NutriBullet Blender Reviews and Complaints

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Regular juicers and blenders don’t bring you all the natural goodness and nutrients of foods you eat because juicing removes the fibre while blending leaves big chunks of food behind. But NutriBullet breaks down food into healthy nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes etc, which can be easily absorbed by your body. The 600 watt motor and extractor blade work its magic to help you to get all the nourishment your body needs and promotes healthy lifestyle.

NutriBullet Blender

NutriBullet is easily the best product in the market to make healthy drinks that will not only help you lose weight and fight illnesses, but get a healthy looking skin and add years to your life. The exclusive extractor technology, which has a 600 watt motor with cyclonic motion at its heart and patented extractor blades are the secret behind NutriBullet’s effectiveness. Thanks to it, skins, seeds and stems, which are rich in nutrients get pulverised so that you can enjoy their natural goodness. It’s something regular juicers and blenders can’t do efficiently while NutriBullet creates NutriBlasts, which give you vitamins and minerals that help you combat diseases.

Why extracting food is good?

It’s a good idea for practically everyone; from sportsmen to those struggling with health conditions because it helps you absorb the rich nutrients in your food. The healthiest food you might eat takes a while to be absorbed, but with NutriBullet you can prepare food in its most absorptive state. Now you don’t have to rely on chewing action, body enzymes and stomach acids to get your food to most absorptive and nutritious state.

What is NutriBlast?

It’s the nutritious drink you make with the help of NutriBullet. Simply add your favourite food, vegetables and add-ons like nuts and herbs to make a smooth, healthy drink that’s delicious too.

You can also make salad dressings, soups, dips and natural ice creams using NutriBullet. And thanks to its Milling Blade you can make brown rice flour, get almond butter out of almonds and make many other delicious recipes with the help of the extensive recipe book that comes with the product too.

About David Wolfe
David Wolfe is a health and nutrition expert who has written many bestselling books like Eating for Beauty, Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future etc. He is also a renowned health and personal success speaker, who has inspired many to make healthy changes to their lifestyle by eating right food. David enjoys sharing his vast knowledge about these matters and making people see the healing properties in your day to day foods, which should be extracted and absorbed.

NutriBullet FAQs

Vitality Formula; what is it?
Now you can supercharge your NutriBlast with the Vitality Formula to reduce stress and joint pain, improve your libido, energy levels and get good night’s sleep too. This path breaking formula contains natural ingredients that can help you fight different effects of aging. A small scoop of Vitality Formula in your NutriBlast is all it takes to see sensational results.

Does NutriBullet have advantages over Magic Bullet?
While Magic Bullet has a 250 watt motor, NutriBullet has a 600 watt one. NutriBullet also has a larger vessel capacity and thanks to its extractor blades can emulsify very tough ingredients like stem and seeds.

Is NutriBullet dishwasher safe?
Except for NutriBullet’s motor base, all its parts including blades and lids are dishwasher safe.

What’s NutriBullet made out of?
The cups are made out of non-toxic high-impact plastic and don’t contain BPA or Phthalates.

What are NutriBullet cups’ capacities?
While the tall cup has a maximum capacity of 31ounces, the two smaller cups can hold up to 22 ounces each.

What’s the NutriBullet voltage?
The US specific unit has the voltage of 120 volt/60 HZ/600 Watt Motor.

What’s the plug for NutriBullet?
It’s a 2 flat pin polarized plug.

How is Extractor Blade different from Milling Blade?
Extractor Blade is the primary blade used to get nutrition out of seeds, stems and skin while the Milling Blade can be used to mill grains and grind herbs.

Can the infomercial be seen again?
Due to unavailability of an air schedule, it’s difficult to offer exact timings but the infomercial is on air often on different broadcast channels.

Can I buy NutriBullet in stores?
Yes, NutriBullet is available in stores.

Can NutriBullet be used in the microwave?
That’s not what it’s designed for and placing any of NutriBullet’s parts or accessories in the microwave can cause damage to them.

Where can one find the ingredients seen in the infomercial?
They can easily be found at all major health food stores and markets.




What do I get?

  • The extractor blade
  • The milling blade
  • The power base
  • The tall cup
  • 1 short cup and 1 handled comfort lip ring
  • 1 handled short cup and 1 comfort lip ring
  • 2 Stay fresh resealable lids
  • 1 User guide and recipe book
  • 1 pocket nutritionist

All this for just $119.94. Official website

Customer Service
1-855-34-NUTRI (1-855-346-8874). Customer Service is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 8pm, Eastern Time.


NutriBullet Blender Video


157 thoughts on “NutriBullet Blender Reviews and Complaints

  1. Purchased the nutribullet to improv my health but instead I’m drinking smoothies w rust getting into them as a result of a faulty blade seal. There are many complaints re this. The company has done nothing to correct this problem. Meanwhile people are being poisoned w rust !

  2. Very disappointed that the O ring in the extractor blade came out continuously even though I read the instructions and followed all guidelines. It finally broken after being destroyed during a drink prep. Not only is a replacement gasket impossible to find for the Nutribullet RX, but if you buy it from Nurtibullet they make you buy the entire extractor blade. I have only had this product for 3 months and it is not one I recommend to others. Poor quality construction.

  3. When replacing the rubber gear at base of blade AND plastic gear on unit with motor…there is both rubber gear with 6 prongs and 4 prongs and same for the plastic gear on motor unit. As long as they mate with each other is there any advantage to using the 6 prong vs the 4 prong as long as gears mate properly. It came with 6 prong rubber gear and 6 prong plastic gear at motor unit. Thank you

  4. Purchased my NutraBullet Rx through TV shopping network about 5 months ago. Used it about 20 times, then stopped due to life issues. Tried to use it and the belt broke loose and got all tangled in the blade & it leaked!!! Waiting to hear back from company. As far as I am concerned this should not happen. I paid too much $$$ for problems so early!

