Nutritec Slow Juicer Professional

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What is Nutritec Slow Juicer:

It is a juicer that squeezes the natural goodness out of fruits and brings more to your healthy glass.


Nutritec Slow Juicer is meant to bring the benefits of slow juicer to the table so that you get maximum nutrients out of fruits and veggies. Today many of us are keen on eating healthy and looking after ourselves in the best possible way. And one way to do that is by incorporating healthy juices in our diet. But the problem with regular juicers is that they grind fruits thus losing out on nutrients and juice from them. Nutritec Slow Juicer claims to extract more juice and vitamins out of fruits for you.

Nutritec Slow Juicer squeezes goodness out of healthy foods

The thing with low speed masticating juicers is that they squeeze rather than grind. And that’s what Nutritec Slow Juicer does as well and claims to bring to you 20% more juice from fruits and veggies. Moreover it also promises to bring 5 times more vitamins in the glass while the natural colour of juice is retained. Thus you have a healthier drink to devour every single time.


Nutritec Slow Juicer has an edge over other juicers

This juicer is said to be highly efficient because it has a powerful 60 RPM motor. And that ensures that you get the maximum amount of juice from lowest amount of food. Nutritec Slow Juicer also promises to bring high quantities of antioxidants and nutrients into your glass. You will also be pleased to find that your juices will be more flavoursome and fresher so that they can be stored for about a week or so, according to its claims.

Nutritec Slow Juicer has many features for your benefit

The slow extraction process of this juicer ensures that the juice stays fresh for long. The reverse extraction mode comes into play with this Nutritec Slow Juicer and the suction cup base is meant to make things easier for you. Nutritec Slow Juicer is also known to use only 250 watts with its high RPM speed and thus making low noise too. It is also said to be dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning it a breeze on a regular basis.


What do I get?

  • Nutritec Slow Juicer
  • Juice Cup
  • Pulp Container
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Manual

All this for just: $199.99 + S/h. Official website:

2 thoughts on “Nutritec Slow Juicer Professional

  1. The juicer works beautifully but every day since purchase, 2 weeks now I fight to get it off the base, the motor to clean it. There must be something wrong with mine. Very frustrating. Sometimes a 20 minute fight. I end up turning it off and on and keep trying until it decides to release. I love how it works though, I can’t do this fight every morning though, to stressful.

  2. I wish to purchase a Breville juicer JE98XL I live in Brampton Ont Canada where is the closest store to me.

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