My Portion Review

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What is My Portion

It is claimed to be a cup that comes with markers with an adjustable base that can be set for different weight ranges. These markers can be easily used to measure appropriate amount of food to achieve weight loss and also maintain the goal weight.

My Portion Features and Benefits

Lose Weight Easily – My Portion guarantees to help anyone looking to lose weight and stay healthy. The concept of weight loss is based on two major things – physical exercise and the right food. No matter how much people try losing weight by hitting the gym or doing fad diets they still cannot achieve their goals very easily. This is because they are not able to balance the amount of food intake and are missing on essential food items that should be consumed.

Also people have a tendency to overeat as there is no limit to the platter while eating and habits while watching television, surfing the internet, etc. My Portion is stated to be based on the fact that everything can be consumed if it is in the right quantity. What happens once the proportion is distributed is that essential nutrients are derived from all types of food by still keeping the weight loss target on track.


Measure Right – My Portion declares to be great at helping people to achieve the right kind of food. This is made possible by My Portion as it convinces to help lose weight for every individual regardless of their current weight or weight loss target. Allegedly My Portion cup are marked with measurements that are in relation with the mentioned ideal weight range. Then the adjustable base that is available in the cup helps in adjusting it according to the weight range. These weight ranges are mentioned too with the marker for easy identification. There are various levels for the base to be adjusted for all types of people. There is a lowest range of 110 to 120 lbs to the higher range of 210 to 220 lbs to serve the purpose of every individual in these ranges.

Once the base of My Portion is adjusted it can be simply filled with the favorite food of the individual using it. This measured fill can be then consumed helping in maintaining calorie balance and still helping the taste buds with the favorite food. It is maintained that My Portion is ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner so that correct and controlled amount of food can help in losing weight consistently in long term. The quality of material used to make the amazing My Portion is asserted to be of high quality. Plus after use it can be easily cleaned and washed for use any time again.


What do I get?
Get 2 My Portions for $10.00 plus $15.90 P&H | Official website:

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