OrGreenic Non-Stick Ceramic Cookware Review

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Is your non stick pan a sticking nightmare, does it always peel, wear out and chip and are you scared of adding grease, oil and fat to your family’s diet year after year. Introducing the OrGreenic kitchen ware the amazing new 9 inch nonstick cookware with revolutionary ceramic coating. Now you can boil, bake, braise, steam, saute or fry without adding oil or grease. Food never stick so you never scrub.


OrGreenic Non-Stick Ceramic Cookware
With ergonomic stay-cool handles and lightweight design these pans crush the competition. OrGreenic’s non stick ceramic coating withstands higher cooking temperatures so you can quickly sear food from stove to the oven and prepare all your meals faster than before. This as seen on tv cookware combines mother nature’s ceramic with high-tech science to create a slippery, durable non-stick coating that makes it to last a lifetime. Lab tests show that OrGreenic can withstand thousands of abrasive scrubs and food still slides down.

The Orgreenic cookware’s pots and pans are not non-stick when they are pre-packaged. The Orgreenic pots and pans need to be cooked with a little oil once the packaging has been opened. Rub the oil in evenly using a paper towel or wipe. Put the pot or pan on the stove on high flame until smoke appears. Then take the pan off the flame and let it cool. Your pots and pans will now be non-stick.

Go through the process which is given in detail in the product instruction manual.

Orgreenic Nonstick Ceramic Cookware Features

  • The Orgreenic Nonstick Ceramic Cookware can be used to fry, sauté, braise, bake or boil
  • The handle is ergonomically designed making it stay cool to the touch
  • Designed with a ceramic non-stick surface and uses no harmful PFOA
  • Power to pull through thousands of abrasive scrubs
  • Ceramic coating is guaranteed to last a lifetime

Orgreenic Nonstick Ceramic Cookware FAQs

Is the ceramic material really non-stick?
The unique ceramic non-stick surface is completely non-stick and does not require grease, oil, butter or even Pam to be used on it.

Why is Orgreenic better than other non-sticks?
Unlike other material pots and pans that are only non-stick only up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit Orgreenic cookware is non-stick up to any temperature. This makes it the perfect choice of cookware.

How long is Orgreenic cookware good to last?
Orgreenic cookware pots and pans are designed to last a lifetime. It is an extremely high quality product that will last you forever.

Will the handles be hot when I cook, like with cast iron pots?
The handles of the Orgreenic pots and pans are ergonomically designed so they will remain cool to the touch while you cook.

When will Orgreenic cookware be available in stores?
The date for the retail release of the Orgreenic cookware is still uncertain. When the decision to sell it in stores is made consumers will be notified through the social media profiles and blog.

I ordered my Orgreenic cookware and it said shipping will take 3-6 weeks. Why so long?
We have currently received numerous orders. Our manufacturer is working round the clock to effectively address the back orders that have been accumulated. Your order will be shipped to you as fast as we can.

Help! I placed an incorrect order. How can I change this?
You can call this toll free number for customer service: 1-800-280-5425. To locate your order they will need your phone number (or email address if you provided it), last name and zip code. They will ensure your order is fixed for you. Keep in mind order processing takes a full 24 hours, so they may not have your order in the customer service system until at least 24 hours after.

I ordered a set of Orgreenic cookware, but I haven’t been charged yet. When should I expect to be charged?
Your order will be processed immediately within 24 hours, but your card will not be charged until the order is shipped to your address.



What do I get?

  • 1 OrGreenic 9″ Non-Stick Ceramic Pan
  • Free Bonus 1 – OrGreenic Cookbook (Just pay extra s/h)
  • Free Bonus 2 – Free Food Chopper (Just pay extra s/h)
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Buy OrGreenic Cookware with bonuses for just $19.99 + $6.99 s/h + $6.99 s/h (Cookbook and Food Chopper). This special OrGreenic offer, a combined $150 value, is not available in stores.

