inside my microwave.

  9. I’m going thru all these replies and seeing bad review after bad review…but…I received a Potato Express a year ago as a Christmas gift from one of my Aunts…so did my Daughter…we both use ours all the time and we LOVE em…our potatoes come out nice & soft & fluffy inside and slightly crispy on the skin as any good baked potato is…I’m using mine tonight to make baked sweet potatoes for the first time…Can’t wait…NO COMPLAINTS HERE!!!! LOVE MINE!!!!

  10. Worthless. I wasted 8 potatoes after trying twice. All were hard. I returned to using a quart size (or larger) opened zip lock bag with a little water in the bottom and my almost-medium size potatoes were thoroughly done in 12 minutes. Purchased at Walmart for $9.99 and am going to return it!!

  11. I came out here to see if I was using the bag right and you are all having the same issues!! I’m throwing it out!

  12. Bought the product recently. Used to 2 times and the third time I had a kitchen fire! Fire department came and my attached microwave/oven is not useable! Smoke damage and ruined a 3,000.00 dollar unit! House stinks of burnt potato express bag! Warning: DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT! It will catch on fire!

  13. Fortunately, I only paid $1.00 for mine at the thrift store! If it doesn’t work? Oh well, maybe I can fill it with something and make a small pillow!

  14. I was very disappointed with the Potato Express. The potatoes seemed to take even longer to cook than usual. I ordered it through PCH and had to pay for shipping and handling as well. I would not recommend this product.

  15. Ok. I’ve read ALL the Potato Express instructions and recipes. You say not to cook on HIGH. But nowhere does it tell you what other setting to use. Come on now. This is a really serious thing to omit. I think you’ll agree that Someone is not taking their job seriously. So what the heck is that person being paid for? I think you could use a new proof reader.

  16. Would NOT recommend Potato Express. One of the instructions says not to cook on high. I cooked on level 8 and after 6 minutes the potatoes still aren’t cooked. This is one of the two worst products I have purchased due to TV ads. Think twice before you purchase this one

  17. I received the two potato express without the cutter and book. The thing I am most anxious about it that I have been charged $43.98 for the 16.98 item.

    I expect to have my money return immediately.

  18. After two months, I received not two as advertised, but six potato bags with three slicers. I did reach a young girl that gave me, what seemed to be a rehearsed answer. She said that anyone ordering in November, as I had, may have wanted gifts to give. I complained that I did not want to be responsible for shipping charges, as it was not what I ordered. Of course, she answered they do not have shipping labels. I then asked, if they receive the items and issue me a credit, will shipping credit be applied? Of course not. I don’t know if I am more upset with this “company” or myself. I should have known better.

  19. I ordered 3 sets of Potato Express Dec.2nd it was taken out of our checking account for $71.94 and it is Jan 7th and still have not received it. I have called 4 times now and now they tell me FedEx lost it. Said they are sending me the order again and I should receive it by Jan. 14th 2014 if not I told them I would take this to my attorney.

    • These are available at Walmart. I saw them yesterday! This way it can be taken back if it doesn’t work!

    • As my banker has told me NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT TO ANYONE! These shady people could clean you out.

  20. I submitted an order for a potato express about December 16th, 2013. I received a confirmation # of 7332494, and that it had been shipped via Fec Express on 12-20-2013. I received a Fed Ex Smart Post tracking Number of 92612999989444413065095.

    Fed Ex. states that it has no information on this tracking #, and so far I have not been able to contact anyione from Patoto Express. I have read several comments about this company, including some that say they will contasct the Attorney General, and I do think that might be the way to go to get results from this order.

    Ivan Stephens

  21. Placed 2 average size potatoes in Potato Express bag/set for 4 minutes on an 1100 watt microwave/was not cooked thru–did 2 large one later/only about 50% cooked after 4 minutes. My bag was bought from Walmart.

    Can the chopper be bought from any site?

    Thank you

  22. What is meant by “HIGH” in the cooking directions where it states “DO NOT HEAT ON HIGH?”

    There is no “high” setting on my microwave oven. Please explain what you mean.

    Saturday, 13 December 2013

    • Have not used mine yet, the high not high confuses me too. Most microwaves have power settings from 1-10, with 10 being 100% aka high! power level 5 is aka 50%. Hope that helps some on setting temps.

  23. I purchased my Potato Express at Bed Bath and Beyond for $9.99. I purchase all of the products I see on TV there and use the 20% of coupons. Their coupons never expire, BTW (at least not in CA) I will definately be returning it.

    First, I noticed a strange “Warning” in the recipe book and on the product itself. “DO NOT heat on HIGH.” OK, but the instructions do not say to use any other power setting. Second, as someone else said, there is no way you can get four average potatoes in the bag. I tried. Then I tried 2, for 4 min. They got hot but they were still hard. Gave it another 4 min. Still not cooked. I gave up and cooked all 4 in the microwave.

    It sounded too good to true, and it was.

  24. This Potato Express Bag does not work. For one thing, there is no way you can get 4 potatoes into the bag unless they are very small new potatoes. We barely got 2 sweet potatoes in the bag and then they did not cook after 4 minutes. We cooked them an additional 4 minutes and they still were not done. We are sending them back. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS PRODUCT. My husband ordered one in August, 2013 and never received it and never received anything saying it was on back order. We finally received a card in the mail saying that the order was cancelled, but they sent it anyway and charged our account. I ordered one in September, 2013 and finally received it the last of November and we are sending both of them back.

  25. Bought the,” Deluxe”‘ model of Potato Express:two for $30.00,1.00 web processing charge,2.48 tax,13.98 P&H total $47.46.
    Received promptly.

