Perfect Tortilla Review

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Your want your kids and loved ones to eat healthy, home cooked meals when they find the restaurant cuisine tempting. And that’s understandable because no matter how hard you try in the kitchen; those restaurant dishes like crispy tortillas for example look mouth-wateringly delicious. If you think you just can’t get those kinds of results with your cooking at home; then think again. Perfect Tortilla will help you make gorgeous tortilla bowls that are not only perfectly shaped but are crisp and delicious too.


Perfect Tortilla
Perfect Tortilla will serve your purpose of making healthy dishes at home because with it you can easily shape and bake tortillas to your liking. And that’s because of the unique design of Perfect Tortilla that doesn’t require any frying. Want to make taco bowls or fajita bowls; Perfect Tortilla pan is all you need. You can even use it for desserts and salads. The exceptional design of Perfect Tortilla pan makes it perfect for tortillas of all sizes, which makes your life a lot easier.

Perfect Tortilla is very easy to use as well and will save you a lot of time in the kitchen. You simply place the tortilla in the pan, which is a non-stick one and put it in the oven. In about 5 minutes you will have crispy and golden tortilla bowls ready to be served. They are ideal for family dinners or get-togethers; you can even impress your guests with them at a party. Perfect Tortilla also doubles up as serving bowl, which will be an instant hit. Perfect Tortilla pan is machine washable, saving you effort of cleaning. Now make perfect, healthy tortilla bowls at home within minutes with Perfect Tortilla.




What do I get?
You can buy Perfect Tortilla for $14.95 plus shipping and handling charge of $7.95 at You can get another Perfect Tortilla pan by paying additional S&H cost of $7.95. What’s more, you get a Cut n Cup slicer with your deal.



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81 thoughts on “Perfect Tortilla Review

  1. For the first time ever I was not scammed or disappointed with this product. Like I was for so many other as seen product. Yes Perfect Tortilla shipping was a lot but they didn’t charge my card too much. I did not however get one of my Perfect Tortilla bowls so I called they sent me another one free shipping and even gave me money back for my troubles. I use my bowls every chance I get. I do have to say that I ordered the crab claw oven mitts (that’s what my daughter calls them… lol) and I think they are crap. I can not grab onto anything and since it only covers my fingers I get burned a lot. But the Perfect Tortilla bowls I love, best purchase I ever made. My kids love them, I use them for anything and everything….just don’t get the crab claw over mitts.

  2. DO NOT BUY/ORDER Perfect Tortilla. The company completely screwed up my order. added on a bunch of stuff after I declined it via the ordering number. They ended up charging my card for items I turned down. THIS IS A COMPLETE SCAM. Then when I called the company the representatives were extremely rude and would not refund my money. I ended up having to call my bank and reporting it. Save yourself the stress and wasted time.

  3. The Perfect Tortilla website did not allow me to confirm the order. As I was going through it gave me the opportunity to purchase at a 30% discount. When I saw the total price which was totally wrong I crapped my pants. I will call the company Monday to cancel the order. If they give me a tough time I will report them to the BBB.

  4. Thank you everyone here for your info. I have saved myself a headache and made my own taco bowl. I bent a cookie sheet up just right, they work try it.

  5. I just placed an order with and if I could have backed up…I would have. Before they give you a Confirmation Code you have to go through about 10 pages of adding to your order AND then, you get the option of upgrading to better quality for only $2.50 each. By the looks of the tortilla maker on TV, it appears they are showing the upgraded version. Who’s to tell what I’m going to get! Also for only $6.95 extra per order, you can get a “Rush” Shipment. It already costs $7.95 for EACH tortilla maker so total cost of order if $25.90 when you only order one set/plus one free set. Wow, I hope I actually get my order…

  6. I ordered the perfect tortilla bowl for 10 dollars plus 7 dollars shipping and handling. I received 4 bowls and the bill was doubled. I called and they said that they don’t send 2 bowls as ordered, they double the order and charge you twice for shipping and handling. I sent it back and received only 20 dollars credit. They said that they don’t have to credit you the shipping and handling. What a rip off and I was duped by false advertising.

  7. PLEASE report this company to the Better Business Bureau at

    This is their address and phone number:

    Perfect Tortilla
    P.O. Box 3179
    Wallingford, CT 06494
    Phone: 1-866-684-2004

    Fill out and mail an additional online complaint to the State of CT’s Attorney General’s Office:

    If your credit card was charged more than the online order form CONFIRMATION PAGE, you can sue them.

    I filed the BBB complaint and there was not one other complaint against them to date. No one should complain here until that company comes up with 50 complaints against them. We can stop them from ripping people off but you have to file formal complaints. You CAN get your money back if you file these complaints!