  5. I had put mine away for a little while. Went to use it last night and dosen’t work any more. Have the original one for a few yrs np. A good appliance no matter what it is should get 3-5 yrs. Not 2-3. And of course warrenty just finished. Not surprised. Won’t be buying another one.

  6. Bought my NutriBullet last year at Walmart and it just started to leak and making loud grinding noise when blending. Not worth the money I paid.

  7. Two days in the cup has jammed on the base. Managed to remove it the first time it happened but now it has jammed a second time and totally stuck. Most disappointing for what is an expensive product. Seems to be a fairly common problem.

    • I just received my Nutribullet yesterday. Picked it up from Walmart (ship to store) and was so excited to use it. I put in my ingredients, pushed down the cup on the motor and “Wallah!” it worked…. for 10 seconds and then stopped. I tried several times and nothing. Went on line to see if anyone else was having problems similar to this one. I was shocked to see so many very similar complaints. I paid $79 plus s&h and am very unhappy because for me, that is a chunk of change for something that doesn’t work. Today is Saturday, so bright and early on Monday I will be calling customer service to get this problem taken care of. I don’t think I want to go through the trouble of trying to exchange it only to be frustrated again with the very same problem. I think I want a refund. Right now I have before me a mushy, very grainy soup mixture of fruits and vegetables that almost has to be eaten with a fork. NOT WHAT I INTENDED!!

  8. I have had two magic bullets & they broke their black gasket. Found one on line but no instructions on how to replace.

    I now have a nutri bullet & love it but there I things I’d still use magic bullet for.

    Does this company provide any support for their product such as parts & repairs?? Deeply hope so!!!


  9. I ordered a Nutribullet a few hours ago on their official website and haven’t received a confirmation email yet. checked junk email and nothing is there either.

    I created an account before buying and not the website doesn’t recognize my credentials at all. After reading reviews online, I am not sure I made a smart move buying Nutribullet.

    Has anyone had a similar issue when ordering on their website?

    • Had problems with 2 of these machines- gasket coming loose. Tried a 600 model. After a few uses (followed directions- did not fill above marked line and did not over-tighten extractor blade)- gasket popped off. When returning unit to store, saw a new upgraded RX model. Larger motor and larger containers. So (my bad decision) purchased unit. At home, tried new unit after carefully reading instructions. Motor was very loud. After the machine turned off after the pre-set time, tried to remove extractor blade. Heard a “pop” sound and as was the case with the 600, the gasket was loose. DO NOT BUY THESE MACHINES- the inherent issue is that while blending, since the jar is not vented, it creates a suction from the the spinning of the blades. Then when removing them, can cause the gasket to come loose. Not way around this defect. Save your money and purchase a quality blender.

      • I’ve had several standard nutribullet 600’s. Over time they’ve all stopped working in one way or another. The unit when operable is efficient, but they’re not bullet proof. I just bought the new nutribullet ex because of it’s increased power and cup size. Within a very short period of time I had gasket problems. First the regular, non bladed lid, when left on the container in the refrigerator, became dislodged and in my juice when opening it later. Then today when making almond milk the same gasket on the blade dislodged and became shrapnel in my milk, and subsequently squirting milk everywhere.

        Nutribullet rx is great because of its extra power and the larger blending capacity, but I’m disappointed to see longevity issues again, especially only 3 weeks in.

      • ridiculous, has your car ever broken down? did you buy a different model? did you tell everyone not to buy that model car? of course not. Look on Facebook for Nutri Bullet pages, there are hundreds of very happy people using the machine all the time. Yes sometimes these little niggles happen, usually when the customer first gets the machine. But most of the people do not have the issues which you have had. My gasket came loose once or twice when i had not put the base on tight enough. Also the machine will be noisy if the gasket has come loose and is wrapped around the blade. I think you should be a little more patient in your appraisal.

  10. It is an excellent product when it works, however trying to get a replacement after purchasing a 4 year warranty is like pulling hens teeth. They have asked me to try everything to my unit that is horribly noisy and emitting a brown dust from the motor.

  11. They sent me 2 Nutri Bullets because they failed to work after a short period of time. NOT worth the money, go back to a good old fashioned blender that will last you.

  12. I was about to buy a NutriBullet, but I purchased a George Foreman Mix and Go, it was half the price of the NutriBullet, and works without any leaks after 1 week.

  13. Nutribullet, a piece of Chinese made junk. Unit stopped working after infrequent use. Do not buy, you will regret it. I have a used unit for sale, could be used as a desk paperweight, not good for much else.

  14. This is stupid and so are the people buying it there is a thing called eating and all your food gets broken down that way like we have done for thousands of years drink water people be smart

    • In actuality, we do not masticate our food near enough to get the nutrients out of it, and anyone who has eaten wheat all his/her life most likely has damage which in turn also decreases absorption. 🙁 Whether you use a blender or the Nutri bullet, you ARE helping your body by breaking down these raw foods and also avoiding destroying the enzymes needed for their very digestion (which are gone once you cook the fruits/veges, period). I personally have bipolar and am on supplements that changed my life! I don’t know that I am cured, but these nutrients have gotten me under excellent control, so I absolutely am living proof that simply getting the right combo of nutrients, again whether in a pill or a blender, WORKS on many mental health issues!!

