Optimum 9200 Review

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About Optimum 9200

Optimum 9200 states to be a most powerful, next generation and a high speed vortex blender that can crush fruits and ice in seconds. Optimum 9200 convinces to be ideal for domestic and commercial needs. It claims to let you make iced beverages, smoothies, spreads and dips, juices, cocktails, and even grind nuts quickly and easily. Optimum 9200 assures to be easy to repair and maintain and its intelligent overload protection states to give switches off the motor automatically on excess usage.

How does it work

The high speed vortex feature of Optimum 9200 emphasizes to give the blender industrial speed with its 2,611 watts motor. The phenomenal 44,000 rpm speed of Optimum 9200 declares to crush ice to freeze ice cream and heat up soup in seconds. The precision Low, Medium and High Pulse options assure to let you do everything from juicing, grinding, crushing, and even making omelets.

A blender for domestic and commercial uses

Optimum 9200 promises to revolutionize blending in domestic and commercial environments with its high speed vortex blending. The blender states to have an industrial high speed 2,611 watts motor that makes the blades spin at the speed of 44,000 rpm. The precision High, Medium and Low pulse functions of Optimum 9200 emphasize to give you consistent results every time and let you choose from a wide range of functions like getting healthy fresh fruit juices or silky-smooth and consistent hummus dips and or chunky tomato salsa spread. The blender proclaims to crush ice and fruits in seconds to give you smoothies, or blend raw vegetables like kale, cucumber, mint, celery and a lot more to get green smoothies.

Grinds, blends, kneads dough and more

With its 6-blade stainless steel assembly, Optimum 9200 asserts to let you grind nuts and grains, rice and even knead dough that will be oven ready to be baked for cookies and breads. Asserting to have commercial grade 3-horsepower motor, with Optimum 9200 you can allegedly crush big quantities of ice for slush and ice creams. It also promises to let you make preservative-free nuts butter and dairy-free nuts milk and cereal. Blended, shaken or stirred cocktails is also alleged to be a possibility with the blender. Optimum 9200 convinces to make hot soups from ingredients within 10 minutes by heating the contents with heat friction.

Doesn’t suffer breakdowns or snags

Optimum 9200 declares that it is made of high-end durable components that make it ideal for home as well as café setups and last longer than traditional blenders. The ergonomic carbon brush motor of Optimum 9200asserts to draw only the amount of power that is required so that it won’t suffer breakdowns and snags. This also makes it an eco-friendly blender. The Japanese-made stainless blades of Optimum 9200 claim to pulverize even the toughest ingredient easily. With its automatic blending option for smoothies, Optimum 9200 emphasizes to blend for set period of time to give you consistent results. Optimum 9200 declares to be ideal for wet and dry applications.

What do I get?

You get Optimum 9200 for £429.00.Official website froothie.co.uk

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