Nuwave Perfect Green Pan Review

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Non Stick pans are most widely used across every house. But have you ever thought that cooking in your favorite non stick frying pan can have many harmful effects on you and your family’s health. Cooking for a non sticky food needs lubrication with oil which can be unhealthy for the body. Also while cleaning the pans the non stick coatings can chip off and can be harmful since the coating is made out of alloys like aluminum, lead, nickel and chromium. What if there was a frying pan which had the perfect non stick ability minus the harm? The Nuwave Perfect Green is the perfect solution for such a problem.


Nuwave Perfect Green Pan
Nuwave Perfect Green frying pan is a product from the makers of the world renowned Nuwave Oven. The Nuwave Perfect Green pan is made out of a high quality 18/10 stainless steel all natural coating and double layer of diamond infused nano-ceramic duralon coating making it durable than any other pan in the market. This new technology used in the pan helps in cooking low calorie meal without the worry of food getting stuck to its surface. The use of duralon means it is 100% harmless and free from any chemicals whatsoever.

The Nuwave Perfect Green is tested over and over again to a level of cooking about 1200 eggs without any oil and the pan still remains the same and slides the egg right out of the pan. It has also been tested by melting cheese on the surface, sugar and even liquid tar over its surface and it still slides off everything easily. It is perfectly non sticky making it very easy to clean. It also can withstand high temperatures and thus is Oven Safe up to 900 degrees F.

The Nuwave Perfect Green fry pan comes with a 20 year limited warranty and a ceramic knife which does not need sharpening and 4 colorful flexi mats as free gifts. Cooking a low fat egg white omelet, a delicious steak and salmon was never so easy!

What material is the PerfectGreen cookware made of?
18/10 surgical grade stainless steel with 9H Duralon ceramic coating are used to made the pans.

What is Duralon coating.
Duralon is a durable and eco-friendly ceramic material that is natural and safe as it doesn’t contain PTFE, PFOA, Cadmium or BPA*. The coating registers a 9H grade (close to a diamond that is 10H) compared to regular Teflon coatings that rate between 2-3H grades. Since natural ceramic does not involve chemical reactions during its production Duralon non-stick coating is a healthier option. Even if you a pan is overheated accidentally, it does not release toxic fumes, which are harmful to small animals. The coating also does not blister or peel.

What makes Duralon coating non-stick? Does it peel/chip like Teflon?
Regular non-stick pans featuring Teflon quickly start degrading and the peeling and flaking which follow make toxins enter your food. There is no such hazard with PerfectGreen pan’s Duralon coating. The double application of coating during the production process adds to its durability.

What’s impact bonding?
PerfectGreen pan is constructed with impact bonding process, which makes the pan strong, durable and lets heat distribute evenly during cooking. Induction cooktops are made an great option because of impact bonding, and strong enough to endure over 5,000,000 lbs of pressure.

What is PFOA-PTFE and how is it harmful?
The chemical PFOA is used in the manufacturing of traditional PTFE-based non-stick cookware coatings. PFOA is a carcinogen that harms the environment and your health. The Duralon coating of PerfectGreen is made without PFOA. Certain non-stick coatings contain the chemical PTFE, which degrades at temperatures over 500ºF. The Duralon coating of PerfectGreen can endure higher temperatures and it does not release PTFE even if the pan is overheated. Also, the coating doesn’t blister or flake.

What are the dimensions of PerfectGreen ?
It is 9-inch, 10.5-inch and 11.5-inch fry pans, a 1.5 quart, 2 quart and 3 quart saucepans, and 3.5 quart and 7.5 quart stock pot.

Does the pan need oils to be non-stick?
No, there is no need of additional oils, butter or margarine for the non-stick properties. You can use them for taste preferences.

