Norpro Steamer Juicer Review

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What is Norpro Steamer Juicer

It is a steamer juicer that promises to help you make juices out of fruits of your choice with ease and complete convenience.

Norpro Steamer Juicer maintains that now juicing fruits like cherry, grapes and even apples for that matter will be a lot easier for you at home. If you are a health conscious person then you want to try and make the most out of the natural goodness of various fruits and veggies you can find. Steam juicing definitely has its advantages for you since you can not only get good quantities of juices out of fruits but it’s high on quality as well. Norpro Steamer Juicer asserts that now it brings you these benefits without having to toil over the regular juicers in the kitchen.

Norpro Steamer Juicer and how it works for you

Norpro Steamer Juicer stresses on the fact that it brings you a simple way of juicing fruits you want without having to stand in front of the juicer for long. To begin with, you can add water to the lowest part of the juicer. The middle part stays empty and is the place where the juice will be collected for you. Now you can add your choice of fruits in the top container of the Norpro Steamer Juicer and let them steam. If you use about 4 quarts of frozen cherries, it would take about an hour for the juice to be ready. It can then be collected in jars thanks to the tube, which has a clamp to keep you in charge of things. You will also find that there is a stopper to make sure the juice doesn’t come out prematurely.


Norpro Steamer Juicer gives you high yield of juice

Norpro Steamer Juicer starts doing its job with steaming and you can get on with other tasks you have on hand. You can follow the instructions to know the amount of time required to juice different types of fruits. Once that’s done, you can collect the juice in jars without any difficulty. The good news with Norpro Steamer Juicer is that you will get a high yield of juice, irrespective of fruits you use. For example, when 4 quarts of frozen cherries, you would get about 3 quarts of juice, according to its claims.

Norpro Steamer Juicer is versatile for your needs

Norpro Steamer Juicer emphasizes that it can be used to juice various types of fruits you might want. From cherries to grapes, apples and more, now you will have plenty of delicious options in front of you. What’s more, the juice you get can be used for different purposes, like the cherry juice for example, which can used to make cherry syrup and jelly too. Norpro Steamer Juicer also offers you flexiblity because you can use frozen fruits and its big size means you can get substantial amounts of juice for your needs.


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