Pasta Swing

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What is Pasta Swing

It is an innovatively designed panthat replaces the old school pots, pans and strainer that are used at various stages to cook delicious pasta. The pan consists of a non-stick swinging built-in strainer design.

Cook pasta with ease:

Pasta Swing promises to be a pan that shall be the last one you would ever need to cook pasta in. It has the ability to boil, strain and serve pasta all at the same time saving lots of time, countertop space and food from getting wasted. Most of the time a lot of pasta goes in the drain due to spillage while straining it through separate strainers over the kitchen sink. Pasta Swing alleges that this very problem was the reason it was created in the first place by Orgreenic.The multi-layer design combines all the pans and strainers needed in the cooking process andis exactly the reason why Pasta Swing is so unique.


Unique design:

Pasta Swing asserts that it has a very thoughtfully designed strainer that can be placed inside the pot and keeps swinging in it. In this way whenever one needs to strain and pour out the unwanted water from the pasta, it can be performed right from the pan. No matter how far one tilts Pasta Swing the strainer stays intact in the place so that there is no pasta getting into the sink. The strainer is completely detachable which is why it can be directly used to serve over hot pasta in a plate. So one has to pour the pasta in it to cook, later strain it and remove the strainer to serve easily with its non-stick surface to avoid food getting stuck. Pasta Swing claims that it can be used to cook a wholesome meal for the family be it macaroni and cheese pasta, spaghetti and meatballs or even gluten free pasta. Pasta Swing is stated to be also good for cooking corn on the cob, hard boiled eggs or mashed potatoes easily. Pasta Swing also states it isquite easy to clean and space saving solution.


What Do I Get?

  • You can get the Pasta Swing by Orgreenic and Dolce Vita recipe guide, filled with delicious meals and ideas for only $19.99 plus $7.99 S&H.
  • Official website:
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