  15. I have had my Nutribullet for about 6 weeks and love it. The one major problem I have with it is the gasket in the blade assembly. On the 3 blades I have, and on both my daughters Nutribullets, these gaskets are removable. These units are all around 1 month old. Food gets under the gasket and starts to decompose. If you don’t pop the gasket out and wash it off with soap and water, every few days, the food starts to smell and probably is a good way to get food poisoning. I have called their customer support line numerous times, and each time I get a different story. They tell me not to remove the gasket to clean it, or that the new gasket is not removable, or that I should clean it, or that it never has to be cleaned. I have posted this question on their Facebook page, and within a day it was deleted. Not a good way to handle a problem with a product that can affect the health of the user, in my opinion.

  16. I had mine for only a month or two when it started showing problems like leaking lubricating grease from the blade unit, leaking contents even when tightened and not overfilled, and really loud grinding noise when blending. Now after 5 months, the blade units are rusty and the bearings don’t have any lubrication left. My advice: save your money and buy something better.

    • Check out the Omniblender. It is about 1/2 the price of a Vitamix, and works just as well according to many reviews I have seen on youtube.

      • Hey, Bobby, nobody is talking about the Vitamix lol. Maybe you should throw out your Omnimix blender or w/e the hell you’re talking about cause its not getting nutrients to your brain. Try a Nutriblast then write a real review, you goober sammich!

        Bob says: October 8, 2013 at 8:21 pm

        Check out the Omniblender. It is about 1/2 the price of a Vitamix, and works just as well according to many reviews I have seen on youtube.

  17. I really love the Nutribullet. Just consider what the machine is designed for. I love the fact that is an extractor instead of a juicer or blending machine. It processes everything without waste to get access to the hidden nutrition!

  18. I bought a Nutri Bullet approximately 5 months ago, and I’m absolutely attached to it. Every day for breakfast I blend together strawberries, blueberries, carrots, ginger, genuine orange juice, and a bunch of other nutritional food for a super healthy way to jump-start my day. Blended food is definitely more nutritional and I can tell the difference. In fact, I have more vitality at 45 than I did 20 years back! Yes, I’m definitely in love with my Nutri Bullet.

  19. I had the Nutri Bullet for 5 months now, and it worked great, only leaked one time and that’s because I didn’t have the top on tight enough. It does what it says it would, for me. Been thinking of getting one for work so I can make juice there too at lunch time. Maybe make juice for others even and make some money doing it lol…

    • Mine just leaked a little bit because I didn’t have the top on tight enough. I wiped it out with a paper towel, but is that enough?

  20. I have had my nutri bullet for about a year..I’m sorry I spent the money on it. I have a $17.00 Hamilton Beach personal blender that does a better job than the Nutri-bullet..

  21. Bought the NutriBullet late Dec and have used it for my breakfast drink before work. Motor gave out this AM. Very disappointed. Not sure how long or if any warranty came with it. Will look for the customer service number. It was a GREAT product until now.

  22. NutriBullet has redesigned their product. The newer NutriBullets have a sealing gasket 3 times larger than the first version. The first version has a design flaw, specifically too small of a gasket surface allowing fluid leakage into the base motor unit. This could potentially start a fire.

    Customer service is virtually non-existent and completely unresponsive. They wanted me to pay for shipping on their design flaw. Look for a class action lawsuit on the leaking issue.

    • The problem I see with the new gasket is that food gets under it, and starts to rot, unless you pull the gasket out and wash it every few days. My nutribullets and my daughters are all brand new, and all have this problem.

      • the instructions told me not to remove the gasket, mine is a 2014 model, and it began to get rotten food under the gasket, my model also came with an extra gasket. My sister just bought a couple of nutribullet 600’s in December of 2014, they did not come with an extra gasket, I haven’t looked at her model to see if the gasket is a larger size than mine. I would advise everyone to take the gaskets out and clean them with every use, it is safer than the alternative.

  23. I love the Nutribullet. Mine does not leak. You have to make sure you do not go past the max line. They mention that right off the bat that it may leak if you put too much in past the fill max line.

    It is so fast and so easy to use, and emulsifies even the hardest of fruit. And vege stems. How many are reading the user instructions before using it? I did watch the infomercials and then got rid of my Juiceman juicer as I hated cleaning it. Had it for years and it sat in cupboard most of the time. This has no major clean up and just rinse with warm water and air dry. Love it bought mine from e-bay from a reputable seller and when it came, it actually came from Kohl’s. But no shipping and no tax and brand new. That is the way to go. I use it every day. Hope people are enjoying their machine as much as I am. Good health to you.

    • I agree Darlene it works great and I am sure some people that say it leaks didn’t read what the user instruction with the machine said. And if you don’t tighten the lid it will leak some. I know I love this and wouldn’t trade it for nothing.

  24. I like the nutri-bullet, but I don’t like the fact that it does’t have an on and off switch. You have to keep plugging it into the outlet. Why did you make it this way. I will be returning it because of this problem.

    • You don’t have to unplug it each time, I leave mine plugged in all the time as if you don’t have the glass lock into the base, it will not run. Just leave it plugged in.

  25. Horrible blender and it leaks get rusty. And when you complain the lines are busy or mailbox full IT takes them literally a week get back. horrible overall services they still charge you for shipping if something wrong with it. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS!!

    • You should have brought it at Bed Bath & Beyond, they would have taken it back if you didn’t like it at all.

  26. Leaks rusty goo all over everything. Good luck trying to get your money back or another that doesn’t leak.They all leak,very piss poor design.

