Plate Topper Review

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Oh no! That plate of food is getting cold and you will have to save it for later. But if you cover it with foil or plastic wrap, it will not stay fresh. That means you have to put everything into separate containers. What a hassle! Now, there is a better way to serve your meals fresh. Introducing Plate Topper – the ingenious new way to turn your dinner plates into handy food storage containers.


How does Plate Topper work?
You can keep meals fresh and ready to serve. Simply place, press, and Plate Topper locks into an airtight seal, just like the highest quality storage containers. Moreover, because they are sleek and stackable, it will take up less room in your refrigerator. Use Plate Topper to save a plate when someone says they will be home late, to keep leftovers ready for a quick reheat when you need an instant meal, or even to let meats marinate overnight.

Nothing works better to keep multi-course meals fresh before serving. Plate Topper is a great way to take a prepared dish to a party, with no need to rearrange things when you get there. And best of all, they are made of the highest quality food safe plastic. Plate Topper is 100% microwavable and dishwasher safe. That means they can double as splatter guards and are a cinch to clean. Get your Plate Topper so that you can always serve your meals fresh.

Read this before buying Plate Topper

Products like Plate Topper that are marketed in late night TV infomercials are a big scam. The problem is all products in the line from “as seen on tv” do not really work the way infomercials claim. Plus they charge exorbitant amount of money in shipping and handling, gift cards, etc which also enrolls you into an auto-shipment program. They also do not display the total price on the order summary and there’s a chance of personal information being misused by telemarketers. Also there is never anyone available at the customer service number to help.

Make sure that you do not buy such products online or on phone. Check for genuine reviews because product promoters sometimes flood the internet with Fake reviews with very less sites that remain genuine to its core. Also note that you can get the same product at almost half price when it comes to a store near you where you can physically assess the product.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer –
1 Plate Topper for just $11.99 + Free Shipping



Reviews and Complaints
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Plate Topper Video


4 thoughts on “Plate Topper Review

  1. No way to know who carries the Plate Topper. The manufacturer has been unable to keep Walmart supplied–and QVC does not sell the item at this time. They are available directly from the manufacturer, but their web site is very amateurish and lacks a shopping cart for secure checkout–even though it is an https web site. The video says “free shipping”–but you dont know what is required (items, minimum order, etc) to get it. Amateurs.

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