NutriInfusion 700 and 218 REVIEW

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What is NutriInfusion 700

It claims to be a powerful nutrient extractor that makes healthy drinks while retaining all the goodness in fruits, vegetables, skins, seeds, and nuts.

What is NutriInfusion 218

As per the TV infomercial it is a powerful blender that spins at 17000 rpm to easily make smoothies, dips, desserts, and cocktails with ease.


NutriInfusion 700 CLAIMS

Turn food into super-food – NutriInfusion 700 guarantees to turn any food item into a healthy drink using its 700 watt motor. NutriInfusion 700 states to have a huge 20,000 rpm speed that complements its specially-designed Vortex Infusion blades to infuse food within seconds without leaving any lumps. More shall be revealed once it is reviewed.

Retains all essential goodness – NutriInfusion 700 assures that it can pulverize fruits, vegetables, skins, seeds, and nuts easily. It also promises to retain all their vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals along with much-needed fibre. NutriInfusion 700 also asserts to powerful stainless-steel blades to crush ice in seconds for a super cool infusion. Such farfetched claims made by NutriInfusion 700 will be validated once users review it.
Excellent design – NutriInfusion 700 maintains to have a compact base with various sized cups that go directly over for infusions. There are rings and lids that make these cups ready-to-go for the road. It declares to be easy to maintain since it requires rinsing under a tap for clean-up after use. Did you find NutriInfusion 700 useful? Send us your reviews.

NutriInfusion 218 CLAIMS

Versatile blender – NutriInfusion 218 convinces to be the most versatile and compact blender that perform all its operations at a powerful speed of 17000 rpm. At this rate, NutriInfusion 218 alleges to mix, whip, chop, grind, and blend any type of food items with ease. More shall be revealed once NutriInfusion 218 is reviewed.

Powerful blade assembly – NutriInfusion 218 guarantees that its compact, lightweight design and 2 stainless-steel blades – grinding and infusion, will help provide maximum results. It can make smoothies, dips, desserts, and cocktails with ease. It asserts to be perfect for guacamole, whip cream, cheesecake bases, and healthy, lean mince in just seconds. NutriInfusion 218 does sound interesting; user reviews will soon expose the truth.

Smartly Designed – NutriInfusion 218 declares to come with tumblers that go directly over the base. After the processing, these tumblers can be sealed with rings or lids provided to convert them into a to-go cup. The Nano Chef Food Processor promises to provide chopping by slowing down the processor to 3000 rpm. There is no proof how good NutriInfusion 218 is due to lack of reviews.

NutriInfusion 700/218 Features

Powerful nutrient infuser – NutriInfusion claims to be a little different over regular juicers. It asserts to have nutrient infusing technology over juicing. NutriInfusion states that juicing food items will only provide great taste but takes away all its nutrient value. On the flip-side, NutriInfusion assures that it keeps all the valuable fiber in the food item intact. Such an extraction in NutriInfusion allegedly takes place by breaking down the fruits and vegetables to a cellular level. This insures that none of their nutrients are lost in the pulp and a healthy output is provided to the user.

Powerful pulverizing – NutriInfusion proclaims to be compact yet powerful enough to pulverize all types of food items. It includes fruits, vegetables, seeds, and skins. NutriInfusion also assures that its powerful stainless-steel blade assembly and high speed motor can easily crush ice within mere seconds.

User-friendly design – NutriInfusion asserts to have an easy design that can be used by all users. It also promises to not take a lot of counter space. The infusion system comes with three major units, one is the powerful base motor, the other is the blade assembly, and the third is the set of cups. NutriInfusion states to be designed in a way that these cups can be sealed with lids and used on the go instead of transferring the contents into another cup. NutriInfusion convinces that its cleaning is a breeze since these cups can be easily washed in the top rack of a dishwasher. Keep caution that none of the parts in NutriInfusion are intended for microwave use.

NutriInfusion Questions and Answers

Q. What are the sizes of short and tall cups that come with NutriInfusion?
A. The tall cup is of 32 ounces and the small of 18 ounces.

Q. Is NutriInfusion versatile enough to make peanut butter?
A. NutriInfusion should not be run for more than a minute while making butter takes about 10 to 12 minutes. Hence it is not suitable for making peanut butter.

Q. It says NutriInfusion can crush ice but can it work effectively with frozen fruit?
A. No, it is recommended to use only ice for frozen drinks in NutriInfusion.