  27. I just bought one from WalMart on March 11,2013 and I am happy with it so far,it really cuts up the stuff fine that I put in container,people complain about it leaking,it does not do it on me,I put olive oil on the gasket and threads for a smooth screw on from container to the base,it works wonderful and as far as any rust that might try to start,just keep using some olive oil in the mix,it acts as a lubricant and protector of the metal. As far as the power,oh well,what do you expect for $99.00. There is one draw back,I do not think it will crush ice. Have a good one every one 🙂

  28. Its funny how all of the positive reviews are followed by persuasive testimonials on how amazing they feel because of the nutri bullet! Yay! A simple, “got the NB a few weeks ago, its still running strong, works great” would be more attractive douche bags. Thankfully there’s a few honest reviews on here. The NB sounds horrible. I’m saving my money. Id rather pay for quality and get a Vitamix or Blendtec. The customer service I’m hearing about is enough to make say no. Its a shame that moneys being inhaled by yet another dishonest business.

    I wonder how much hassle it is for magic bullet to control majority of the reviews online?

    • You want a honest review.. I love my Nutri Bullet.. I make green smoothies with everything imaginable.. I make almond butter, salsa, hummus, guacomole. I have had it for 7 months.. I use it every day without fail.. it has taken everything I have thrown at it.. I only had one time it leaked and that was my own doing.. I filled it too much which it warns against.

      does it replace a vita mix.. no.. you cant make hot soups.. or frozen ice cream straight from the bullet, but for an affordable option until you can afford a vita mix. its awesome!

      that is a honest review.

  29. My family loves the Nutribullet! Anyways, if anyone has any of their cups and lids, tall or short ones, and are not is use, can I buy them from you?

  30. My Nutribullet BROKE after 5 days. It leaked the last two days. I am so disappointed! It is crappy in quality! I called to return it and the line was automated and said it would call me back. I am getting my money back. I mean seriously. It leaked several times and then broke completely in 5 days. Invest in something else, everyone. This is just a hassle and a disappointment.

    • Had mine 5 months and not a problem with it. Leaked one time, but I didn’t have the lid on tight enough I think.. works great for me.

  31. Just bought the nutribullet and its come with a two pin plug i live in the UK so if l change the plug will it work on Uk electricity any help please will be very appreciated thank you.

    • Hi Roger,

      I am in the same situation as you. Have you been able to get an answer to your question yet?
      I have been advised by staff at the hardware store that a transformer may be required but only the manufacturer can advise.

      I have tried contacting Nutribullet ,but do not get anything more than a standard answer.

      Please let me know as I have had the Nutribullet (bought online from a US distributor) and have been unable to use it yet.

      Any advice will be very much appreciated.


  32. The Nutribullet is amazing! I have been using it for a while and I feel better than ever. I suffer from bipolar disorder and fibromyalgia and I now feel uplifted, free of aches and pains, and my headaches have stopped completely. I FEEL GOOD now that I am using the Nutribullet. I feel SO GOOD. Anyone who suffers from depression, physical pain, headaches, etc. should buy this product immediately! Also, I am sleeping through the night. I could not sleep brought the night before I started using the Nutribullet. Now I feel refreshed, and I have more energy. And, my skin looks better! I realize there are complaints about he Nutribullet. If you fill below below the max line and as screw the lid on tight, it will leak. I called customer service twice, and both times they called me back. They were polite and helpful.

    Bottom line: The Nutribullet will dramatically increase the quality of your life. You will feel so much better. You will look better. You will shed pounds. I was even able to go off of my antidepressant. (With my doctor’s permission and help).

    • Jenny, the Nutri Bullet might have helped you physically, somewhat, but what are you doing about your dyslexia??

      • Phil, that was EXACTLY what I wanted to know! Also wouldn’t mind knowing the results of her IQ test.

        After reading her review I too ran out and got the Nutri Bullet! I can’t believe the results! I now have a great job making $500,000 a year and I met the man of my dreams (a doctor of course!) and even tho I was previously diagnosed as not able to have kids, I am pregnant now with 2 sets of octuplets!!!!!!
        I’m so excited and I owe it all to Nutri Bullet!

        • Hahahahahahahahaha. Awesome.

          Ciarrai says: July 6, 2013 at 9:47 pm

          Phil, that was EXACTLY what I wanted to know! Also wouldn’t mind knowing the results of her IQ test.

          After reading her review I too ran out and got the Nutri Bullet! I can’t believe the results! I now have a great job making $500,000 a year and I met the man of my dreams (a doctor of course!) and even tho I was previously diagnosed as not able to have kids, I am pregnant now with 2 sets of octuplets!!!!!!
          I’m so excited and I owe it all to Nutri Bullet!

    • Fake fake fake. Fake. Omg fake.

      Bottom line: The Nutribullet will dramatically increase the quality of your life. You will feel so much better. You will look better. You will shed pounds. I was even able to go off of my antidepressant. (With my doctor’s permission and help).<—Lmao

  33. So upset with this company, NutriBullet leaks and motor stopped…no one from customer service has enough respect to listen to their customers. Well if I could get an answer from them maybe I can say they listen…tend to find a way to get message up corporate ASAP.

  34. I am looking to purchase a juicer…any suggestions?
    After reading the good, the bad & the ugly reviews for the ‘NutriBullet’, I feel the bad outweighs the good. I am looking, like most consumers, for a good quality product that is built to last. I realize items will have their problems, intermittently. But a leaking juicer, no thanks! Whether it’s filled too much or too little, it shouldn’t leak period. And the customer service reviews are a nightmare! That alone, turns me away & is inexcusable…if you can’t get good customer service, who the hell cares about the easy clean-up Nutribullet! Growing up my mother had a juicer & I expect the clean up as it extracts the pulp…but there are so many choices on the market these days.

