NuvoH2O Water Filter Review

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Are you tired of showers that spray the wrong way? Are you sick of scrubbing scummy bathtubs, sinks and hate that slimy feeling that won’t rinse away? You have hard water that does more damage than you will ever know! Lime and scale are the enemy that attach to soaps, even minerals in your water forcing them to bond to glass, enamel and metal. Get the new advances in water softening, that’s light years ahead, the amazing NuvoH2O Water Filter! The NuvoH2O Water Filter is a water conditioning system that converts hard water into soft water. It is a simple inline cartridge system that gives you month after month of softened water with ease. Its active ingredients are from Mother Nature.


NuvoH2O Water Filter Video

How does NuvoH2O Water Filter work?

No matter where your line is, it’s easy to install with no extra plumbing or electronics required. The secret is the innovative Citra Charge Cell Technology that relies on chelation that allows healthy minerals to remain in the water is powered by citric acid. This patented time release cell releases the bonds of scales before they can get a grip on your plumbing and appliances, to give you delicious clean and fresh water.

Say goodbye to corrosive cleaning chemicals; don’t waste four times more water used in regular salt treatments and get the affordable, proven, revolutionary fix-it! The NuvoH2O Water Filter refreshes your laundry, you are able to easily rinse off the water, prevents clogged plumbing, ruined appliances and spots on dishes, fixtures, mirrors, shower doors! Don’t let lime and scales take over your life!

Nuvo H2O Filter FAQs

Why is nuvoH2O better than other salt-free alternatives?
It doesn’t contain harmful salt that is detrimental to your health and the environment. It effectively removes scale buildup and prevents scale in the future. NuvoH2O is known for its compact design and the technology has helped commercial setups for around 3 decades. It costs around 50-80% less than other softeners and saves costs on other household expenses too. No re-plumbing is required and works well on both hot and cold water in the house.

The nuvoH2O chelation system has an edge because of many innovations including its compact size, removal of existing scale buildup, no moving parts, electricity, drains, calibration, wasted water, no need of replacing salt, no magnets involved. It’s also FDA approved, 90-day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty. NuvoH2O is also healthy for you, your pets and plants.


How often does the cartridge in nuvoH2O have to be replaced?
Depending on your water usage and size of your house, Whole-House Cartridge could last for about 6 months while Studio cartridge does for 3 months. In this time period, you will notice qualitative differences in the water in your house.


What do replacement cartridges cost?
Prices for these cartridges vary from $49.99 to $89.99.


How should nuvoH2O salt-free water softeners be installed?
With a few additional parts mentioned in instruction guide, many home owners can install it themselves. Depending on the pipes in your home of course, installation can take up to an hour. Installation costs could range from $150 to $700 based on configuration of pipes. Its compact and innovative design makes it possible for nuvoH2O to go to places like condos, tiny utility rooms and outdoors, where other softeners can’t.


Is it easy to find local dealers for installation?
Many dealers install these products in the US and Canada and you can find out about them by calling 1-877-688-6420.


What does hard water mean?
Hard water often contains minerals including Potassium and Calcium and it’s difficult to clean the scale and scum that’s left because of these minerals. While these minerals might not be harmful they can adversely affect your skin, hair, clothes and corrode appliances and pipes in the house too.


What are the negative effects of hard water?
Fixtures, pipes, appliances can get corroded and clogged, which can cost you huge amounts on maintenance. Efficiency of water heaters gets affected; thus costing you more to heat water. It can dry your hair, your skin feels like it has a film of soapy curd and cleaning around the house and of clothes is not done effectively.


What are the adverse effects of salt in softeners?
Regular water softeners release 8mg Sodium per every grain of hardness removed from water; hence after consultation with your doctor, you need to adjust your diet based on your increased Sodium intake.

Presence of salt in softened water can be harmful to plants and gardens.

Salt in softeners causes environment related concerns as well because for every gallon of water treated, four gallons of salt water is discharged.

Do regular softeners lead to any other problems?
Water that gets wasted due to these softeners can make septic tanks and sewer tanks less effective.

