Perfect Artichoke Review

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A good meal relaxes you and takes your mind of the day to day chores, be it with family or friends. Cooking though is a challenging task and requires precision in timing and accuracy in flavour plus if you are looking at cooking an artichoke go straight ahead and use the fantastic Perfect Artichoke.

How does Perfect Artichoke Work

A simple and smart way to cook is what the Perfect Artichoke provides you. Perfect Artichoke comes in various sizes and the time taken to cook them differs just like their sizes as a result many have faced a problem of either overcooking or undercooking the artichoke. Perfect Artichoke shows you exactly the time you need to give to cook any size artichoke perfectly eliminating the guess work. It is a scale that displays the exact time you need to allocate to cook any size artichoke. Now cooking techniques can differ some might steam or boil and some might use the microwave but this fantastic scale provides you with the right time for all these cooking techniques.

Using Perfect Artichoke is incredibly easy as all you need to do is just wrap the handy measuring scale on the widest part of Perfect Artichoke and check the number it displays. The number showcases the amount of time in minutes that you need to allocate to cook a perfect meal. On the top of the scale is the number displayed for time taken if you are cooking by either steaming or boiling, and at the bottom is the time required in case you are cooking using a microwave.

In case you are steaming or boiling your artichoke fill a pot with at least 3 inches of water, bring the water to a boil first and then place the artichokes upright in the pot. If you are using the microwave place the artichokes in a microwave-safe covered bowl with at least 1/4 cup of water for each artichoke. Cook for the specified time as indicated on the scale at high power. This accurate guide is for measurement purposes and is to be removed before cooking using this you will never have to guess cooking time again!



What do I get?

  • 1 The Perfect Artichoke All this for $9.99 + P.&H
  • 3 The Perfect Artichoke $ 29.97 + Free P.&H

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