    With all that said, anyone have any experiences with a real juicer, Jack Lulanne, De’Longhi, Bella, Cuisinart, Omega, Ninja? Would love to hear!

  35. I bought my Nutribullet 3 days ago. I love the recipes that I found on their home page. Anyway, I’ve made 3 blasts so far and about 2 hours after I drink it I have diarrhea. Is that normal?

    Am I putting too much milled flax in them? I use 2 Tbls. in them. Please comment on this. I really don’t want to stop blasting.

    Thank you.

  36. Have had my NutriBullet less than a month. There are three white slots down the inside of the motorized unit with small white plugs or tabs at the top. The cups fit inside the notches and then you’re supposed to push down and twist. This starts the motor. With only three weeks of use, mostly once a day but sometimes twice, one of the white tabs won’t be pressed down — seems frozen in place — while the other two do depress. Unit won’t work. Tried for 2 1/2 hours to reach “customer service” which is anything BUT. Had to watch the commercial on TV to get order phone number. Called there. Woman said she understood the mechanism and understood what I was telling her but had no suggestions to fix it myself. Said she’d send an electronic message to ???? who was supposed to call me. I gave her my name and phone number. Have not received call for 3 days now and “customer service” number has continually busy except for after hours when they at least have the courtesy to tell you there’s no one answering via a recorded message. Tried to register my warranty on website — tells me there’s an error and won’t accept. Now I have a defective unit all boxed up ready to go back (at my expense since that’s not covered) and can’t even get instructions as to how to accomplish this. $120 shot in the ass. In the meantime, since I did have good results with eating liquified spinach and fruit, have begun to use my trusty old Osterizer blender and it does a perfectly wonderful job on the liquify setting. A lesson learned — check out the complaints first and find out what a scam company you’d be doing business with. NutriBullet is definitely one.

    • I actually have an issue with the infomercial and the 2 strainers that are used to put the smoothie through…the Nutribullet and a blender are used and what comes out of the blender hardly goes through the strainer at all…I find that hard to believe as I have a 350 watt Sunbeam blender from Walmart (cheap price) and I make drinks with greens and if enough liquid is added to completely cover the blades it liquefies everything…I don’t have clumps left over like what you see coming out of the blender on the infomercial…I personally think the strainer is tampered with to make the holes smaller or something…I can put my blender on a low setting and it still takes down things, doesn’t leave clumps…I would like to take my Sunbeam blender to a taping of the infomercial and we’ll have a true live comparison…LOL.

    • Same problem with the white slots being frozen or stuck. Bought Nutri Bullet blender last year and only after several uses started having this problem. the cheap Hamilton blender is working for me very well right now. Very disappointed with Nutri Bullet Blender. Save your money.

  37. Has anyone experienced rusty water leaking from the blade mechanism on these Nutribullets? I just started noticing the brownish fluid coming from the black, rubber gear on the opposite side of the blade, but when I shake it, the fluid then comes out of the blade side. This, obviously, means that the rusty fluid is going into my drinks and into me. Any thoughts from anyone?

    • I had the same problem with the leaking rust. I owned a Healthmaster that this happened to 2 times. I was very disappointed when it happened with the NB. The rust does not go in to the inside of cup- just a messy bottom. I called them and they replaced it. No issue since. It cost me $3.99 for shipping. Since I am gluten, dairy, egg and soy free- I use my Nutri blender daily for a raw protein powder breakfast from Dales Raw food. I cannot do without it.

      • It’s not water, it’s the lubricating grease used in the sealed bearing. When the seal for the bearing fails, (in my case after about 3 months) this grease starts leaking out the bottom. Over time, it will most likely start leaking out the top as well, and it’s probably not a good idea to ingest this stuff. If you keep using an unlubricated bearing, it will eventually burn out your motor.

  38. My husband & I were very excited about ordering Nutribullet as seen on TV, however, after reading above reviews it appears that most people are not satisfied with it. Has anyone found a good substitute?

  39. I had the Nutri-Bullet for about a month when it totally malfunctioned. Please save your money and buy something else. I have had to make a claim with BBB, Attorney General and my CC company. I am still waiting for a resolution. I plan to upload a YouTube video to show how this thing doesn’t work so that others don’t get ripped off. They are a bad company and you can’t get a hold of Customer Service at all!! I am sick of companies being allowed to get away with this. Junk!!

    Watch for video coming soon!

  40. Not for nothing… but I had to return my NutriBullet to Bed Bath and Beyond because one of the three white tabs that have to be pressed down by the container got stuck, and would not go down.

    They gave me the option of getting my money back, or exchanging it for a new one. I exchanged it because I was really falling in love the thing! I was using it to replace one meal a day and in one month had already lost about 6 pounds without even trying. And the damn thing is so easy to use and clean.

    • Actually, at Bed, Bath & Beyond they have a Cuisinart 15 PC. Blend/Chop set…it has I believe 18 oz. cups you can blend in and then sip lids to put on so you can take it to go…this system also has the flat blade (so 2 blades) and a larger 32 oz. blender…you get 4 of the 18 oz. size…there are a lot of good reviews on for this system…it’s 350 watt…around $99.

