Nutribaby Review

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What is Nutribaby

It is a food processor that claims to do real cooking for the baby and also has different functions for your convenience.

Nutribaby maintains that it is a 5 in 1 food processor that can not only be used to blend foods for the baby but for sterilizing bottles and jars, warming, steaming and defrosting as well. Of course you want to give your baby nothing but the best right from day one but the problem is that the regular food processors don’t make things easy for you. It’s true that most of them are not large enough and they need you to cook different ingredients together. You also have to choose the right amount of water, set the right time to get good results. But that’s easier said than done and things often go wrong. However Nutribaby promises you a way around these problems.

Nutribaby and using it smartly for cooking ingredients separately

What you might know is that cooking ingredients separately is not only a delicious but a healthy way of doing it too. Nutribaby asserts that now you will be able to do it without any hassle. To begin with you can fill the water tank completely so that it goes for 30 minute cycle. You can then add the first ingredient, choose steaming mode and turn it on. Nutribaby will cook your first ingredient on its own and after 5 minutes have lapsed you can add the other ingredient to the second basket. An alarm will go off to let you know that the job is done and your food items have been cooked separately.


Nutribaby for blending with convenience

Nutribaby stresses on the fact that blending these separately cooked food items into healthy baby food will not be a time consuming exercise for you. All you have to do is add these ingredients to the mixing bowl before selecting the blending mode. You can blend for five seconds with your Nutribaby then wait for five seconds and blend some more. Within no time, you will have healthy food ready for your baby, according to its claims.

Nutribaby and its other functions

Nutribaby emphasizes that you can use it to sterilize up to three bottles at a time. You can place them on the water tank, put in the accessories before covering with the lid. Choosing sterilization button is all you need to do to get the job done. Similarly, warming baby bottles and jars with a simple click of a button is now possible for you.
Nutribaby claims that not only will your jobs be done easily but efficiently as well. It comes with a lifetime guarantee to promise you long term companionship.

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