  8. I got the chance to try one out of someone I know who was unfortunately scammed like many here….. From the first time use it worked well…. so the product does do what it says…. the company is a bunch of scammers… so stay away from this online scam and just look for it at retail stores like Walmart or rite aid and I have seen it on Harriet and of course eBay! Yes you don’t get all the extras such as a second set etc but you wont get overcharged like the online scam does. The price range is 10 to 15 dollars depending on what set you want… you wont get as much for your money but hey you wont see a surprise charge of 100 dollars or more!!

    • OMG…that was about the same total as mine! I wish that I would have read this Perfect Tortilla review a few minutes earlier!

  9. These people are absolute thieves. They charged for items that I did not order and did not tell me what the total would be.They charged my card $42.90 over what the total should have been.I was suspicious because I wasn’t allowed to speak to a person and my order was not reviewed. I tried to look them up on the internet but all I found was the rave reviews they probably gave themselves. I hate to be stolen from.I’m also concerned about anything else they might be able to do with my card information. I finally was able to get through to a customer service person who told me that I had ordered much more than I actually ordered. I told her that it was fraud .She did decrease the payment amount but it was still more than $25.90.

  10. I ordered the product by phone & was told by a computer that I will be charge a monthly charge for a service I neither requested or want. I have tried to no avail to speak to a operator or representative to correct this. If I am charge I will charge or company for fraud, I have also informed my visa account that it was a one time only charge, you ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO STEAL FROM MY ACCOUNT. PLEASE NOTIFY ME THAT YOU UNDERSTAND MY FEELINGS PERTAINING TO THIS MATTER. You should also make a live operator available for your customers to speak to them if necessary.

    Martha Soler

  11. They say you get a free second set but charge you double the shipping & handling (even though it came in the same box), so my $10 plus s&h became $25.90! Big ripoff!


  13. My wife responded to the tv ad to purchase the bowls. A recorded message kept trying to increase the order with other items. She kept responding “NO” and finally hung up in exasperation. Our Credit card is being charged for $71 for our order, apparently that will include other unwanted Items. I want to cancel the entire order. You are ripping us off!! My phone number is 502 463 2953, I am in contact with our financial organization re this issue.

    Gerard Reed

    • The very same exact thing happened to me! They took $68.80 out of my account. I got tired of saying NO a hundred times and hung up thinking that would cancel out the transaction. I am furious! I tried to call twice (not done yet) and a message says hold on for customer service and then I get a busy signal. This is gonna be a real pain I can see already. I am reporting Perfect Tortilla to BBB.

  14. Somehow we were charged $91 and got two small boxes each containing a set of 4 taco bowls and a food chopper. I thought it would be $10 plus s/h. My bank statement revealed the charge and when I received my boxes there was no invoice. It’s a scam and a rip off. I’m so pissed.

  15. How do I get the charges blocked before they charge me. This was a total rip off. I never got to review my order before approving it. I am sick over this. I can’t afford this. Someone help me!!

    • I was also charged the $25.90, this is a sham I’m going to turn this company over to the better business bureau for false advertisement. The TV add said $10.00 Plus shipping. Also there was no invoice in the box, so you don’t know what you paid until you see the charge on your account.

      • Please do turn them over to the BBB, they are ripping hard working innocent people off. I will report them also.

      • I understand and feel bad for all those that were ripped off but Larry, if you read the site it clearly states that the total is $25.90 so no surprises there. And on the TV it clearly states separate shipping and handling for second set, which is always the same as the first price of s/h. Anytime I see something on TV I want I either wait for it to hit the local walmart which it does quickly or I order thru Plus there you get to choose to only order one set if that’s all you want. It might cost a couple dollars more thru them to get the two sets, I think it cost me a little under $5 more to get the same stuff a s you paid $25.90 for but they have never ripped me off yet and you get to confirm you order and full charges before agreeing. Sorry you were so unhappy and again to those that really got ripped off, ordering over the phone with an automated system can only lead to trouble. Hope everyone gets their money back.

  16. I was shocked when I ordered the perfect tortilla bowl online was only suppose to be $10.00 and $7.95 s & h. When I checked my card they had taken $56.20 off how do you get your money back this is such a scam. I can’t afford this we are barley surviving but I thought well what’s $17.95 gonna hurt but not $56.20. I hope they are lined in gold.

  17. These people made me so mad…After listening to the never ending rambling of an automated operator, and saying “customer service!”, 50 times I hung up, not authorizing payment or receiving confirmation #. Within a week a 25.00 debit was taken from my acct to these people. I immediately reported fraud to my bank. They credited my account and are investigating the Co. I had to get a new debit card issued causing me more problems with my monthly bills. Fool me once, their wont be a twice!!!

    • I just ordered these bowls 45 minutes ago, of course they dont see the transaction &**((crap. Please anyone who is reading this DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. THEY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HARDWORKING CITIZENS!!!