  41. Purchased Nutra Bullet 2 months ago. Got scammed on Vitality Boost. Sales said Vitality Boost was $7.95 month. Called a couple of weeks ago because first billing was $29.9. They said they cancelled. A week later another order arrived and just checked my Amex and found a $61.97 charge. In process of returning accompanied by a Certified letter. Am cancelling Amex now. Beyond that to get my money back I’ll call daily 2 or 3 times until they want me gone. This is a scam – Postal Fraud! BEWARE

  42. “NutriBullet breaks down food into healthy nutrients like vitamins” How stupid do you think we are? So if I just eat the food, the acids in my stomach doesn’t break the food down to mush? Please, do you realize how dumb that sounds. Even the actors on the infomercial thought it was lame.

  43. I bought my nutri bullet in June 2012 and was very excited about using it. It worked great for two months now it leaks and I don’t’ know how to fix it. I called customer service and the line is always busy. It seems like they took my money and ran with it. No I don’t over fill it with fruits and veggies. do you have any suggestions for me.

  44. I purchased my Nutribullet September 2012.. I used it daily for about a month.. Put it away in it’s box and went to use it today, November 14th 2012 and it doesn’t work. Tried calling customer service for an hour but I keep getting a busy signal.. I guess I’ll keep trying to get through.

  45. I bought mine in walmart online, but it leaks, I’m going to return it tomorrow. It seem as a manufacturer defect.

  46. Very poor NutriBullet Blender customer service. Got scammed on the Vitality Boost. Don’t want it. Can’t contact customer service for a mandatory “Authorization Number” needed to return/cancel product. It is always unavailable, or a call back latter message. Designed to trap you into continuous orders and charges. Must must return products on my own without the number, and cancel payments which runs the risk of damaging credit. And must file complaints with Postal Inspectors for mail fraud against the corporate execs. What a stupid mess. Advise not to do business with these tricksters and grifters. Go to Target, Wal Mart, etc. or don’t buy their junk.

    • Had same experience. I used my Amex card so I was able to call Amex and Customer Service advised a merchant block so no more charges allowed. They will also dispute the charges. Sending the Vitality Boost order back, (which jumped from $7.95 to $29.99 to $61.97). Returning product along with a certified letter and not bothering with the hassle of return authorization number! BEWARE!

  47. I bought the Nutribullet recently. I chose to get it at Walmart due to the ease of returning “IF” I have any problems. Plus it was a little cheaper there than on the products website. My question is, have any of you experienced any gastro issues after eating fruits and veggies using this method? Can drinking these smoothies regularly cause “loose stools”, etc. As for the product, so far no issues. It works well. I haven’t had it long though, so we will see.

    • I have had my Nutribullet for over 3 months now, I have to say ,,, I have no complaints or issues. The only thing I had happen was a few times the cap was not screwed on tight enough and it leaked a little. Now for the good part. when I bought it , I felt like crap. A little over weight but tired no energy and just felt lousy, Oh had arthritis in my shoulder, neck and arm so bad that I could not lift my arm past shoulder … Now 3 months later due to using only organic veggies and fruit, coconut water and the most important of all, Raw turmeric root in every juice( And I use mine 2 to 3 times daily. The arthritis is gone, The shoulder is healed, My hair is growing so fast I have to cut it every month, I have lost over 20 lbs without trying. I am feeling so healthy and full of energy. It has replaced morning breakfast. I will never stop using it. The benefits are too good to ever go back, there is no way I could eat all of the veggies and fruit I get every day juicing and it shows in my hair , face, everything. Good luck to the rest of you. I am happy with mine and thrilled with the results. By the way 3 other friends have gotten them and love them too. Same great results and no gastro upset or any other problems, Infact those problems are now gone.

      • Glad to hear all the good news… Now for some not so good… Three months is generally (depending on how often you use it) about the time the bearing seals start to let go. Keep your eyes on the bottom of the extractor blade assembly. If you start to see a bit of brown looking film under the rubber coupler, that doesn’t easily rinse off, the seal is starting to leak/fail. The volume of brown goo that seeps out will slowly increase. Soon, you will be able to hear the dry bearing when you spin the rubber coupler by hand. Goes bad quickly from here… Lots of heat, and it will start getting progressively more difficult to spin by hand. At this point, you will hear the motor straining and continued use will begin to damage the motor. Just an FYI.

    • Eric,
      You can get gas from certain veggies, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage. As for loose stools, I don’t think that will happen if you are getting fiber in your drinks. Which you are with this juicer because it doesn’t get rid of the fiber. It breaks it down so it is easier for your body to absorb and process it. If anything you will get more fiber out of this juicer. Good luck and just experiment with yours. Also If you can use organic veggies and fruit.You will feel the results much faster and you wont be getting any of the chemicals and toxins used in regular food.

  48. I would like to get 32 ounce’s NutriBullet blender to do business. I would like to know how much it will cost me, and how soon I can have it.

    NutriBullet blender is good but it is too small to do business. Please help me out .

    Thank you!
    Your customer

  49. I’ve had my NutriBullet for about 2 weeks now and it works great, just don’t fill past the max line or it will leak. The best thing about the NutriBullet is the cleanup, just rinse and dry. The advertisements are right, this is not a juicer and it’s not exactly a blender, however it is closer to a blender than a juicer. You will still have seeds from the berries in the drink, but they’re tolerable. It’s the best thing on the market in my opinion because it is so easy and fast to use and clean, even a lazy person will appreciate it. I am a long time vegan and this is great for my lifestyle of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

  50. Hi, Nutribullet users. I’m just sitting here waiting to use mind and waiting for a call back from Customer Service – my questions I remove those little white plugs by the motor before using it?


