Nova Pan

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What is Nova Pan – A new age cookware, which is engineered to make cooking delicious meal an easy chore.

Cooking it right

Nova Pan claims to help cook food in the most convenient and right way with its rapid radiant heat technology combined with the heavy duty ceramic body. Nova Pan apparently ensures the temperature is just perfect and notifies it by changing its rim color to white. This amazing technology of notifying the best heating temperature by Nova Pan makes any cook make five star chef like food.

Also Nova Pan supposedly is designed in such a way that its square shape creates 30% more cooking surface and is twice as deep as ordinary pans. This makes it a universal choice whether the need is to bake the food, roast it, steam it, slow cook or deep fry all in one pan.

Even heat distribution

Nova Pan is said to be flexible to use on any cooktop – be it glass, gas, induction or electric thanks to its rapid radiant hit ring bottom. It makes sure that the heating is distributed equally throughout the surface of the pan and turns the rim into white when the heat is perfectly distributed throughout. This technology makes sure that Nova Pan lives up to its claim of helping seal in the flavors of any food item intact to remain tasty and juicy.

Magic of Ceramic

Ceramic is the main body used to build Nova Pan and is space tested to handle the hottest of heat possible. Nova Pan claims to have been gone through industrial blowtorch heat test where at high temperatures there is no discoloration or melting of the body. The promise of Nova Pan is that it shall never have food sticking to its surface. So any type of food can be cooked in a healthy way with less oil, no fat or butter and can be cleaned in a breeze thanks to its non-stick nature. Plus durability of Nova Pan supposedly extends to the fact that nothing can flake, chip, scratch or peel it.



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11 thoughts on “Nova Pan

  1. This is really strange ! I have had a novapan for almost 3 years and have never had any problems. It continues to be non stick and washes so so easily. Still continues to have the handle and original colour intact. I was looking to buy 2 more of varying sizes for my son, but am afraid that with so many bad reviews, I feel they are no longer made of the same quality. What a shame. They are not cheap, and I can’t afford to take the risk.

  2. I nearly bought a set of these pans yesterday at a demonstration, thankfully I read your reviews while I was there and avoided been cooped with the banter

  3. Unfortunately I fell for the banter of the salesperson and purchased the complete sets of Frying pans and Sauce pans from their stand at Excel London on 5 May 2016. Within months their colour changing properties and soon after their non-stick promise went out of the window. They are far worse than any cheap non-stick utensils.

    I just came across this site today thus this delayed review.

  4. Total garbage keep your money in your pocket. My £5 pan from supermarket is far superior to this load of crap. They are conning people

  5. Awful waste of money, non stick? You are kidding me. After a week I was soaking the pans in hot soapy water and still needed a blow torch to get the rest of the bacon (yes fatty bacon) out of the bottom, which seemed super glued to the pan.
    They look dirty, burnt and shoddy (and other words starting with S)

  6. Never received a reply concerning my rubbish frying pan. The handle falling off when the pan is hot is highly dangerous.Trading standards can’t be bothered either. What good are they? So really this pan was a complete waste of money. I shall go to Lakeland in future, at least they care for their customers and replace anything faulty.

  7. Yes ours is rubbish also. We also went to Harrogate good food show and bought a fry pan. We don’t use it often (10-11 times in a year) Made an omelette last night lifted the pan off the hob and the handle parted with the pan. I managed to dodge the very hot pan which narrowly missed my feet, but burnt the flooring. DO NOT BUY THESE PANS.

  8. I bought these at the ideal homes and 2 of them turned brown inside straight away….I complained and was told that it was strange that 2 of them had gone this way! As if it was my fault! I had tried twice before to contact them, and both time s received an automated reply… but was later told that the website was not working….Great! They then said to return the pans for a refund but when I enquired as to whether they would send a return slip as the cost would be high I have heard nothing else! I am now about to take them to the small claims court as I can not see what else to do! I do not trust that I will ever get a refund…There are others on the facebook page also complaining!

    • Yes go for it !! We will be very interested to see how you do with that. Our frying pan parted with the handle just as we took it off of the hob boiling hot of course. It missed our feet with a bit of nifty foot-work, but the floor was a mess. I shall pursue the web-site this afternoon as we would like a refund. This is a very dangerous pan and must be modified so the handle doesn’t come away. I will update when I have made progress.

  9. I bought one of these pans at the good food show and it was great for week but doesnt seem to live up to the claims of non stick for long.I should have known better and i think ill stick to tefal in future, very dissapointed.

    • I bought three at the Good food show, gorgeous colours! The small one and the largest are still reasonably non-stick although i’ve always used oil with them. However the middle one is hopeless. A friend cooked garlic and mushrooms in them, using plenty of olive oil. I watched him and he did nothing wrong, but the brown stains refused to come off, there were marks even on the outside and even some of the colour has come off! I have no idea why this has happened only on the middle pan. So I have very mixed feelings about these pans.

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