You are not advised to use water from these softening systems in steam irons and evaporative coolers.

Other softening systems cost around $3000 and from $4-40 for replacement salts. They also contain sophisticated electronic parts, which need maintenance from professionals and it also reduces the life of these systems to about 10 years. NuvoH2O however has a lifetime warranty and a money-back guarantee because there are no moving parts or electronics involved.
While other softeners require great deal of maintenance, all you need to do here is replace cartridges twice every year.

Other softeners do their job by removing minerals from water that are healthy for our bodies. NuvoH2O uses the chelation principle, which means these minerals are untouched while hard water is eliminated.

Some systems are known to use magnets and catalytic media to soften water but studies haven’t been able to show any significant improvement in physical or chemical qualities of water after using these softeners. NuvoH2O on the other hand does its job because it’s based on the principle of chelation.


What are the benefits of soft water?
It makes cleaning at home easier with lesser amounts of soap and detergents while it saves you huge amounts on maintenance required for damaged and corroded appliances and fixtures.
It makes your appliances and pipes more efficient, saving you further costs.

You clothes and linen lasts longer. Your house cleaning jobs will be done a lot faster and more effectively.

Your hair and skin will be smoother and healthier.


How does nuvoH2O work?
NuvoH2O works on chelation principle, which is responsible for making minerals in hard water soluble and thus less problematic. That’s why; water remains soft and can be used for all your household purposes.

What does chelation mean?
It’s a process used by nuvoH2O water softeners, which have a special formula called Citryne that makes minerals in hard water soluble and therefore not troublesome when you do chores like washing, cleaning and bathing too. Some detergents like Calgon and Dove use the same principle.

FDA has approved Cirtyne and you won’t taste or smell it. Different cartridges are available based on level of hardness in water. While Whole House Cartridge can treat about 50000 gallons of water, Studio cartridge does about 25000 gallons.


How long has nuvoH2O softening process been in practice?
NuvoH2O has been helping many businesses from amusement parts to casinos in Vegas for last 30 years. This commercial grade technology is now available for use at home.


How much money will nuvoH2O help me save?
Good use of water softener will help a family of four save about $2000 every year. For starters nuvoH2O costs about 50-80% of other water softening systems and you will save further costs on energy consumption, plumbing, personal care products, clothing, soaps and cleaners and cleaning time too.

Hard water can reduce the lifespan of your appliances like washing machines and water heaters by as much as 30%. Needless to mention you have to account for maintenance costs.

Hard water reacts with soaps and leaves a sticky residue on your skin, making it dry. There are no such worries with soft water and you will save money on conditioners and lotions.

Hard water combines with detergents to form lime deposits on your clothes that make it yellow or gray. It can lead to matting of clothes and fabric stiffening. Use of soft water can prolong the life of your clothes by about 15%.

Soft water will boost the energy efficiency of your water heaters by about 30%.

With the use of soft water you could end up needing up to 50% less soap, which will save you costs every month. Results will remain the same with cooler water and shorter wash cycles.

When you use soft water for cleaning it will save you around two hours every week, which equates to huge amounts overall.

While other softener systems have a lifespan of around 10 years, nuvoH2O is guaranteed to last for a lifetime.


How do I find out about hard water levels where I am?
Around 85% people in America have hard water containing minerals like Potassium and Calcium.

Does nuvoH2O work effectively with well water?
Yes it certainly does. The minerals found in well water might be good for your health but they can have serious repercussions on the longevity of your appliances and plumbing in the house. NuvoH2O has been specially designed to reduce the hardness of water while carefully balancing the pH. What’s more, no salty waste water will be added to the eco system at the end of it.


Can nuvoH2O help in protecting a tankless water heater?
Most definitely; NuvoH2O can enhance the performance of your tankless water heater and improve its life span by removing the buildup of scales inside it.


Can nuvoH2O help get rid of chalky substance often seen in dishwashers and stains on dishes?
The chalky substance in your dishwasher is actually scaling, which happens because of high heating. It can fasten the corrosion of pipes and fixtures making things look unsightly in the process. NuvoH2O is effective in preventing scale formation and removing existing scale too. NuvoH2O will also ensure that the minerals in hard water don’t interfere with the working of your dishwasher and hence you will require less detergent for cleaning.