      • The three little white plugs do not need to be removed. There is nothing noted in the instructions to do so. They also do not affect the operation of the NutriBullet. My guess is that they protect the electronics of the motor in case of a leak.

  51. I bought my NutriBullet direct from their website. It took 2 weeks to get it. I guess they have alot to ship. Anyway, it worked amazingly. No leakage. The only time it did leak when I was over excited with filling and poured the water past the max line. This will cause pressure and it will leak. Also when you screw it make sure it’s tight. Sometimes when you think it’s tight it isn’t so you need to make sure of it. When putting hard veggies like broccoli/cauliflower etc and apples/pears etc you should really cut it in half or in 3’s to make the extraction easier and faster and easy on the blades and motor. People should really read the instruction before getting excited and use it, thus many problems ensues. I ‘ve been using it daily for 3 weeks now and loving it. No problems and I’ve never felt better than ever! I recommend it.

  52. We are on our third week now, and love the NutriBullet Blenderresults, however like everyone else, NutriBullet leaks. Ours leaks between the lid and the glass, and only with the large tumbler. I called customer service, and they were busy so I had to wait for them to call me back. It was an automated system that verifies your number and tells you they will return your call. It was about 5 to 10 minutes and I did receive a call. The lady that called was very polite, and after verifying my information and the number on the UPC label on the bottom of the machine, advised me I would be getting a large tumbler to replace the one leaking. At this point I will be waiting to see how long it takes, and if the new one takes care of the leaking problem.

  53. I have gotten mine on the 25 of September 2012 and mine works fine, no leaks of any kind, I also have a Vitamix 5200, it kinda works like my Vitamix but on a smaller scale, its a great product no problems yet but please read the instructions carefully before you use this machine, most of this is simple trouble people.

  54. I’d been searching the net for an honest review on Nutri Bullet Blender for such a long time before buying it but could not find one after all the hard work. Though entering the keywords “Nutri Bullet reviews” did throw up quite a few results, they were all such shimmering reviews of the product that it sounded too good to be true. A product sans any flaws had me suspect that something was wrong. What added to the doubt was the fact that these reviews had buttons to order the product from some other websites. This happened a few times and then I realized these were all probably fake reviews to promote the manufacturers. It was only when I came here and read the review that I finally knew this had to be a reliable one. So thank you for that.

    • This happens because of SEO. It is so easy to manipulate search engine these days because of the various loopholes it has. A lot of scammers get by, by cheating the search engine because it cannot determine a genuine review from a fake one. This gives the scammers a leeway to flood the internet with fake reviews of products that praise the crappy product to sky heights to con people into buying them. Most of the websites you tried to find reviews on are actually owned by affiliates of manufacturers who get a big chunk of commission on sale price. This malpractice has unfortunately become quite common these days.

  55. I have used my Nutribullet several times now…NO LEAKS..everything comes out real good … no chunks everything comes out smooth and creamy..if you want it thinner just add more water..but not passed the max. line…easy to clean-up to. I’m really enjoying my Nutri Bullet…I recommend it.

  56. I have the regular and first generation bullet. It came with gaskets. I’ve never had a leak with it. I would think and expect the Nutri-Bullet to be designed and work in the same manner. It too is bound to come with gaskets. The TV offer appears to be better because the recipe hard-cover book is included. I’ve not ordered yet but want to and likely will in the morning.

  57. I got my Nutribullet about a week ago and have had a Nutriblast each morning and am starting to feel the effects. Better sleeping, better mood and more energy. Mine leaked one time. I stopped the unit, took the lid off and dried all the threads and tried it again and it worked great and has not leaked since. I do think you have to be very particular about making sure the threads line up well and then to make very tight. In fact, sometimes I have trouble getting the lid unscrewed! But it is worth it! I have been having so much fun trying different combinations and I grow my own Kale and herbs so that is very rewarding for me. I grow stevia and put stevia leaves right into my smoothie and it really sweetens it up!!! Last night I put 2 scoops of chocolate protein powder, a banana, some soy milk and water up to the line in the small cup thru in a couple of ice cubes with a few drops of liquid stevia and let me tell you what! It was wonderful!!!!! Smooth and yummy and killed my sweet craving!! I tried to make hummus and the recipe in the book was a bit tricky…not enough liquid to get everything churning but I just added some more oil and a tad bit of water and it was so absolutely good! I am so happy with this purchase!!! If you can get the leaking issue worked out, you will be so happy too.

  58. Purchased a Nutri Bullet at between 3 and 4 a.m. There was a special commercial knocking off 3 payments if you ordered within a 10 minute period.

    Bogus. Nothing was billed as I was told on the telephone. Very dishonest business practice. They pulled so much money out of my checking account that I have an overdraft to pay for.

    It’s going back after a call to the Attorney General and Better Business Bureau.

  59. I have used my Nutri Bullet 3x’s a day for 2 wks and no leaks and have lost 2 lbs. I’m quite pleased with the Bullet.

  60. Mine leaks….tried really tightening on the blade and still leaks?? Is there something I can try? I notice that I’m not the only one experiencing this problem.

    Please advise.
    Thank you!

    • I did noticed that when you twist it off to stop the blade cover can loosen. If you happened to do that you might want to check. And make sure you don’t overfill with fruits and veggies that it touches the blade when you twist to close and pour the liquid past the max line because it causes air pressure and NutriBullet will leak.

    • Used mine about 20 times and the cup got stuck and wouldn’t come off plus it leaked all over the inside of the blender. It is absolute junk. I am dealing with BBB and Attorney General as I type. Need more people to complain so this company doesn’t get away with ripping off consumers. There are a lot of leak issues. Wish I read these before I bought the junk.