Q. Won’t higher RPM in NutriInfusion kill the nutrients?
A. Yes higher rpm does mean that heat sensitive essential vitamins and nutrients will die. But the fact that NutriInfusion should be run for not more than 60 seconds restores the nutrient value and creates enough heat to get a lump-free output.

Q. Can NutriInfusion crush ice?
A. Yes, crushed ice from freezer will work well but it cannot really crush big ice cubes. These tend to skitter over the top of the blade instead.

Q. Does the rubber gasket on NutriInfusion come off easily? Is it loose in general?
A. Yes, its loose enough and sometimes comes off. Use it as an opportunity to clean the gasket.

Q. Can NutriInfusion be used for making juices too?
A. No, it is good at making smoothies. Juicing requires separation of the fiber or pulp from fruits.

Q. Is NutriInfusion too loud? If yes, is it because of the duration of the process?
A. Yes, it is loud because of higher rpm and a powerful motor. Also the process is not as long since NutriInfusion is to be used for maximum 60 seconds in one go.

Q. Is NutriInfusion powerful enough to pulverize a small whole apple or does it required feeding smaller pieces of the apple into the machine?
A. It is better to cut the apple into chunks and core it for better results. There is no need to peel it though.

Q. Can NutriInfusion handle frozen fruits well?
A. There is an issue with this extractor and it fails to engage when twisted into place. Even after several attempts with different types of fruits and vegetables there were no substantial results.

NutriInfusion Review

Elaine Hodges, a NutriInfusion user complains that its motor is very loud. Her NutriInfusion review also says that its plastic containers are not made of high quality and even its blades wear off easily.

Another NutriInfusion customer Lorraine Larson was disappointed by its functioning since it started getting hot and stopping in middle of blending food items.

One user named Renee Fleming writes in her NutriInfusion review that her blender broke down after two uses. She noticed sparks and smokes coming out of the motor after a blending burst. According to her NutriInfusion review she is upset about the fact that it broke down even after she used it cautiously and did not blend over 3 seconds at once.

One other reviewed Fanny Hart asserts that NutriInfusion is noisy and broke down after few months of use.

In her NutriInfusion review, Christy Ramirez calls it a total failure. Her motor failed to start and the rubber seal came off and got caught into the blade and snapped.

Sadie Ortega states in her NutriInfusion review that it leaks while blending. She also found the lids to be difficult to put on and take off. Her review additionally says that NutriInfusion is pretty noisy and its blade assembly can start wearing off or fall apart after couple of uses.

Another customer, Paula Hudson, reveals in her NutriInfusion review that it worked great initially but stopped working after couple of uses. According to her NutriInfusion review her motor conked off and the cord melted near the base.

Joan Gutierrez, another customer of NutriInfusion found the threaded portion of the cups weren’t long enough to get a tight seal. Her review asserts that the cups started to leak and run through the entire motor and ultimately ruined it.

A disappointed reviewer, Dana Luna, says that NutriInfusion lasted for about a week. Her review adds that NutriInfusion was noisy when it was functional and its gasket keeps coming off while making a smoothie.

One other NutriInfusion review by Frances Kelly reveals that its twisting mechanism is a little difficult to use. She used the blender for only 2 months after which the blades stopped to turn off. She had to manually unplug the blender to detach the cup.

Tracy Davis warns other users in her NutriInfusion review that the juices and smoothies may not taste as good as it claims. Plus it leaks all over the place while blending.

Another customer Cora Barton states in her review that initially NutriInfusion worked well but started to smell after couple of uses. She noticed that the gasket worn out pretty quickly and was burning up. Her other issue stated in NutriInfusion review is that it leaks a lot and the mess travels through the motor housing that is difficult to clean.


What do I get?

NUTRiINFUSION 700 set includes :

  • 1 base unit
  • 1 grinding blade
  • 1 Infusion blade
  • 3 large cups
  • 2 small cups
  • 2 cup rings
  • 1 travel lid
  • 1 shaker lid
  • 3 solid lids

NUTRiINFUSION 218 set includes :

  • 1 base unit
  • 1 grinding blade
  • 1 Infusion blade
  • 4 party tumblers
  • 4 lip rings
  • 1 large tumbler
  • 1 small tumbler
  • 2 re-sealable lids
  • 2 shaker lids
  • 1 juice extractor kit

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