Pop Top Jar Opener

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What is Pop Top – It is a latest jar opener as seen on tv. The perfectly easy way to open up even the most tightly screwed jars by popping out their lids in an instant.

Open jars easily

Pop Top claims to be the best jar opener that lets you open the lids easily. Regular jars have lids that are equipped with efficient vacuum technology that stores everything quite well but on the flip side opening such jars is a difficult and frustrating task and most of the times a waste of your time and energy. There are many jar openers available that claim to effortlessly open the jars but even with those you need to apply some pressure. Pop Top, on the other hand, supposedly does the work with no need to apply any additional pressure. And all this miraculous popping using the Pop Top is said to occur all thanks to its new age design.

Design that pops open all jars

Pop Top Jar Opener apparently is so amazing that it pops any lid in a matter of few seconds. It comes with a design that consists of a pressure mounted top that is to be placed over any lid. Once placed on the lid, Pop Top is supposed to be tapped over it and that’s when the lid just pops out open like no other jar opener can do and later the lid can be simply twisted open with just the use of fingertips. Jars have an internal vacuum pressure that needs to be released in order to open it and Pop Top claims to do so using its 350ultra-fine piercing point that enables twisting off very easily.

Anyone can use it

Regular sealed jars are difficult to open for people suffering from joint aches, arthritis, elderly individuals who need to ask another family member for help. But the supposedly revolutionary Pop Top promises that anyone can open jars without the need of assistance since all it needs is just a tap to pop open the jar. And another amazing fact about it is that it supposedly works on all different sized jars in your house.


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