Nutri-Blast Blender Review

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What is Nutri-Blast Blender

It claims to be a powerful blender that will help extract nutrition at its best from food ingredients. It can also be used for milling and has a staggering speed in a compact shape which makes it the blender to go for.

Healthy eating made easy

Nutri-Blast Blender states to be one-of-a-kind compact blender, which comes with advantages of extracting the best amount of nutrients from all food ingredients. Although at this point of time it is very difficult to assess its claims since there Nutri-Blast Blender is yet to be reviewed. Nutri-Blast Blender claims to help make healthy eating a lifestyle instead of a dream with its easy to use design and power. For now let’s not accept all the claims made by Nutri-Blast Blender till we get to analyze user reviews. Nutri-Blast Blender alleges that it is a must-have appliance for any family kitchen with its ability to make smoothies, juices, protein shakes, baby foods, ground coffee beans and much more all by itself. Nutri-Blast Blender does sound promising; Nutri-Blast Blender reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Powerful Design

Nutri-Blast Blender proclaims to come with a design that is powerful enough to even extract and juice the hardest of food items in no time. This ability of Nutri-Blast Blender is quite interesting to know but nothing can be believed upon till we see Nutri-Blast Blender reviews. Nutri-Blast Blender maintains that its size is pretty compact which is why Nutri-Blast Blender will simply fit into regular kitchens without taking much of countertop space. We will know for sure about its size once Nutri-Blast Blender is reviewed. Nutri-Blast Blender asserts to have a powerful base housed with a 700W motor. Nutri-Blast Blender declares that its amazing motor has the capacity to spin the blades at an astonishing rate of 24,000 RPM resulting in super speedy blending. These figures do sound fanciful but Nutri-Blast Blender claims will be attested once users review it. Nutri-Blast Blender states to power two interchangeable blades, a cross blade perfect for blending smoothies, juices, shakes and other creamy items. The other blade is a flat blade which helps in milling dry ingredients like coffee beans, nuts, etc. Nutri-Blast Blender does sound promising and will be attested once users review it.


Nutri-Blast Blender guarantees to be perfect for everyone in the family although its claims cannot be substantiated till it is reviewed. Nutri-Blast Blender maintains to come with 5 different sized blender cups which can be used to blend and even store with resealable lids. Nutri-Blast Blender claims that the lids come in different varieties with shaker lips to sprinkle dry ingredients or disposing food pulp/particles, travel lid for portability and screw-on lip rings for using it as a drinking cup. Such far-fetched claims by Nutri-Blast Blender will be only substantiated once user reviews are out. Nutri-Blast Blender convinces to be perfect for all with various colors to choose from – silver-tone/black/yellow base and clear/black cups. Is Nutri-Blast Blender worth investing? Send us your Nutri-Blast Blender reviews.

What do I get?

You get Nutri-Blast Blender 15 Piece Set for $79.95.Official website

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