Orgreenic Everyday Pan Review

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What is Orgreenic Everyday Pan – Orgreenic Everyday Pan is an extra large cooking pan with taller sides and slippery ceramic to prevent spills and sticking.


Orgreenic Everyday Pan promises to eliminate cooking catastrophes like food spilling out of the pan or getting stuck to the surface. This is because it is supposed to be large enough to cook for the entire family and designed with slippery ceramic non-stick surface. Traditional pans are small in size and flare out thus making the food to drip or spill out and creating a mess for you to clean. But Orgreenic Everyday Pan claims to have straight and two time taller sides that prevent problems like spillage or dripping.

Cook, mix and serve in the single pan

Orgreenic Everyday Pan is supposedly good enough for you to cook, mix as well as serve food all in the same pan. Its supposed extra large size can cook meals as large as 12 drumsticks and rice or you can even cook seven pounds of chilli and cornbread baked in the oven to serve as many as six people all in one cooking session. You can also cook two different dishes in the same pan and keep them from mixing in.

Uses lesser oil and grease

Orgreenic Everyday Pan promises to allow you to cook healthy food since it is made of slippery ceramic that requires very little amount of oil, butter or grease usually used in regular pans and pots to prevent food from sticking to the surface. This is possible because of Orgreenic Everyday Pan’s high-grade aluminium ceramic and tall sides that prevent drips and spills and making the food just slide out of the Orgreenic Everyday Pan. You can also wipe food off easily even if it is a candy stuck to the base.

Safe to cook

Orgreenic Everyday Pan also claims that its patented handles are constructed to stay cool to the touch so you can handle it without burning your hands and it believably doesn’t contain the harmful PFOA; so it is safe for your family.


What do I get?

  • 1 Orgreenic Everyday Pan
  • 1 8″ Orgreenic Fry pan
  • 1 Cookbook
  • 1 Always Sharp, non-stick, ceramic knife

All this for just $39.99 + $24.98. Official website:

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