Pampered Chef Servings Pan

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Do you like to cook up a storm in the kitchen and bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces? Unfortunately are you hard pressed for time and your best intentions get waylaid? You have to think about cooking and also serving, especially single portions, which can add to your woes by being a time consuming exercise. However Pampered Chef Servings Pan claims to simplify things for you. Pampered Chef Servings Pan is said to be ideal for quick, single size desserts and meals that can not only be cooked but served smartly as well.

Clever design
The deep well design of the Pampered Chef Servings Pan is supposed to be at the heart of it and responsible for the benefits you get. It can ensure that single servings of meals; from meatloaf to desserts can be fitted comfortably in the wells of 1 cup capacity. The rounded design of the Pampered Chef Servings Pan ensures that it can fit into different types of microwaves as well. And there’s also the releasing tool that comes with the pan and it makes it easier to remove food from wells so that you don’t have to struggle with it.

Plenty of options
Whether you are cooking for your family or a house full of guests, Pampered Chef Servings Pan claims that you will never run short of ideas. You can use it to make single servings of lasagne, meatloaf, corn bread, corn casserole, stuffed bell peppers and stuffing cups as well. Pampered Chef Servings Pan can also be used for making sweet treats like bread pudding, muffins, coffee cake and individual cakes too. Next time you have a party at home you can impress your guests with the treats you make using this pan that will save you a lot of effort.

Easy to use and maintain
To get started with the Pampered Chef Servings Pan you have to know that it seasons itself and develops a natural non stick surface over time. It can be used with conventional, convection and microwave ovens but should not be used under broilers or direct source of heat. To ensure that food releases from the Pampered Chef Servings Pan in the best possible way you can lightly brush the well with cooking oil. The pan also comes with a three year guarantee for non-commercial use, which can be reassuring for you.

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