Platino Slow Juicer

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What is Platino Slow Juicer

It is a revolutionary feature rich slow juicer by Fagor which uses slow juicing process that maximizes the taste and nutrients in fruits and vegetables.

Beneficial Slow Juicing

Platino Slow Juicer claims that it is the most ideal juicer that anyone would need to make fresh juices of fruits and vegetables at home. There are many top of the line juicers available in the market today but most of them process the juices in traditional way where most nutrients are lost from the juice. Also they tend to consume higher amount of energy for performing making them an expensive companion. Platino Slow Juicer is said to be highly efficient when comes to performance and adopts the new age slow juicing process.
Ideally slow juicing has been termed to be much better than centrifugal based juicers and Platino Slow Juicer that’s why helps extract more amount of juice from fruits and vegetables in one glass. Also the slow juicing process ensures there is no oxidation or separation of the source that takes place. It thus preserves more of the organic nutrients from the raw source making it stay true to its natural state. Platino Slow Juicer additionally is said to squeeze the fruit without shredding or grinding and has a unique 2-step process during which the juice is extracted twice. In this way Platino Slow Juicer claims to dispel a dryer and dehydrated pulp which can be used for other recipes.



Platino Slow Juicer promises to help provide healthy fruit and vegetable juice using its slow juicing process. This provides a higher cost saving of money and also consumes lesser energy and in turn leaves lesser carbon footprint than other traditional methods. Platino Slow Juicer apparently runs only on 150 Watts of power, can connect to regular 110-120V connector and has the motor speed of 80-90 RPM for perfect juicing every single time. Size wise Platino Slow Juicer is said to be quite compact with a dimension that can fit easily over any countertop. Its auger is made from quite sturdy material which is quite easy to clean. The set of FagorPlatino Slow Juicer apparently comes with a 35 oz. pulp collector and a 35 oz. juice collector too.

What do I get?

One Platino Slow Juicer for$199.99 plus $5 s&h. Official website


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