Orgreenic Flip Flap Pancake Pan Review

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Do you have to wrack your brains every morning when you have to make breakfast for your loved ones? Yes, pancakes is a healthy and delicious option that everyone seems to love but you keep putting off that thought because without the right pan, it can be such a disaster. You may have tried several pans in the market but they don’t always work according to their lofty claims. And you end up spending a lot of money on them as well. That’s why; you can do with Flip Flap a revolutionary new flipping pan from OrGreenic.


Orgreenic Flip Flap Pancake Pan
OrGreenic ceramic cookware is known for its revolutionized non stick coating, which is at the heart of this product as well. It’s this coating that’s responsible for ensuring that pancakes won’t stick to the pan and what’s more, cleaning your pan will be a lot easier as well. You will also be pleased to know that making pancakes with the help of this product is not very tricky or difficult either. All you have to do is pour batter of your choice into the pan and close the lip and simply flip the pan. That’s all it takes to make those full sized flap jacks you get in restaurants.

It is an extremely versatile product that can be used to take care of several of your cooking needs. You can use it to make eggs and a lot more. Not only is the cooking surface here revolutionary, the dual hinged cooking design is another marvel of this product. The locking seal design means pancake batter stays inside and there won’t be any leaks or drips, which are annoying to clean later. Flipping pancakes with one hand is so easy now and you won’t even need spatula for the task. And cleaning, even those hard to remove burnt cheeses is a breeze too.



What do I get?
You can buy Flip Flap for $19.99 plus S&H $7.99 at You can also get another Flip Flap pan and Batter Pitcher with your offer by paying a separate fee of $12.99.


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