Nuwave 2 Personal Induction Cooktop

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What is Nuwave 2 Induction Cooktop (PIC2) – It is a new-age energy-saving cooktop that cooks in half the time and prevents accidents in the kitchen.

The smartest and safest cooktop

Nuwave PIC 2 Induction Cooktop claims to be the smartest and the safest cooktop invented that eliminates the problems in the kitchen like not being able to judge how much temperature the stove or electric cooktop is cooking on and thus burning the food that goes to waste. Or then the food ends up laden with too much grease because you need to fry it for a long time to cook it well. But the most dangerous problem is the risk of accidents like burning or accidentally starting a fire. However, Nuwave 2 Induction Cooktop promises to be the next generation portable induction cooking that gets rid of all these problems easily.

PIC2 Cooks in half the time

Apparently the PIC 2 of Nuwave Induction Cooktop has an induction technology that heats up two times faster than a regular cooktop so that you can cook food in just half the time and not burn food. Nuwave 2 Induction Cooktop claims to be energy-efficient and use 70% lesser energy to minimize the use of grease and fats. The portable cooktop Nuwave 2 Induction Cooktop believably gives you precise temperature control with just a push of a button allowing you to maintain the accurate temperature for the right amount of time – something that is most important when it comes to gourmet cooking so that a regular mom can cook like a professional chef too.

PIC2 is Safe for your family members

As claimed by Nuwave 2 Induction Cooktop, it doesn’t have flames like regular stove or gas tops or hot coils like electric cooktops so that only the pan heats and all of the energy of the heat magnetically goes into the pan and on not the cooktop, which remains perfectly cool so even if anyone accidentally touches the cooktop they won’t burn. Also, its portability promises you to take it wherever you want – for buffets or other outdoor parties.


What do I get? Get the NuWave PCI2 Induction Cooktop for just $99.99 + $29.95 S/h. Official website:


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