Perfect Toaster Review

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Toasts have been a part of meals from a long time and having a perfect toast most of the days is a dream. This is because the toasters that are available in the market today are hardly as efficient in toasting or even displaying if the slice of bread is toasted perfectly at that instant. Perfect Toaster will help you to eliminate the guessing process that takes most of the time while using a conventional toaster. What’s worse is if the judgment goes wrong regarding the toast the toast might be completely burnt.

How does Perfect Toaster Work

Perfect Toaster provides the easiest way to check whether a toast is ready or not. It does this using its amazing design which sports a glass view instead of the regular body which enables the user to watch the toasting process happening and pop out the toast when satisfied. The heating is also even in Perfect Toaster unlike other toasters which only toast a part of the bread. This is made possible with the unique technology using Quartz Heating elements. It basically employs 6 quartz heaters that create even heating throughout the toaster. Also the tempered glass which is the key highlight of Perfect Toaster helps in reflecting the heat around the bread to give an evenly heated brown toast.
Perfect Toaster can house 2 bread slices at one time for toasting but that’s not the only thing it can toast. It can be used for making the perfect pancakes, scrumptious golden waffles and various breakfast treats that can add a new touch to the regular meal table. Perfect Toaster doesn’t stop to surprise here; it can even fit widest of bagels and has a special setting for the same which toasts only one side of the bagel. It also has a defrost setting which can help in defrosting any frozen bread and at the same time toast it brown to go one process at a time. The best part about Perfect Toaster is that it is easy to clean with the sliding crumb tray underneath and sliding glass panels that can be removed for easy cleaning.




What do I get?

4 thoughts on “Perfect Toaster Review

  1. I love my Perfect toaster, however, as easy as it appears to be able to pull down the glass sides in order to clean it, I can’t get the sides down! Any suggestions?

  2. Looks great on the cabinet. Takes some using to get the adjustable knob set to the darkness of toast you like. Ejects at the proper time. HOWEVER, the first several uses toasted only on the inside of the bread, what showed out the glass sides never toasted. Now I’ve gotten one slice to toast on both sides but the other still toasts only on the inside. There is an uneven strip (darker) across the toast near the middle. I’ve looked for some other setting button that allows toasting on one side or two and don’t find such a setting. Can someone from the company or another user offer any ideas about this. AND someone asked if this toaster was made in the US. I see “Made in China” on the bottom

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