Perfect Cookie

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Making cookies at home and eating them may be one of your passions, but if your cookies turn out half-baked, over baked or soggy cookies, it really puts you off. But not anymore, if you have the Perfect Cookie sheet at home to make wonderfully baked cookies right at home. Perfect Cookie is a brilliant cookie sheet on which you can bake cookies that won’t ever turn out burnt or raw.

The Perfect Cookie sheet has an insulated design that sandwiches a pocketed air between two layers of metal. Its air chambers let air circulate evenly. It ensures that the cookies batter is cooked evenly and prevents it from over browning and burning. The insulation in this cookie sheet functions like a convection oven that allows air to circulate evenly throughout the pan and your baked goods cook uniformly inside and out.

The Perfect Cookie sheet also has a non-stick surface and uniquely designed pan that don’t allow the batter to stick to the surface. It also has special indentation that shows exactly where to place the dough so that you can lend proper finishing to your cookies. Plus, it even comes with non stick tray that helps you remove baked cookies without any hassle. What’s more, this amazing cookie sheet also reduces baking time, which means that you also save up on your fuel as well as time. With Perfect Cookies, you can bake cookies in loads and be sure that every batch will come out deliciously golden, crispy and crunchy.

Traditional cookie sheets are not designed this way and so cookies made in them are generally not baked properly. But with the Perfect Cookie sheet you can be sure that all your favorite yummies like cookies, biscuits, scones and more will be evenly cooked, crunchy and most delicious!

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