Nutri Ninja Cups

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What is Nutri Ninja Cups?

These are cups designed with pro extractor blades that promise to blend whole fruits, seeds, stems and vegetables in just seconds. The Nutri Ninja Cups breaks down whole fruits and vegetables with ease to give you delicious and healthy drinks and meals that you can take with you anyplace you want to go.
The Nutri Ninja Cups provide powerful nutrient and vitamin extraction of whole fruits, stems, seeds and vegetables in one go. You can use the Nutri Ninja Cups to blend apples, bananas, pears, blackberries, pineapple, carrots, tomatoes and so much more.
With the Nutri Ninja cups you get to benefit from personalized nutritious drinks and meals on the go.


Powerful Pro Extractor Blades

The Nutri Ninja Cups are designed with specially engineered pro extractor blades. When combined with 900 watts of power, these pro extractor blades easily break down whole fruits, vegetables, seeds, stems and ice in just seconds.
The technology used in the Nutri Ninja Cups ensures that whole fruits, vegetables, greens, seeds and stems break down in seconds. With the Nutri Ninja cups in your hands you can always have your healthy and nutritious drink anywhere on the go.



The Nutri Ninja technology works with a number of Ninja blenders and systems including: The Ninja Kitchen System Pulse, The Ninja Ultima Blender, The Ninja Mega Kitchen System, The Ninja Professional Blender and The Nutri Ninja Pro Blender. Use the Ntri Ninja Cup and transform your life one cup at a time.


The Nutri Ninja Cups are portable so you can carry your personalized drinks and meals with you anywhere you go. Carry it with you to the gym, to work and anyplace you go.
Order your Nutri Ninja Cup today to enjoy your personalized healthy and nutritious drinks and meals on the go!


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