  61. I’m glad I bought the Nutri Bullet at Bed Bath & Beyond $40 dollars less than the TV ad, with their discount & saving on shipping cost.

    However, after reading about all the leaking problems, I put a paper plate under it when I used it & sure enough saw the drops leaking into & through the motor compartment. Took it back exchanged it, and also leaked. Gave up & finally exchanged it for a Ninja with the individual serving tumbler & I’m very pleased with its 1100 watt power & results.

    Bottom line, Nutri Bullet has a fantastic design & is super practical. Too bad their supply chain people failed to ensure that the quality control was kept up to good standards.

  62. All of you STUPID people that are saying your product leak is only because you did not use it properly! READ THE FREAKING INSTRUCTIONS!!

    • What instructions do you think will keep all these defective blenders from leaking? Can all these reviews on various websites be wrong? I can tell you that even tightening more on the tumbler & blade housing does not work. Neither does filling it below the max line. So what can customer service do, send you another one that leaks & another trip to the post office to return it also?

      • I used silicone caulk to create a gasket that adhered to the blade base. I cut a tiny bit off of the tip of the tube of caulk so that I left a hole that was barely large enough for a 16 penny nail to pass through (to break the foil and allow the caulk to flow) I then ran a thin bead of clear caulk along the mating surface of the blade base and let it dry for 24 hours. My blender doesn’t leak any more. Maybe the manufacturer should do this to prevent complaints about an otherwise wonderful product.

        If you don’t feel comfortable using the silicone You might try a gasket between the tumbler and the blade base. It can be plastic, rubber or even paper, although the paper won’t last very long. A large O-ring might do the trick as well. Rubber will work best. Check with the plumbing department at your local hardware store. Many of them sell small sheets of rubber for the express purpose of creating your own custom gaskets.

        • Did you apply this silicone bead on top of the silicone gasket which is pre-installed in each blade cup? If not, what happened to the original gasket that came with the unit?

    • First of all this problem is not with people reading the directions. I have had to return four of them . Everyone of them the seal would fall off the first time you would use it . It would fall off in my drink. I called the company and they were always nice but finally admitted they were trying to change that problem on the newer version . Guess what they did not perfect it. I have been a nutri bullet f or two years. Now the latest one I have has lasted almost a year but now when you try to put the cup in and
      Ok it in place the white rivets that the cup is sitting on that start the activation totally freeze up. I also did my homework and so many others are having the same problem . Plus on one video I just watched was so scary . The way the blades are constructed the gasket underneath get mold because they can not be cleaned . The company told me they are never to be put in the dishwasher that is the blade. The lady that did the video said hers had mold growing under the blade . Other videos showed rust and oil leaking from the motor . Also a friend of ours caut on fire from the Leakey motor . I’m the last person that I thought would ever talk bad about this product. I loved this and told all my friends and family to buy one. My daughter started using this daily and also a gluten free diet lost 150 lbs and I lost 40. It has changed my life. But I sorry the company needs to take charge and fix these problems before a major law suit. This can’t be healthy with theses seals falling off into your doing and leaking into the motor.
      I encourage anyone that’s wanting one to do their homework well and look at other options out their.
      I saw a few better ones that you don’t have a seal and the housing is so much better on them and the blades much higher up where you can clean properly and not worry about hidden mold. I would of never thought about that till I saw the video. Look it up for yourselves and see these on you tube.
      Good luck and this has been an eye opener for me for sure. I use this everyday of my life and I’m in a mad rush to purchase another product. I know my daughter in law just got the ninja IQ and the construction on it looks so mush better and the reviews side buy side are amazing. And a lot of nutri bullet people are going to that now with all the problems they been having. I think I’m going that route

  63. I just bought the NutriBullet for my mother. It leaked, she exchanged it, and this one leaks as well. Do they all leak, or is there some trick to this thing?

    • Make sure you have the lid on tight, that’s all and it will not leak and don’t fill past the line on it too.

  64. just got my NutriBullet and Love it BUT………it leaks….if I cant remedy the problem…I’ll take it back.

  65. We received our NutriBullet last week and simply love the ease of making our personal drinks. The only problem so far is I over filled it due to not finding the MAX line on my cup. My Bad.

    Have had my neighbors over and each have bought one and now I am buying for my grandchildren to help with their medical problems. Nutrients for young people today is so scary for them. Their little bodies have zero with all the fast fast food and no one cooking any longer.

    Hats off to NutriBullet.

  66. I have the Magic Bullet and decided to try it for the same purposes as the NutriBullet.

    I have found that the quantity of the output from the Magic Bullet is much less than what the NutriBullet is capable of producing.

    It appears that the blades might be different enough for the NutriBullet that the Magic Bullet can’t extract the same nutritional value as the NutriBullet claims.

    • Me and a friend bought NutriBullet and tried it. It was awesome but it leaks. We took it back the 2nd day.

    • Junk broke after 5 uses, terrible customer service. They want me to pay shipping to get my money back. Just another junk mail order product trying to take advantage of hard working Americans. Did I mention its junk and they have terrible customer service.

      • Just bought my NutriaBullet yesterday and used it today. So far, so good. I got mine at Kohl’s, it was on sale for $89.99, and I had a 20% off coupon and $10 in Kohl’s cash. So I only paid $62.00 plus tax. I will be sure to save my receipt just in case.

    • I have had for mine for 5 months now… leaked only once, it works great. Just make sure you have the lid on tight and it will not leak… it does as the show said.

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