  18. Everthing people are saying is true about this being a method of overcharge!! The mere fact that there is no review of final charges before the order is submitted says it all!!! Even if the product works wonderfully it is not worth the money. I ordered extra sets because I have 5 children and was giving two to ones moving out. I paid more in shipping than I did in product, and there is no way to fight it. I could have gotten a full set of nice pots and pans for what I spent on these and I am furious at their scammish method!! They need to be shut down!!

  19. This is the same scam, could be the same people, that the vacuum cleaner had, buy one get the other free. You just pay shipping. Once they get your card the charge you what they want. They just change company names and do another product. I noticed both phone calls were talking to a machine, not a real person. It is making it hard for any of the companies selling good stuff at good prices to make a living. These scammers need to be delt with! It is messing up all aspects of the selling on line. I sell dogs, poodles, and there are so many scams out there targeting the breeders not the buyers. It is sick. Any time you deal with a company on line do your home work and google what ever you are starting to buy and check it out. The net can help you there. I knew about some of this and fell for the same thing you other guys did. I am in the process of getting my money back. You work at it you can too.

  20. Total rip off. They ask you if you want to buy another set for an additional $7.95 S & H, you click NO, and they charge you anyway.

  21. The company and their business practices are a scam, but does anybody actually have the product to review… haven’t seen anything about that yet.

    • Check out Amazon. They have a dozen versions of the same product for about the same price. (I’m about to buy a set of 2 for $10 with free shipping because of Amazon Prime right now.) Amazon also has protection plans in place so you don’t get scammed. (After eating it with an infomercial on children’s books a few years ago, I’ve learned to do my homework. That’s why I’m here right now!)

  22. My Perfect Tortilla double order ended up at $95, which 2 items I did not order plus huge S&H costs. No way to correct or back out of order once you find out what they’re charging. Total thievery! Shame on them, shame on the TV stations carrying the advertising, and shame on me for falling for it. I will never again order anything advertised on TV.

    • This review says it best!! I want this person to know that this is the first bad experience I have had with ordering things off of TV.

      • I totally agree! I was watching the The Cooking Channel and saw these advertised this morning and thought these sounded great. I ordered them and when I saw the shipping and handling that was charged to my bill, I was shocked and had to no way to cancel the order. Very bad business and this will eventually catch up with them!

  23. I totally agree!! Perfect Tortilla is a SCAM!!! My credit card was charged more than what I asked for, I am pissed!!

  24. COMPLETE AND TOTAL SCAM!!! They do not disclose how much shipping, and handling is until after purchase, which is on the upside of 50 dollars per item. When I called To cancel they said that it was shipped and charged. You have the option of returning it but they refuse to refund the S&H cost. I promptly called my credit card company who informed me that Perfect Scam Tortilla had not charged it yet so their costumer service person LIED to me. My card company is handling the matter so I should be fully reimbursed. The long and short of it is it’s a company that’s ripping people off in a bad economy. Do not buy from this site!

  25. Scam and my credit card was “compromised” I had to cancel the card and we were charged $45 for something that should have cost much less. Rip off. How do we get that Perfect Tortilla ad off TV?

  26. These people are either scammers, unethical or just not business wise. The company appears to have at least an office in Connecticut. So send as I did an email to the Conn Attorney General at

  27. I can’t see how a company like this can be in business for too long. After all the disputed charges this company will have all credit card processing privileges taken away. American business. It’s only time before this spreads to other countries. There are rats everywhere. I almost can’t see how one could fall for it. I never ever buy anything that is sold on TV on these low budget infomercials. Wake up people. Use Internet to research.

  28. Big time rip off artists!! Buy one get one free s/h $7.95 (2 s/h charges; 1 for each set. I’m OK with that) But when I checked out I had been charged for both sets and $31.80 in shipping charges!! (I am NOT outside of the 48 states!!) Then I tried to cancel the order which they said could not be done. And you do not get a chance to review and approve your order before a final purchase button. Go to Amazon, or Target, but do not order the perfect tortilla from their website. You will pay twice what you are told with no way to cancel the order.

  29. Almost everything posted is true. My subtotal was $27 then a shipping charge of $47 was added on top of that. Then when you realize the insane charges it’s too late because it’s already been charged. There’s no turning back.

  30. Pure rip off instead of $10 you’ll pay $25 or more and the double order that they talk about well you’ll pay double shipping and handling… I’m sick of these Americans scamming other Americans with a quick hustle to make some money.

  31. One other thing you need to know. If you think you might want to order this bowl and then you change your mind, they will use your credit card information anyway and process the order.
    Oh yeah, that’s what customer service told me. Once you navigate to the second page – YOUR ORDER IS PLACED! Hows that for ripping off the customer??