How is the PerfectGreen cookware seasoned?
Before using for the first time, wash the pan and lightly rub cooking oil onto its surface. Then set it on medium heat for 1-3 minutes. Let the pan cool to room temperature and then scrub it with sponge and warm soapy water and rinse clean. Discoloration and surface markings may appear with time but it will not affect the performance of the pan.

Is the cookware oven safe?
Yes. They can endure temperatures up to 942ºF for short periods of time. Make sure not to let the temperature exceed 480ºF.

Is it induction ready?
Yes. They are very effective when used with induction cooktops.

Is discoloration and small surface marking of the pan normal?
Yes, it does occur with use. The quality and performance of the pan will not be affected.

What kinds of utensils can be used with PerfectGreen?
Use only plastic or wooden utensils as they are non-abrasive. Avoid using steel wool or other abrasive materials, metal whisks, mashers, sharp knives as they will damage the coating. Do not cut foods in the pan.

Is the cookware dishwasher safe?
NO. Dishwasher detergents can harm the surface. Use a soft sponge or dishcloth and warm soapy water to clean, rinse, and then dry. Or, just wipe with a damp paper towel.

How long does PerfectGreen cookware last?
There is a 20-year limited warranty and these are the only pans that you may ever need.

Is it safe to use around birds?
Yes because Duralon coating does not contain PTFE and PFOA.

What is the return policy of PerfectGreen cookware?
If you’re unsatisfied with PerfectGreen , return it to Hearthware, Inc. within 30 days of purchasing and get a full refund of the original price paid, minus S&H. Securely pack all of the components/accessories (with printed inserts) originally packed with the PerfectGreen cookware. Receive a Return Goods Authorization (“RGA#”) Number by calling 1-888-689-2831. The buyer is responsible for return postage. Write: (1) your name, (2) address, (3) daytime telephone number, (4) e-mail address, and (5) “RGA” number on a separate paper. Attach a copy of the original invoice.
If the above instructions are not followed, processing the return may be delayed. The return will not be accepted if any of the components/accessories is missing. You can keep any free gift that you received with the order for trying the PerfectGreen cookware.

What’s the duration of the warranty?
Under normal household use, PerfectGreen is free from defects in material and workmanship for 20 years for the cookware (excluding the coating). Under the warranty terms, the manufacture will only be obligated to repair and/or replace only the defective part(s) of the cookware. Any shipping costs have to be incurred by the purchaser. Damages caused by accidents, abuse or misuse (including overheating) are not covered. Scratches, discoloration, stains, or anything not impairing the functionality of the cookware are not covered.

What is the shipping policy?
For the best service and quickest delivery, orders received by 3pm, CST are processed and shipped within 24 hours. Orders received after that are processed and shipped the following business day. Cancellations are not managed if the buyer accepts the 24-hour order processing offer. Accepting this offer also means accepting the cancellation terms. If not completely satisfied, you can return the product within 30 days of purchasing for a full product refund on orders with approved credit and valid physical mailing addresses within the U.S.A.

How can I contact Customer Service?
From Monday-Friday between 8am-4:30pm CST at 1-855-742-2665 or email to



What do I get?
Buy the Nuwave Perfect Green Pa for just $29.95 + s/p from the official website


Nuwave Perfect Green Pan Video
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17 thoughts on “Nuwave Perfect Green Pan Review

  1. I bought a set and for the most part, I’m very pleased. However, one pan now has two spots where the coating/surface is chipped. I’ve only used plastic to stir things (or dispense). Should I need a replacement?

  2. I have 2 of the 9 in perfect green pans and they both are non-existant non-stick. you will need a chipping hammer , grinder, and blow torch to remove lightly scrambled eggs. I always thought they put people in the pokey for stealing others’ hard earned dollars. I must say though that I also have 2 of the original nuwave induction cooktops and use them daily. no problems and I love the ease of usage. would recommend to all due to portability and versatility.

