All Open Can Opener Review

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What is All Open Can Opener

All Open Can Opener is a can opener that claims to open practically every kind of container whether jam jars, beer bottles, screw cap cola bottles or wine corks. All Open Can Opener assures to be easy to handle and multifunctional and can pop open a can or twist open bottles and jars.

How does All Open Can Opener work

All Open Can Opener declares to have different sizes and types of slots to let you open tabs and caps of different kinds. All Open Can Opener states that you just need to dock the slot on to the cap or tab and pull it or twist it to get a good grip to open it without any hassle.


An opener that opens it all
Opening the tab of a can or the screw cap of a bottle can be a painful experience, and often needs a knife or other tool to open. But All Open Can Opener proclaims that you can now open any can, jar or bottle with this device easily and quickly. All Open Can Opener declares that you just need to dock the slot of the can opener on to the tab or cap and either pull or twist to break the seal for opening. Whether a jam or pickle jar, juice tetra pack, soda can, cola bottle or even a butter container, All Open Can Opener to let you open them all with just once device just letting you replace the various openers for different containers to eliminate the clutter in your cabinet or drawer.


Also keep the beverage fresh for days
Once you open a can of your beverage, you have no option but to finish it quickly unless you enjoy a bland drink without any fizz. All Open Can Opener emphasizes that it has a detachable suction cap that can close the mouth of the can to keep your cola fizzy for a long time. Thus, All Open Can Opener maintains that you can sip on your soda for as long as you like without losing the bubble. Not just for opening cans and bottles, All Open Can Opener asserts that you can also use it as a wine cork opener. All Open Can Opener states to open plastic as well as natural corks. Just like it does to a can, All Open Can Opener proclaims to keep the wine fresh for days, too. All Open Can Opener guarantees to close the top so securely that you can lift the whole bottle with it without dropping. This assures that the flavor and fizz of the soda or wine will be prevented from escaping. All Open Can Opener alleges to come in attractive colors and design.


What do I get
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