Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 1500w Reviews and Complaints

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Cooking can be quite tedious and time consuming. The everyday demands of your spouse, your children, catering to a guest at your place. You wish you could have it easy. The New Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 offers you just that, cooking like a pro with its 1500 watts/2 horsepower motor. You can now undertake tasks of frozen blending, juicing, food processing, and dough mixing with ease.


Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500

Adding professional food preparation, professional blending and professional performance to your home kitchen is the bonus you get with The Ninja Mega Kitchen System. The professional blending feature of Ninja Mega Kitchen System helps you to instantly crush ice and frozen fruit to create restaurant quality fruit drinks and smoothies. Keeping the nutrients and fiber intact with no tamping and no extra water, you can avail full benefits of various fruits and vegetables. Preparing dough can be such a task, but with The Ninja Mega Kitchen System you can make all types of dough in as less as 20 seconds.

The Ninja Kitchen System includes an extra large 72 oz. pitcher and 64 oz. processor bowl both with blade assembly. The dough blade attachment, 2 Single-Serve blending cups with blade & to-go lids make it a complete set that can simplify your kitchen needs. Its revolutionary breakthrough blades are an integral part of the system that help in creating a vast range of preparations towards healthier eating.

Taking an extra step towards a healthier lifestyle we also provide you with ‘The Health Living Guide’, that contain guidelines you can follow to a better way of life. The guide contains information about super foods, how it can benefit you, food charts and tips / tricks to apply each day for a healthier living. A healthier lifestyle equals positive energy that can change the way you feel, you live and you think. The Ninja Kitchen System is the change towards a smarter and healthier life.




What do I get?

  • The Ninja Mega Kitchen System Collapse
  • 1500 watts/2 horsepower motor
  • Extra large 72 oz. pitcher with blade assembly
  • Extra large 64 oz. processor bowl with blade assembly
  • Dough blade attachment
  • 2 Single-Serve blending cups with blade & to-go lids
  • The Healthy Living Guide Collapse
  • 30 Days to a New You – Little steps you can take towards a healthier lifestyle
  • Healthy Highlights – Super foods & their health benefits
  • Fit for Foods Chart – 7 days of healthy meals
  • 2 Minute Motivations – Tips & tricks to apply each day for healthier living
  • 5-year VIP warranty
  • Official website


    Ninja Mega Kitchen System Video


    10 thoughts on “Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 1500w Reviews and Complaints

    1. I have had the original Ninja for 4 years it is by far the best appliance I have ever had I have just now purchased a new ninja with more appliances because I make a buttload of salsa every week also we started getting into juicing and this thing is amazing

    2. I want a Vitamix sooo bad but it costs a lot of money…is this Ninja Meg Kitchen really as good? It almost cost as much but I just want to make the right decision…help!!

    3. So just watching the infomercial. So mad people are mislead. Compared to the Vitamix side by side ninja put on high vitamix put on low and uses the damper. I have both blenders and the vitamix runs circles around the ninja. If your going to compare be honest and turn both blenders on high. The vitamix has 10 settings and a high button your infomercial had it set on 2. Shame on you!

    4. I was looking at an all in one kitchen system that can help me and found the infomercial of Ninja Mega Kitchen System. The features this appliance carried did make me purchase it right away but I had been fooled before. So to make sure of its working I went up and searched the search engine with “Ninja Mega Kitchen System review” to read some reviews by people who might have used this product before. The resulting top links carried such glaring results that for a second I was dazzled but soon realized that there was an underlying pattern in each of them. These websites provided me with purchase option on their site and did not let me exit easily with its pop ups. Thankfully I landed up here and found a satisfying genuine review.

      • Search engine optimization allows many manufacturers’s to put their product in the top search results but can be further exploited to cheat the customers into thinking it’s the best product in the market. Sadly, search engines are incapable to differentiate between fake and real reviews which make it easier to fool people into purchasing the product using the glaring fake reviews at such websites.

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