Pop Chef Review

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Ordinary meals can turn out really boring especially if it is fruits and salads particularly with kids. The problem lies in the way the food is presented to them and if some creative ideas and efforts are taken then maybe eating time can be really be a happy time. Also if there is a party at home some innovative decoration of not only just the home but also the food items can make it exciting and get people talking about it. The question is the amount of time that can go into carving and decorating food items and making presentations with them. You can stop worrying about it because now there is Pop Chef.

Pop Chef

Pop Chef is a newest kitchen product that will change the way food is presented at home without taking any time. It is not a knife which takes a long time to shape food items and carve them and is unlike ordinary cookie cutters that are thin and shallow. It is a unique product that can be simply pushed into the food item to get the desired piece shape from the food item. Its innovative technology uses forced air vacuum which helps in literally ‘popping’ out the shaped food. Plus it’s push, pop and create function not only works with fruits but also on salads, snacks, desserts etc food for up to 2” thickness.

Pop Chef is so handy that it can transform mealtime into fun-time and with its different decorative arrangements makes healthier food like fruits and salads attractive to consume over unhealthy food items like chips, cookies, chocolates, etc. The popper comes with 14 different designer shapes to suit the nature of food and its arrangement. Since there is only a single action of pushing and popping, it is completely safe to be used by anyone. Currently in an offer price a set of 2 Poppers, 40 Bamboo Skewers, 28 Shape Tools and 2 Recipe Books which supplies innovative ways to use Pop Chef comes with a bonus of 2 more Poppers and complete set completely free.

Pop Chef FAQs

How to assemble Pop Chef?
Simply hold the Air Bulb and fix the stem by turning it clockwise. Later the desired cutter should be fixed to the stem while still holding on to the air bulb. Reversing the process will dismantle Pop Chef easily for storage.


Which fruits work the best with Pop Chef?
While selecting non-porous fruits like melons, papaya, kiwis, etc work the best with skewers by keeping an inch of thickness to ensure easy cutting using Pop Chef. A little lemon juice can be squeezed on the fruits to keep them fresh. However bananas and apples should be avoided for fruit arrangements.


What precautions are to be taken while using Pop Chef?
An open palm over the air bulb works the best to pop food items easily. Excessive force like banging or slamming should be avoided to protect the cutter from any damage. Also for food that is stuck inside, the food dislodging tool can be used to clear it easily.


Can Pop Chef be cleaned in a dishwasher?
Yes. It can be used only on the top shelf of dishwasher. After washing, the disassembled pieces should be stowed in an air-tight bag.



What do I get?

  • 2 Poppers
  • 40 Bamboo Skewers
  • 28 Shape Tools
  • 2 Recipe Books

All this for just $19.95 + $15.90 s/h. Official website getpopchef.com


Pop Chef Video
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25 thoughts on “Pop Chef Review

  1. Popchef website sale is a big fraud. they took my money before i saw the new total charge on my account. i returned the product and they took my money its all a scam….beware.

  2. Well, I LOVE my Chef Popper! I bought it for $10 at Super Walmart and it comes with the standard 4 shapes and a little package of sticks. My kindergarten loves that I pack her lunch with flower shaped sandwiches… heart fruit… butterfly cheese…. It makes eating FUN and since we never by the pre-packaged junk food, it makes the natural stuff look even more tempting.

  3. Pop Chef is horrible… Does not work at all. They say push and then pop.. The pop is so difficult that I need a knife to pull the fruit out… Do not buy.

  4. The ads on TV and their website are very misleading. They count a package of 25 bamboo skewers toward your free 30 piece package. Of course, the package is not free after you pay the S & H which is a common practice with these type of companies, but counting 25 skewers toward your 30 piece free package: COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I paid a fortune in S & H for these “free” items. I can buy a package of skewers at the dollar store for $1.00. What a rip off. I see by other reviews that they felt misled as well. By the way, THEY DON’T WORK!!!! I had to get the cookie cutters out.

  5. Their ads on TV and their website are VERY misleading!!!! The free 30 piece set that you receive counts a package of 25 bamboo skewers as part of the 30 free pieces. Of course, it’s not free after you pay the shipping and handling, which is usually the case with these type of orders, but counting 25 skewers toward the 30 piece free pkg.

  6. I regret ordering the Pop Chef because I have been called by two different marketing groups who refuse to allow me to cancel the entire order since I do not want to receive the offer to participate in a budget friendly coupon group or any other group like theirs.

    Had I known that my name would be used in this manner I would never have ordered and will return everything and opt out of whatever group they have place me in with no option to not be included now.

  7. That’s because process order pays for it. You press order now to get it shipped to you and it raised the price because it was adding the shipping and handling. It says that at the bottom of the description.

  8. Total waste of money! 30 pc special occasion set actually consists of 1 extra bulb, 4 extra shapes, and 25 skewers! Aside from that, it doesn’t even work! GARBAGE! When I asked to return it, the guarantee only covers the purchase price, not s&h. PLUS… I have to pay to send it back. So basically I would be paying them to take it back so they could just sell it to someone else. Ugh… can’t believe I fell for this tactic. Now I remember why I never buy this junk!

  9. The Pop Chef website is a scam. You will out your information and hit the Process Order button then the price changes so I did not proceed with the sale. The small print says if you hit the Order Now button you are placing a live order. I NEVER hit an Order Now button, only the Process Order button but they charged me anyway.

  10. I purchased this Pop Chef yesterday. I am already being pummeled by telemarketing calls on my business cellular phone. On the order it indicated I would be contacted for shipping information only. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR PHONE NUMBER!

    • Hi Tammy, I’m so interested on buying the Pop Chef. I’m a bit on the down side of ordering it. Does it really work great how they say it does. Please let me know. Thank you

  11. Hi I really want pop chef but I dont have enough money to buy it what should I do? Do you have any ideas of what I should do about the problem I am having with the money issue? If you could get back to me with some answers that would be awesome! Can I have your name just so I know who is replying to me soon that would be awesome too! Um my name is 700miawizard. That is my real name I know it is weird and embarrassing to tell people when it comes to that I hate saying my name in public but sometimes I have to tell people. So if I could also have a little more information on pop chef and the whole price thing that would be great to have when it comes to this. Again like I said if I could just have your name that would be great. And again if you could get back to me that would be awesome.

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