    Attempted to cook two baking potatoes, after 13 minutes removed one potato and cooked the remaining one (in the bag)for another four minutes.

    The one in the bag was cooked except the skin started to look like the one in the video that didn’t look appealing.The one taken out of the bag was cut up and nuked by itself for another minute or so.

    Critique:Good thing I ordered the Deluxe model otherwise two french fries would have been cramped for space.

    Was skeptical about the four minutes to begin with but figured if could cut the time in the oven significantly it would be worth it.For me it is.Live at a high altitude and every thing must cook longer and at a higher temperature e.g. baked pots are 1.5 hours @ 450 degrees.

    Disappointed with Potato Express? Yes.

    Oh,they didn’t send the freebie cutter either.

  26. Doesn’t any one read the small print before ordering… and if any one knows already whether u order online or from a TV ad the shipping is always the SCAM its always no refundable and expensive. That’s why I ALWAYS buy it on eBay.

  27. I was interested in getting one Potato Express also, but not getting one due to such high S&P seems to be the theme of the reviews. So I went to ebay. There are some other brands of potato bags for as little of $5.99 with free shipping.

  28. The question was “Do they think people are crazy”? The answer is they think we are all naive and gullible. You end up paying (on all things like this) for example $23.98 which means you still pay $10 each for them, as their shipping probably is no more than $4 for both, as light as they are. If I can’t order one of something at the regular price with reasonable shipping, I don’t order it. BTW, the baked potatoes wrapped in special plastic as the grocery store for $.98 bake easily in 7 mins. and are great! Some are huge!

    • Please tell those of us who live in Podunk about the potatoes wrapped in the special plastic, They sound like a solution to the potato issue.

  29. This Potato Express is advertised on TV without important details! The bonus cutting tool is not included without ordering double product. This is not specified in the ad. Double shipping is required $13.98 .. for the bonus and they force you to order a double order! I am disgusted with this double order .. double shipping. It surely can’t cost that much to ship! I will wait until a TV ad is honest! (May never happen)!!!

    • I never order anything that says “but wait, we will send you two for this price, just pay separate S&H”. Even if I wanted it, that cancels it right there. That’s a ripoff and a scam. It costs them no more to ship two than one. In other words if it’s $10, and S&H is $6.98, you are paying $8.50 for each one instead of $10. Of course they sell twice as many that way at just a $1.50 discount. Shipping(P&H) is the key here. Don’t fall for it.

  30. I was ready to order one until I saw the shipping charges. I’ll wait until it’s in the stores and not pay shipping and be able to return it if I dont like it!!!

    • I agree completely with you. If I can’t buy in store & have the option to return if I don’t like without all the shipping charges….then I don’t want it.

  31. Someone asked why there are no Potato Express reviews? That is because no one has purchased this item. I was eager to get it until… like the others… I saw the s&h. I would bet this product works but I’ve seen it for sale at most craft fairs. It’s just a cloth sack after all. I’ll pick one up at a fair – or maybe make my own as there are many sites which give step by step instructions!

  32. I know most infomercial products are scam. I wouldn’t spend $24 on this crap Potato Express.

    Its so easy to cook potatoes in the microwave.

    To begin with you can wash the potato under running water with a vegetable brush. You can also use your hands for washing. You can then pat the potato dry with a paper towel. Once that’s done, you can use a sharp knife to puncture four holes into the potato. This has to be done to stop the potato from exploding when you are cooking it. The holes ensure that steam can escape while cooking.

    After the potato has been prepped for cooking, you can place it on a microwave-safe dish before putting it in the microwave. As a reference point, it’s important to know that a seven to eight ounce potato can take about 7 minutes to cook. Two similar size potatoes can take around 11 minutes. For microwaves with a potato button, it gets as easy as press of the button. It enables the moisture sensors in the microwave to determine the cooking time.

    To finish cooking you can let the potato rest for a few minutes. To know whether the potato is cooked slide a knife into it. If it slides easily then you know the potato is cooked. The potato should be squeezed easily without too much resistance. You can then slice the top with a knife and place a folded paper towel over the potato. Now you can use your fist to give it a bash as that will break apart the fibres. If you squeeze it, you will see that it is nice and fluffy. You can now devour it on its own or after adding your favourite toppings.

    • Hi Kat,
      I saw the Potato Express today in the As Seen on TV section at my pharmacy, so I thought I’d check the reviews before dropping ten bucks.

      The reviews convinced me not to bother. But I got a very special bonus coming across your instructions. Your procedure is nicely explained and sounds like a winner; looking forward to doing it myself. Thanks kindly for taking the time to share it!

    • I also refuse to pay the s&h on this potato express bag of that much.

      I am trying to find reviews on the Potato Express microwave bag. Also hoping to find it soon at Walmart, Walgreens, or Shopko.

      I have cooked 1 small potato in 4 minutes in the microwave but you need to poke it and turn it over after 2 minutes. A larger potato which I like takes about 5-6 minutes and two large potatoes up to 10 minutes.

      However if I leave them in too long without turning over the skin on the bottom of the potato gets rock hard.

      This is what I am hoping to avoid. I am sure that the instructions will tell you if you bake 4 potatoes you need to add more time.

      Also, I bake the potatoes in the microwave when I am in a hurry as I like to take a baked potato for my lunch. They DO NOT have the same flavor of those that the skin is rubbed with soft margarine, wrapped in foil and baked in the oven.

  33. I think the Potato Express is a wonderful thing. I was so ready to order one, until I found out the S&H was $13.98. That’s totally unacceptable!! NO THANKS

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