New 2016 NutriBullet RX REVIEWS

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What is NutriBullet RX?

If the claims are to be believed the NutriBullet RX is the most advanced and most powerful of the NutriBullet blenders and extractors. NutriBullet RX extractor features a powerful 1700 watt motor which claims to break down even the tiniest seeds into nature’s medicine. Nutribullet RX claims to extract Lycopene, Beta-Carotene, Zinc, Curcumin from the fruit seeds by breaking down the cell walls.

NutriBullet RX Features

Smart Extraction Technology – They assure that the NutriBullet RX has a total “hands-free” operation. The Nutribullet RX starts automatically and you don’t have to bother about starting it, setting the timer, or adjusting the speed. The NutriBullet RX features Smart Extraction Technology”, The Nutribullet RX extractor is pre-programmed in such a manner that the RPM of the NB RX ‘s motor changes from 30000 to 7000 and back to 30K, at preset intervals to deliver optimum, consistent “juicy” results. According to the Official NutriBullet RX website, the powerful 2.3 HP (1700 watt) motor combined with the turbo extractor blades and cyclonic action. After the drink is ready the Nutribullet RX shuts down by its own.


NutriBullet RX Reviews

The 70% of the complaints that we received from Nutribullet RX users are about the faulty gasket and the consequent leakages in the base. The other complaints are mostly about the Nutribullet being too loud, burning smell and taste of the soup and smoothies, Nutribullet RX smoking, strong plastic smell, cheap plastic cups and more.

Nutribullet RX Gasket Problem and Leakage

Steve McAllen who bought the Nutribullet RX extractor on 2nd Jan 2015 , says in his Nutribullet RX review that the machine is not worth $200. He mentions in his review that the extractor does a decent job at liquefying everything thrown into it, including raspberry and blueberry, but the overall quality of the blender is horrible. He complains in his review that the Nutribullet RX extractor falls apart after a few months of use. The gasket does not stay in place and the Nutribullet blades would ultimately eat the gasket and it would get twisted around the blade assembly. Steve says he does recommend the machine unless they find a solution to he gasket problem.

Bryan who bought the Nutribullet RX blender in the first week of Jan 2015 too complains that the gasket popped out after mere 3 uses. He was using the tool to tighten/ loosen the blade. As far as operation, yes the machine works well and does make great smoothies but it is a little loud.

Bretty’s Nutribullet Rx blender arrived on 3rd Jan 2015. She says it’s a great extractor and she is impressed by the performance. She too complains about the rubber gasket in the blade assembly not staying in place when blending. The gasket has actually become wrapped around the blade when blending and causing leakage.

Paige exposes the Nutribullet RX truth in her review. She bought the Nutribullet RX from on January 5th 2015 and after using it just twice the problems sprung up, while using the Nutribullet RX for the second time the rubber gasket inside the blade dislodged and was cut by the blade, rendering it unusable. The worst part is Nutribullet does not sell just the rubber gasket separately and you have to buy the entire blade assembly. She is concerned that the same gasket problem may occur with the new blades too.

Nutribullet Rx is Loud

Brandon in his Nutribullet review complains of the Nutribullet RX extractor being too LOUD. He tried the regular cycle, and found it to be very LOUD, like a jet plane. The cycle is just about a minute, but seemed much longer and he couldn’t stand it. He had bought the Nutribullet RX in the first week of Jan 2015.

Susan too complains about Nutribullet RX being just too loud, she filled the soup pitcher, and tried the soup cycle just once and swears to not try it again. 7 minutes of that noise is not possible to stand, she says in her Nutribullet RX review. She suggests making the soup in a cup, and use the microwave.

Patricia says the Nutribullet RX sounds like a jet plane in her kitchen. She thinks it is no better than the old Nutribullet 900 watt unit. Patricia returned the Rx blender.

Smoking Nutribullet RX

Damien bought the Nutribullet RX in late Nov 2014. He mentions in his review that the extractor worked great for a month and then the Nutribullet RX problems began to arise. The NB RX started to smoke and began to emit a very strong burning smell. Damien mentions in his Nutribullet RX review that he requested for a refund but the 30 day return policy was already over and he was stuck with a smoking Nutribullet RX blender. Damien further says that he found several other reviews mentioning of similar smoking problem with the blender IF the pitcher is loaded past the line OR if there is not enough liquid in the pitcher. Damien says that the Nutribullet RX was smoking despite any of these reasons.

Strong Plastic Smell

Barmer bought the Nutribullet RX blender in the first week of Jan 2015 and he loved the concept of the RX especially the big containers and the performance of the blender. BUT he was disappointed to find that the containers had a very strong smell of plastic. Barmer mentions in his Nutribullet RX review that it was quite possible that the high-speed, high-temperature blending possibly leached plastic into the smoothies in the blender.

Chelsie too had similar issues. She bought the Nutribullet RX in 2015 from Bath Bed and Beyond & she also has Nutribullet 600 and 900 but neither has a strong plastic smell like the RX blender. She returned it back to Bed, Bath and Beyond for a refund. She thinks the plastic used in the Nutribullet RX containers is of cheaper quality than other Nutribullet blenders.

Warm Smoothies and Burn Smell

Shane has been using the Nutribullet RX blender for over a month, he too like Barmer and Chelsie has problems with the taste and smell of the soup. Shane says in his Nutribullet RX review that the soup has a burn smell which may perhaps be caused due to hi speed blending. He says he does not like to drink the warm vegetable blasts. He has used the Nutribullet 900 model which delivers the same results but does not make food warm. He further mentions perhaps adding ice would resolve the issue.

5 thoughts on “New 2016 NutriBullet RX REVIEWS

  1. I honestly thought this buy was going to be by far the best. Quite frankly I couldn’t speak any sooner, the Nutribullet RX I bought for my mother started making a horrible noise and the burnt plastic smell it leaves after makes the situation even worse. Never again.

  2. I was happy with my unit, had no problems that I can recall. Made soups, creamy smoothies, but this time went total veggie yesterday. The veggie drink was so yumlie good! Now this morning or is a completely different experience/true story. Half an hour ago, placed all veggie and liquid, as it was spinning, (bc of the power) it was sliding and the cup was about to pop off, but this time I was holding it together. Looked like it was done, it stopped but the liquid portion (cup) would not come right out – it’s stuck! What I did, was turned it upside down, unscrewed the cup, and now the blade is stuck to the bottom unit. I am unable to find any info on YT or G. I am returning it to Kohl’s and exchg or return, but my gosh, I sure did enjoy yesterdays veggie drink – now I am depressed bc I am recalling memory. Thanks NurtiBullet Rx developers for mental anguish and a giddy veggie drink.

  3. I’m about to throw mine in the garbage. I, too, had the gasket come loose, wrap around the blades, and shred into little pieces. I just got two replacement gaskets from Amazon (for about $10!!!) and during the FIRST USE the damn thing leaked all over the counter. My wife is gonna kill me. The gasket looks like it’s still in place. I can’t figure this damn thing out and it’s going bye bye. Never again, NutriShit.


  4. I’ve used the nutribullet rx for a little over a year. It still blends well but there is strong smell of burning & I can taste it too. I never use the soup feature. Too loud.

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