Please Visit The Official Website


OrGreenic Non-Stick Ceramic Cookware Video


65 thoughts on “OrGreenic Non-Stick Ceramic Cookware Review

  1. This pan royally SUCKS! I seasoned it like everyone else did, and after a couple of months everything sticks. Especially eggs, and even if I use a bunch of oil which defeats the purpose. After reading these reviews I am not even going to attempt to return it. DO NOT BUY!

  2. Terrible pan. Had for about 9 months, sticks and now the finish is coming OFF!!!Don’t waste your money!!!

    • Do not use metal utensils in it. It will scratch. Do not use a scouring pad in it either. If you scratch it a lot food will stick.

  3. Orgreenic pans are the worst. Bought them and treated them like the instructions said. Five different times. Still everything sticks. I have even tried spraying with pam and they still stick. Even frying bacon in them which is all grease the bacon still sticks. Would not waste mine time or money buying these pans. The money back guarantee is a bunch of bull.

  4. I received an Orgreenic 8″ skillet for my birthday. I’ve never been so disappointed in my life. I’m 73 years young and need things simple in my life. I have followed all the rules for using this pan—oil or no oil–different types of food. I did an egg–wanted over easy but got it scrambled. You can’t just wipe this pan clean–you must soak and scrub. also, the handle does not stay cool.

  5. Sir, I have had this pan for 9 months and I hate this thing. Worked good at first, now it sticks with everything, we hate it. We want our money back. My cast iron skillet works better than this pan. What a rip off. You wont get any more money from us….


  6. The pans are horrible. After one month of careful use everything sticks and the finish is virtually gone…
    No metal utensils were used or any abrasives.
    Don’t waste your money!

  7. This ORGREENIC without a doubt is the worst PAN that has ever been in my Kitchen. Wish I could tell everybody how disappointing this item is. Not even a come back on my first complaint…??!!

  8. I purchased an OrGreenic frying pan from Walmart to try it out. I had read stories of unhappy customers that purchased it online. I LOVE it. It is wonderful! Years ago I decided to get rid of my Teflon coated cook ware because I could see we were eating it–look at your teflon pans; do they look new. No, because you have eaten it and some aluminum. My OrGreenic pan works better than any teflon-coated pan I have ever had. I hope they come out with an OrGreenic grill so I can make more pancakes at one time and cook for a larger family.

    • I just read the reviews about how the OrGreenic pans stick, etc. I just now heated up my OrGreenic pan and put some cheese in it and let it cook until it was thoroughly brown (it didn’t burn). I took a paper towel and it came off easily into the trash. I still LOVE my OrGreenic pan. I usually wait until it is hot before I pop an egg or try to cook in it. I don’t know if that makes any difference or not.

  9. I TRIED to purchase the OrGreenic pans (Buy 1, get 2nd for 12.99 + the ceramic knife) HOWEVER. . . The website malfunctions; I entered a Billing Address (to correspond w the credit card I used) and a Shipping Address – so it would be delivered to work & not sit on my porch all day. Their website haphazardly combined the 2 addresses; so it would have never been delivered to MY home nor would the Credit Card Company have allowed it! I tried calling 3 different times, the employees spoke with such heavy foreign accents so fast – they were impossible to comprehend. Even with my order number they could not help me – and claimed they could not correct the address problems!! I attempted to go on line & look it up myself – entered my name & Order number – the order number field was 1 character too short; wouldn’t take MY number – but it did show me another order of someone else with an entirely different last name!! DON’T DEAL WITH THIS INCOMPETENT MALFUNCTIONING COMPANY! I am so disappointed that I did – especially after reading all the reviews on how the products don’t stand up either! I bet returning/getting your money back would be impossible also! The only option I have is to keep contacting my credit card company everyday to see if the “pending” charge goes through – then cancel the order through my credit card company. WHAT A HASSLE & LOAD OF BS!!