  3. I purchased a complete set of these when they first came out, the interior was Green, I had extremely great cooking results with these pans, every one of them performed as advertised, clean up was also fantastic, a year later I purchased a complete set of the same pans the only difference was the color of the interior which was a copper color, the pans were not quite as heavy but were every bit as good in performance, I have since purchase 2 more sets for family members and there have been absolutely no issues with their performance, they have all held up beautifully with constant use, none of the issues described in any of the reviews have been experienced.
    My overall experience with these pans has been exceptional and think most of the problems have been operator error, sorry but that is my honest opinion considering how long I have had and used my set and based on how many others I have purchased for friends and family members in the last 5 years all of them love their cookware sets.

  4. I purchased a Perfect Green cookware by Nu Wave model 32009, 9″ stainless steel fry pan with Duralon at Bed Bath & Beyond about 6 months ago. I purchased it mainly for my Nu Wave cooker as my other pans are not of a magnetic material. After preping the pan the first use was a couple of eggs which both stuck to the bottom like loctite. I put the pan aside and did some research and actually could not find this pan on the market anywhere and to date still can’t find it. I just tried it tonight to make some blackened flounder. Not to my surprise I had to find something else to eat. This pan at BB&B cost almost $60. So the moral of the story is, I hope it makes a better target than a cooking utensil. I should have known better because of the copper looking ones belled on me the first use. Not good for a glass top range. So Nu Wave goes on the wall of shame.

  5. I have a 9″ perfect green frying pan and the non stick ability only lasted about 1 1/2 years. no metal utensils were ever used in this pan. Most people don’t keep receipts this long and the return policy doesn’t honor the non stick issue and puts ALL return costs on the consumer. I’ll just throw my perfect green pan into the perfectly stinky garbage and would not recommend this product to anyone!

  6. I have done some research on nano ceramic/diamond cookware, and the information Is frightening, studies show literal holes in the brains of mice after feeding them food containing this; has Duralon passed the brain test? The nano ceramic that adheres to the food and is ingested apparently crosses the blood-brain barrier. I once used a “green pan” and the chemical smell and taste of the food was horrible! That caused me to do the research, and I was horrified at the findings!

  7. I just used my 9 inch pan for only the second time, I was frying an egg on medium heat and the egg stuck to the pan like glue, the first time I used the pan it worked as it should, not sure if this is a scam or just a defect, I ended up scratching the pan coating trying to clean out the pan, NOT IMPRESSED!!!

  8. Suggest potential buyers read ALL the reviews of which the majority are NEGATIVE/ just returned 2 pans bought last year/ no matter what or how everything STICKS & sticks & sticks –

    Low heat, coating of oil, adding water to food – & u will get a glob of stuck food/ make sure u do some due diligence & READ ALL
    the reviews/ i paid a fortune for each of the pan/ the small one – about 9″ circumference cost $39.99; the next size up was about $60/ the big one still with plastic cover was about $80/ exchanged for the Heritage brand/ one of the store clerks had also tried the green pan & others & found that food stuck to all except for the HERITAGE/ anyway, buy a pan, try it out BUT SAVE YOUR RECEIPT for a refund.

  9. I got mine at the store, not online. It does to be very nonstick and cleans easily. I don’t know about chemicals/long term use and oven safety but if you need a new frying pan for basic use, it seems worth the $$.

  10. What are the materials that compose Duralon in the Nuwave pots and pans?

    Are they nylon based? What controlled laboratory testing has been preformed by independent laboratories? What are the known and potential long and short term health effects of Duralon coating in Nuwave pots and pans?

    What are the health impacts if performance limits are exceeded? (for instance, cooking, BY ACCIDENT, of course, over 900 degrees Fahrenheit).

  11. Review Nuwave Perfect Green

    Is Nuwave Perfect Green really non stick like it claims?

    Is Nuwave Perfect Green durable for a long term use?

    Is Nuwave Perfect Green really free from chemical coatings?

    Can Nuwave Perfect Green really be used in an oven safely?

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