Peel Back Sealer

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Today we realize the importance of incorporating healthy, fresh produce in our diet. You might want to use it in several forms in your day to day lives to ensure that your loved ones eat healthy and get all the nutrients from these fruits and veggies too. But what happens to cut portions fruits and veggies that are left behind in the refrigerator? Peel Back claims to help you make the most of the leftover produce in your kitchen that otherwise gets wasted. Peel Back can reseal the cut portion of fruits and veggies putting the peel back in place.

Works like nature intended to

Peel Back claims to work in a way that the natural goodness of fruits and vegetables is sealed back in place so that you can get it all back next time you want to savour the produce. All you have to do to use Peel Back is seal, stretch and snap to lock in all the natural freshness of your favourite produce so that it can be devoured later. Peel Back claims to work by sealing out the air so that you don’t waste a single bite. And all this is done by imitating the real peel so that nature’s job is done to the T.

Avoid any waste

Peel Back claims to offer you a way to avoid the waste of natural produce that happens in your homes. Now this pricey produce can be stretched further so that you can save yourself a lot of money on a regular basis as well. Peel Back is quite versatile and can be used with different types of fruits and veggies, from apples, pears, mangoes to tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and a whole lot more. Making the most out of nature’s goodness seems to be possible with Peel Back.

What do I get?

2 small ( 3- inch) Peel Back
2 large (6-inch) Peel Back
1 jumbo(9- inch) Peel Back
Price – $10+ $7.95 P&H Total amount $17.95. Official website

Peel Back video

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