  10. I, too, get discouraged when I waste a lot of time reading reviews that are clearly skewed because they were put there by the company trying to sell the product. Yet I have been intrigued by the ads on t.v. for Orgreenic and Yoshi Blue skillets. I saw both at Walmart for $20 each and was tempted… but decided to hold off until I had more info.

    Recently while traveling I stopped at an outlet mall in IN and visited one of my favorite stores: Kitchen Collection. It seems I always find something I like in their stores. This store had two sets of Orgreenic cookware left, and they were on sale for $100 for the whole set. In addition, we picked up the coupon booklet available at the outlet mall office and got another $15 off… so it seemed like a no brainier to try out the set at such a reasonable price. (I don’t know if KC would take the set back if we don’t like it down the road.)

    I brought the pans home and seasoned the two small skillets as directed. So far I have been using them each day to make eggs, omelets, and the like for breakfast. I use a small shot of Pam spray–not to keep the eggs from sticking but because eggs get rubbery when cooked completely dry–and so far (1 week) I have had no trouble. I realize that this is not a very helpful review when I haven’t had the cookware long enough to give it a real workout, but I would like to say that you don’t have to buy into the scams of infomercial offers if you really want a product. I never, ever order anything from an infomercial, no matter how appealing it might sound. It is a stand I decided on as a poor schoolteacher when I was a newlywed 40 years ago and have stuck to it and never been sorry!

  11. We bought your Orgreenic frying pan yesterday and used it tonight to “fry” without oil. Worked great! Then we baked a pan of corn bread in it. Great this time too. Would like to buy two 2-1/2 qt pans and one 1-1/2 qt. pan. Is there any way I can do that? I have a stainless steel stock pot and really have no reason to replace it. Will they ever be on open stock?

  12. I bought both the Orgreenic and the Yoshi Blue skillets on the same day at Wal*Mart. I had them for a couple of months now. I seasoned both just like the directions says. The Orgreenic worked for about a month and then everything started sticking to it, even bacon stuck to it. The Yoshi Blue skillet is still working great. The eggs and other foods still come out clean. The only flaw I have with the Yoshi Blue skillet is that it gets kinda warped where it wabbles a tad bit after several uses. But the non-stick part is still going on. So if you want Long lasting non-stick skillet but gets a little warped after several uses, buy the Yoshi Blue skillet. If you want a pan that is sturdy and strong but have your food sticking to it, buy the Orgreenic skillet.

  13. My mother in law bought 2 of the frying pans from Walmart for $19.99 each. She kept one and gave me the other. Her pan was great and still looks like new. While the pan I got is trash. I seasoned it with veg oil and followed the directions to a T. I have used the pan half a dozen times and it sticks bad. I would not buy another one.

    • To Tim:

      I would ask your mother in law if she seasoned her pan, and if so, what exactly she used, and how she cooks and cleans her pan. That might help you. 🙂

  14. I got two and gave one as a gift, I am sorry I did that. It was good for the first month and then everything sticks. I would be better off to go to Walmart and buy a cheap one, at least they last for 8 months or so and a lot cheaper.I emailed Orgreenic and told them it stuck worse than any pan. They never emailed me back, so I will not buy or recommend them again.

  15. FAKE. Received as a gift. Followed seasoning instructions exactly. Cooked a couple scrambled eggs and they stuck. At least with a regular nonstick, you don’t need cooking spray for the first couple months. I will probably not use it again.

  16. We bought the Orgreenic pan. It’s terrible, we seasoned it and eggs stuck to it. We seasoned it again and it still stuck. The only way to use this pan is to spray with an oil spray before using. SAVE YOUR MONEY, it’s no better than any other pan you have in your cupboard.





  19. I’m trying desperately to find out how much the entire set costs. I don’t care about the 2 pans, I want the whole set. Does anyone know the entire price when everything is bought? Thanks!

      • I just bought the whole set at a OrGreenic Kitchen Collection store in an outlet mall in Indiana. The set was on sale for $100. Bonus: NO shipping & handling!

