Perfect Slicer

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What is Perfect Slicer:

It is a slicer that claims to help you cut fruits, vegetables and more with ease.
Perfect Slicer promises to help you in the kitchen so that you can incorporate healthy fruits and veggies in your diet. There are many of us who like to have fruits and healthy salads at home on a regular basis. However cutting these fruits and veggies can be tedious and time consuming. Moreover you have to contend with awkward knives that can be quite risky to use. Perfect Slicer maintains that it can do the job for you safely and efficiently.

Perfect Slicer is very simple to use

If you have used kitchen knives to cut fruits and veggies you know what a hassle it can be. Perfect Slicer on the other hand asserts that it’s very simple to use and all you have to do is hold it by the easy to grip handles. You can then press it down on the fruit or vegetable you want to cut. Within a matter of seconds Perfect Slicer guarantees to do the job for you. You get those perfectly sliced fruits and vegetables without putting your hands at risk.


Perfect Slicer several applications in the kitchen for you

If you want to cut fruits like water melons and pineapples to ensure that your kids eat them, you can use the Perfect Slicer to get the job done. If you want to cut vegetables when you are prepping for a salad, it claims to be a handy tool for you. Perfect Slicer can also be used to cut cakes into perfect slices that can be devoured by one and all; according to its claims. It can also be taken with you for picnics where you can save time and have fun.

Perfect Slicer gets you the best out of healthy foods

Perfect Slicer claims that it gives you good sized pieces when you use it to cut fruits. Thus you don’t end up wasting most of them as you normally do when you are using a kitchen knife. As you get the best out of natural foods, you end up saving money in the process too. Perfect Slicer also ensures that you are saved time in the kitchen as it can make up to 120 slices in a matter of 30 seconds. It’s also dishwasher safe for your convenience.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive the Perfect Slicer & Slicing Mat for just $10.00 + $6.99 P&H.
  • Official website:
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