Orgreenic Flip Jack Pan Review

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How would you like to make perfect pancakes that use less oil and still slide right out of the pan without sticking or breaking? You must have tried several non-stick cookware and pans that claim to give you pancakes that do not burn and stick to the surface of the pan or do not break while flipping. But all such claims are usually false. But now you can get Flip Jack Pan by Orgreenic, which true to its claim doesn’t break the pancake while flipping and doesn’t let the pancakes stick to the surface either.

Orgreenic Flip Jack Pan

It is so easy to us Flip Jack Pan pancake pan. All you need to is pour the pancake batter in the pan, close the lid, cook and just turn the pan over to the other side and let it cook. Out will come full size and complete pancakes. The he secret lies in the pan’s double-hinged cooking design with the ceramic cookware’s non-stick surface. The surface of Flip Jack Pan is also non-toxic so you consume safe and healthy breakfast every time since it also needs very little oil or butter to cook.

Also, the non-stick surface is so revolutionary that you can slide off burnt cheese under just running water without the need to scrub. You do not have to worry about the batter leaking out or other mess and drips because the tight fit design contains the batter well inside. Now there is no need for a clumsy spatula to flip over a pancake. Make a pile of your favorite pancakes – blueberry, chocolate chips or buttermilk – within seconds. Not just pancakes you can also make over-easy eggs with no more broken yolks and the batter sticking to the pan surface.

Flip Jack Pan is so easy and handy that you can make pancakes with just one hand. Place the order for the perfect pancakes pan and in the special offer get another Flip Jack Pan for free along with a Flip Jack Batter Pitcher for free. That’s not all. You will also get a Flip Jack Pan recipe guide as free bonus.

OrGreenic Flip Jack Pan FAQs

Does Flip Jack Pan need seasoning like OrGreenic?
Ceramic non stick coating used in OrGreenic cookware is used in Flip Jack Pan too. Hence it’s advised that the pan is seasoned twice a year. You need to make sure the pan is washed out and seasoned on the stovetop before first use.


How can Flip Jack Pan be cleaned?
It’s recommended that you clean it with soft sponge and light dishwashing detergent. You shouldn’t put Flip Jack Pan in the dishwasher. You can air dry or dry it off with a soft hand towel.


Does Flip Jack Pan work on glass range and induction stove tops?
Just like all OrGreenic cookware, Flip Jack Pan can be used on induction and glass stove tops on low to medium heat.



What do I get?

  • 2 Orgreenic Flip Jack Pans
  • 1 Batter Pitcher
  • 1 $15 As Seen on TV Card

All this for just $19.99 + $25.98 s/h. Official website


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