Omega NC800 HDS

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The perfect juicer with smart features

Omega NC800 HDS claims to be the ultimate juicer that guarantees great health and fitness. It has a number of features such as the auger system, bigger components and adjustable parts for optimal output. It provides low speed juicing system with 80 RPM rotation speed. It’s designed as a masticating juicer that offers dual stage masticating extraction that can juice virtually every ingredient continuously. In addition to that, Omega NC800 HDS also has the automatic pulp ejection feature that keeps juicing non-messy and convenient. It comes with different, as in setting 1 for citrus fruits and setting 5 for ingredients like wheatgrass and leafy vegetables, which makes your job easier.

Perfect to make a variety of foods

The manufacturers of Omega NC800 HDS say that it can make lots of foods easily. You can apparently use it to make all-natural nut butters, baby food, soy milk, almond milk and lots of healthy snacks. Omega NC800 HDS is presented as the juicer that also lets you extract maximum juice even from ingredients like wheatgrass and leafy vegetables that are really fine and make juicing them quite a task.

Smart functions

Omega NC800 HDS , it is claimed, yields more juice as its features including the adjustable end cap with 5-settings enhances juice extraction. Its auger system forces produce into a tight chamber. It does that while grinding and pressing the food to squeeze out the juice from various ingredients effortlessly. Its low speed diminishes heat build-up and oxidation which ensures that your food is healthier. If Omega NC800 HDS really offers everything it claims, it can certainly be counted amongst the best.

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