Many users have benefited from installing nuvoH2O studio system right below their kitchen sinks, which can treat the water in their dishwashers directly.


Can nuvoH2O remove scale buildup from showerheads?
With the process of chelation involved, nuvoH2O can remove white scale buildup and prevent its formation in the future, thus enhancing the longevity of your fixtures including showerheads.

Will the iron staining on toilet bowls and rust coloring on clothes be taken care of as well?
Iron cannot be removed by water treatment systems and needs introduction of chlorine into the existing environment. This chlorine will then have to be removed using a carbon filter system. However the chelation process can remove metal ions, which are responsible for binding stain structures. Thus it will be easier for you to remove these stains. Commercial cleaners can be used to treat iron bowls and laundry. NuvoH2O, in some instances, can avoid staining through Iron Oxide in the future, but these results are not guaranteed.


What states is the sales tax applicable in for NuvoH2O?
In the state of Utah.


Is there a money-back guarantee?
Yes there’s a 90-day money-back guarantee and if you are not happy with your nuvoH2O for some reason you can get a full refund minus shipping and handling costs involved.

Is any type of EDTA used in water conditioning process?
There’s absolutely no EDTA in the chelation process used by nuvoH2O. It’s FDA approved and safe for use.


How long does it take for nuvoH2O to be delivered?
NuvoH2O is made in the USA, and is shipped from Draper, Utah. For standard ground shipping it can take up to 4-10 business days for delivery.

12 thoughts on “NuvoH2O Water Filter Review

  1. I dug 2 wells looking for good water. I have sulfur water in one well and iron water in the other. Anyone know which system would be best for my situation?

  2. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t. In reality all it does is release citric acid into the water lowering the pH and damaging copper plumbing and brass valves. Lowering the pH helps keep minerals dissolved in the water, it does NOT soften water. Softening by definition means removal of hardness. Softening while leaving minerals in the water is NOT softening.

    Jan Muller is NOT a home improvement expert, he is a pitchman. Look him up in the internet. Deal with a LOCAL and REPUTABLE water person you can go back to instead of these internet scams where you have to go to another state to get your money back. If it worked, Sears, Home Depot and Lowe’s would be selling them. WAKE UP!

    • I agree! I actually owned one of these and it is a garbage product. I just replaced the system with a real softening system and I’m extremely happy now.

      I’m in L.A. County and have very hard water, Nuvo told me I had 7.5 grains of hardness and it lowered it to 7.2. Anything 7 and above is considered HARD. So, how does this tiny bit help my situation? It doesn’t. When Nuvo tested my water twice, this was the most change I would get I was told. That makes it useless. When my water was checked by an outside source, I was actually at 9 grains and that is WITH the Nuvo attached to my water system.

      I will not say who I purchased my soft water system from because I don’t want you to think I’m trying to sell softening systems. Now that I have the new system installed, my grains are at 0, which is where it is supposed to be with a proper softening system.

      Bottom line is this; you get what you pay for! Yes the new system I have was much more expensive and yes, it is a salt system, but worth what I paid. If you are trying to soften your water on the cheap, this system does NOT work, save your money and buy a true softener, that is the only way you will get true soft water.

      • Here in Tampa we have hard water but after I put in this system I use 40% less soap so I very impressed plus tagged with a Pelican carbon filter the taste is like what I got out of my tap on long island i.e. no taste at all so NuvoH2O Water Filter does work.

  3. The NuvoH2O unit reconstitutes calcium, is healthier, works great to remove white garbage, better for environment, no waste, no slime, FDA standards, 7 states thus far have made water softeners with potassium or salt illegal more to come. No waste of water, no electricity. Works great in my AZ home.

    • Mike,

      Please tell me which seven states have made it illegal to use an ion exchange water softener?

      I hear statements like this all the time but never get any facts as to where it is illegal.

      I live in Southern California and although some counties have banned the regenerating of salt based water softeners there is no state ban.


      Norman Silva.

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