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What is Plumpeez:

It is a hot dog stuffer that claims to convert your regular hot dogs into gourmet treats.
Plumpeez promises to add triple the stuffing, plump and flavour to your hot dog so that you can devour it to the fullest. Everyone loves hot dogs, which are looked at as special treats for kids or when you have friends over as well. In fact they are perfect for every occasion and now with the help of Plumpeez, you can convert them into gourmet treats. It stresses on the fact that you are saved the effort while creating mouth watering hot dogs of all kinds.

Plumpeez is very simple to use

Plumpeez has special curved blades inside and they can slice and core in one simple step. All you have to do is place your chosen dog into it and then push on the plunger. It will ensure that the sliced dog is popped out. Now you can fill it with your favourite stuffing and turn it into a gourmet dish that everyone will love. Plumpeez promises to be so convenient for use that practically anyone in the house can use it.


Plumpeez is an efficient and time saving solution for you

Using Plumpeez is meant to be quick and easy, which is why you can have gourmet dogs ready to be cooked in a matter of minutes. It also claims to be a way of creating healthy treats for your loved ones, which they will love. Plumpeez asserts that it can be a convenient option for you to use because you don’t have to waste time cleaning up later. It is dishwasher safe and that ensures easy cleanup.

Plumpeez means plenty of delicious options for you

You might have picky eaters or food fanatics on your hands; Plumpeez guarantees you treats they will love. You can use it for pork, turkey, beef and veggie dogs as well. You also have the option of making yummy appetizers that are carb-free and gluten free too. From cheese bacon barbeque dog to bacon wrapped sauerkraut dog, options are endless.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Two Plumpeez gourmet hot dog stuffer for just $10.00 + $13.9 S&H.
  • Official website:
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