    • Terrible snakes, they did the same thing to me. I am a single mother and struggle to make it paycheck to paycheck and these people think nothing of taking money from me or you it is a sin!!

  32. This site for the perfect tortilla is pure BS! I checked it out one day and started to fill in the information to order it then changed my mind. I deleted all information I had put in and did NOT process the order. It did not go through. Two weeks later I see a charge for $25.90 from GPM The Perfect Tortilla on my bank statement online!! I couldn’t believe it. I NEVER COMPLETED THE FRIGGING ORDER AND THESE PRICKS TOOK MY INFORMATION AND PROCESSED IT ANYWAY. This is ILLEGAL and I’m having my lawyer and my bank look into this. DO NOT EVEN LOOK AT THIS AD . . . . . YOU DON’T HAVE TO ORDER THE DAMN THING FOR THEM TO STEAL YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION AND CHARGE YOU FOR ONE. I am PISSED! Do NOT buy from this company ( They are thieves. I’m going to sue the shit out of this company!!!!! Be careful.

  33. Once I completed the necessary ordering screens and answered no to all the extra ads for stuff that popped up, I got to the last screen which said “your order is complete” and it showed that I was charged $20 not $10 !!! The double P&H charge was there which I expected but the extra $10 listed for the items better be a mistake! Of course I can’t call Perfect Tortilla customer service because today is Sunday but when I call tomorrow there better be a way to either cancel this order or credit my CC. And, they better not say to just return the package because it says that they DO NOT refund the P&H so that means I’ll be out $15.90 !!!

  34. RIP OFF!!! Went in to place my order today. Live in the southwest and have used tortilla bowls for years so thought these would be easier to make than my current method. My only question was the size but says will fit any tortilla. Well after you place the order you are then presented with 5-6 up-sells for more products among those are the larger bowls. THESE ARE MINI BOWLS. No way these will fit a large tortilla which are 16 inches. Of course I could pay another $10 and get the larger ones. Hah. AND THERE IS NO WAY OUT ONCE YOU REALIZE THE ONE YOU ORDERED IS WRONG. NO WAY TO CANCEL THE ORDER. Tried to call customer service, closed due to memorial day..but I bet the order dept is open. Can return the product for refund minus the s/h which is $15.95. The bowls are $10.00. Total rip off…$25.00

    • I’m completely pissed too, although I’m only out $23 in EXTRA p&h CHARGES, which seems minimal to some of the reports here. they were totally deceptive about those charges too.

      • Terrible rip off company! Please don’t order from them, they will take more than was approved by you through your account. They don’t tell you that you have to order the 2nd set including shipping and handling and it will not be refunded if you decide you don’t want them. The devil himself runs this company!

  35. The Perfect Tortilla ad stated $10.00 +shipping, however after I completed the required billing info the final billing amount was $35.00. They charged me $25.00 for shipping outside of continental US.
    I live in Hawaii. There was nowhere prior to final billing that stated a higher rate for shipping. I will have to wait until Monday to be able to reach them by phone. BUYER BEWARE!!!

    • Actually, on the website, there is a box of fine print at the bottom of the page that does indicate an extra ten dollars in shipping to anywhere that is not the continental US. Including Hawaii, Alaska, the Virgin Islands, etc. If you ordered by phone, I can’t say if that extra charge is covered or not. I did not see the whole ad on TV. For buyers interested in the product. Amazon has the same thing for twelve dollars total, with free shipping on orders over twenty five dollars. Mind you, that twelve dollars is for the set of four, not two. So, by my math, even if you pay Amazon for shipping, it is a much better deal. Just search the product name, Perfect Tortilla.

    • Ten dollar and $8.95 shipping was all to be taken from my account. They took $68.80. I want my refund of the overcharge. I will not order from TV again. This is a rip off. Don’t even know who to contact for the extra money they took.

      • I have been through the same thing. This company is located in Connecticut. Do a google search to contact the Connecticut Attorney General’s office and file a complaint. I called their customer service number and told the agent I was filing a complaint with the CT Attorney General’s office for advertising fraud.

        IF they charged your bank account MORE than what was listed on the confirmation page when you ordered online, you can sue them in small claims court.

        By the way, there is nothing in the TV ad that says you are going to be charged two separate S&H fees for the 2-for-1 offer they have. Nor is there any disclaimer to that effect on their web site.

        This company is conducting fraudulent activity. If you want to see it stop and get your money back, file a complaint with the AG office. There is a form there you can print.

  36. Review Perfect Tortilla

    Does Perfect Tortilla help you make delicious tortilla bowls?

    Is Perfect Tortilla convenient for use?

    Does it take about 5 minutes to make perfect tortilla bowls?

    Do you think it is good value for money?

    Does it work well as serving bowl?

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