        So far I have only used the two small skillets. I seasoned them as directed and have had no problems with eggs sticking. I only expect to use the small skillets for omelets and fried eggs and the like. I hope the coating holds up, because so far I like the pans and have found them easy to clean.

  20. I got the 2 Orgreenic pans 9 and 11″ and use them all the time. Easy clean up, nothing burnt on them stays there. Havent tried the egg or the burnt cheese as they show but I can say with a little hot water nothing stay on the pan long. Had them for over a year. No scratches noticed, works perfectly well and is very sturdy. Since I got them from the website(which did try to upsell which I didnt do, but should have gotten lids, hindsight is 20/20)

  21. It can be really frustrating when you are searching for a genuine review and do not get it easily. I was looking for a non-stick cookware and had seen the advertisements of Orgeenic Non-Stick Ceramic Cookware on television. It surely looked like an amazing product but I had to be sure before actually buying it. So I searched the internet with “Orgeenic Non-Stick Ceramic Cookware Reviews” and had several results displayed for the same. I checked couple of websites like,,, and These sites had some fantastic reviews about the product and I was completely ready to buy the product until I noticed that all the sites had similar content. In fact the sites also had links to direct manufacturer’s website to purchase the product making it more suspicious. Finally I entered this site where I found some real reviews by users rather than some product branding strategy. Thanks a lot for sharing the experience here.

    • The sites which are mentioned above are clearly fake review sites put up by sponsorship of the manufacturer’s directly. Such sites scam their way through fooling the search engines with keyword rich content. In turn such sites are displayed on the top of the results and users think that these are the best reviews available on the internet. This site maintains the honesty and genuine nature of reviews by real people.

      • Where can I go to see the true reviews and what did you find out by the real reviews? did you ever end up purchasing the pans? if so, are they worth the price?

        • my dad bought off the tv with the one pan get one pan just pay shipping for second one. We use them all the time and nothing sticks and my mom done scrabble egg, omelets, steak, grilled cheese, and melted cheese to put on top of a chicken burger. Now will be buying one for my sister.

  22. LOL..Chole is correct …lol….Maureen & Pashta work for the OrGreenic company. Every site that reviews this product says the same thing…plue its toxic if you cook on high heat. Another thing they don’t tell you. Well good luck….I wont do mail order and I usually wait to see if it hits the stores so I can return it if I don’t like it.

    • BTw…Thank you for sites like this so that we don’t get riped off by these scam artist. I wish someone would do a review on all these products and post the REAL reviews for consumers and not paid employees (Maureen) of the sellers company.

  23. It seems to me that Mary and Pashta may work for the Orgreenic company. Beware. I went to another complaint website and it was all the same. Nothing good was mentioned and the complaints was they slammed customers with extras without notice. And the product is crap!

    • I wasn’t happy with this OrGreenic Pan. I scrambled some eggs and it stuck to the pan and not to mention I had a hard time washing it too….I’m truly disappointed!

  24. I am confused I ordered 2- 9″ frying pans with the bonus chopper and cookbook.I thought it would be a great gift to give to friend’s and family.I have not seen the TV commercials about Orgreenic I came across their website searching for cookwares.I thought for 20.00 + SH for each pan was a good deal and would make a great gift.I received the order and it was 2 full 16 pc. cooking set’s,thats not what I ordered.Now after reading about others who purchased, it sounds like a nightmare. So they will try to charge me $299.00 for each frying pan I ordered thats crazy as I went through the ordering process it asked if I was int rested in any other products and I did not check anything other than the 9″ frying pan. I thought that was all I was buying but it seems I paid $20.00 to try the product for a trial period and if I was not satisfied I could get a full refund and keep the food chopper.Heck if I wanted a food chopper I would buy one and if I wanted a frying pan I would buy one and I thought I did and I will contact them and voice my opinion on their ordering process.They should be upfront with how to purchase their product’s from there website RE: Buy 1 item at a time or buy the full 16 pc. set and not send a 16 pc. set for every $20.00 order. I am not a lawyer but we might be able to sue the company in a class action suit for false advertising.I will write more after contacting Orgreenic.

  25. To all those people who paid for a product but have not received it:

    There is a process through your bank called a “dispute” (also known as a charge-back) that is used for visa and MasterCard transactions. Complete the dispute form (the bank will help you with any questions) and return it to the bank with your receipt or bank statement showing payment was made. The bank will process it. The company you purchased your item from will have to return your money and that company will be charged a fee. Visa and MasterCard have rules regulating purchases, if you pay for it and you do not get your product you will get your money back. I know this is true because this was my job – I was one of many who made the decision on these disputes using visa and MasterCard guidelines, and I, myself, have disputed purchases through my bank.

  26. Do we even know if these kitchenware work well in gas kitchens? I mean I saw the entire 30 mins commercial one early morning on Syfy. All I saw them using was electrical kitchens, not single gas open flame kitchen. Seem how people are giving negative feedback as well I changed my mind about not buying it either.

  27. I just canceled my OrGreenic order. They advertised pay in payments. Every time I checked on my order they would tell me it was one payment I had ordered. I reordered it 4 times as a payment plan. Each time I called to check on it again I was told it was one payment of $299.00. I talked to a specialist that reassured me No it is ordered on the payment plan. 2 days later I was notified the bank rejected my payment. Guess what, they tried to take out $299.00. It would have bounced my mortgage check that had just cleared the day before. I have been doing this for 6 weeks now, it was a Christmas gift to my daughter. Now 2 days till Christmas I have nothing..But the pleasure of saying CANCEL MY ORDER!

    • They let me pay in two payments and it worked just fine. Maybe they held the whole amount, sometimes that happens where they hold it but don’t take it.

  28. The OrGreenic infomercial shows other pots, possibly a set, of cookware. I can find nothing regarding additional pots and pans. My concern is once you order the $19.99 fry pan with “free” chopper, AND FINALLY GET IT VIA MAIL, are you then sent the rest of a set, not having any idea the cost ahead of time, because they have your charge card number? Since the initial purchase is supposed to be such a great deal, what’s the “hidden” agenda concerning additional cookware and costs?

  29. It’s a fake. I seasoned one pan and fried an egg and it stuck. It cleaned easy enough but it didnt slide around the pan like the commercial. My wife then seasoned another pan and we got the same results.

    • Worked awesomely for me, I have 2 frying pans and use them all the time for 2 months now (I seasoned them per instructions). I hope you hand wash them.. follow the directions or they won’t work right. Mine are awesome!

  30. I am really starting to hate this Orgreenic pan. First of all in ordering they do not tell you on the website what the shipping cost will be until after you have paid for it. Shipping was almost as higher than the pan itself. Then it took us nearly 2 months to receive with no communication from them until we contacted them about it. The website “contact us tab” is only minimally helpful (it gave us the phone number and the physical address). I was so excited when the pan arrived, thinking I could finally cook more healthy with little or no oil. I had so much faith in this non-stick ceramic pan and all the reviews I read were so good that I threw away all my other pans. I followed the directions for seasoning it to a T. Boy was I disappointed. This pan is NOT nonstick without oil. I read one review that said that it may not seem nonstick at first but if you leave the food in a little longer it releases with no problem. I tried this and the food turned out burned on the outside and still raw on the inside. So I tried cooking at lower temperatures and the food stuck even more. I have found that it is minimally nonstick with oil (which defeats the purpose ) but you still have to “dig” away at the food to get it to release and now I am starting to have fine scratches on the surface of my pan (another thing they said it was not supposed to do). I really wanted to love this pan but it has disappointed me time and time again. If something seems to good to be true it usually is.

  31. If you order the OrGreenic Ceramic Pan I hope you get it we have been waiting for 4 months and it still says will ship in 15 day’s we have yet to receive it, I hope it’s worth the wait if I ever get it.

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