Ninja Master Prep Blender QB900 Reviews and Complaints

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Introducing the Ninja Master Prep Blender QB900 – the revolutionary new blender that will instantly unleash your culinary power and will effortlessly allow you to prepare hundreds of delicious drinks, desserts and entrees like a master chef. Powerful Ninja Master Prep Blender QB900 instantly blasts solid ice in to creamy snow for the most perfect frozen drinks you have ever tasted in seconds.


Ninja Master Prep QB900 Blender

Fresh delicious salsa, make premium ice-creams in 30-seconds, even healthy all-natural baby food in an instant, boost your energy level, improve your health, even loose weight with power packed whole-fruit energy drinks. The smoothest smoothies and creamiest non-fat frozen coffee drinks. You don’t need a master chef, rule your kitchen with the Ninja Master Prep. Healthy never tasted so good.

The Ninja Master Prep Blender QB900 blades combine ancient Asian metal making secrets for making sharpest blade and modern technology and the results is super-hardened steel blade which is activated by the powerful palm activated Ninja Power Pod. Perfectly chop, blend and process ingredients faster and more thoroughly than any other kitchen appliance.

The Master Power Pod pots the power in your hand to move from container to container. Just put your food in the Ninja container, put the master pod on the top and pulse to the perfect consistency.

Ninja Master Prep QB900 Review

After having bought Ninja Master Prep Blender QB900 I found “Rule the kitchen” is their slogan and it is true to the t. Well, like most people thinking of buying one of these, I already rule my kitchen. The question is, can it help me do new things or save time, and is it easy enough that I might convince other people in my house to use it too?

The Ninja consist of the “Master Pod” (the motor) and two separate two containers. First is the “Mini Master Prep” which is a two cup processor and the “Master Prep Pitcher,” a forty ounce blender primarily used for making cold or frozen beverages.

Inside the containers are the two removable blades (two separate blades which are pretty unique). The containers also have individual sports for easy pouring and a highly durable plastic fabric storage lid.

To start my test, I did what it seems most people start off with – chopping an onion. Basically, you press the pulse button till you get the consistency you want. I was concerned that the line between huge chunks and complete mush would be too small to get correctly. I was wrong and pleasantly surprised. Evenly chopped Onion with no tears!

Since I now had chopped onion, I figured it was just as well to make Salsa! Chopping of Tomatoes, Peppers, Celery (yes, I put Celery in Salsa) went as well as the onion. Throw in a few spices and I had one of the easiest Salsas I had ever made.

I also stored my leftovers in the container as recommended; it worked as good as my usual storage plastic. Bottom line – if you can see yourself using the Ninja Master Prep Blender QB900 , you won’t be disappointed.



What do I get?

  • Interchangeable Master Pod
  • 48 oz. pitcher with easy flip pour spout and no slip bottom, Ninja Blades and Splash Guard
  • 2 – cup bowl with Ninja Blades and Splash Guard
  • Storage lids for both pitcher and bowl
  • Recipe Book
  • Quick Start Guide

One payment of $59.85 Or 3 payments of $19.95. Free Shipping. Lifetime Limited Warranty. Please Visit the Official Website



Ninja Master Prep Blender Video

Ninja Master Prep Blender QB900 and yoplait smoothie

Ninja Master Prep Blender QB900 – Mommy Niri

Used My Ninja Chopper To Make A Smoothie


8 thoughts on “Ninja Master Prep Blender QB900 Reviews and Complaints

  1. We purchased our first Ninja QB900 Blender and it worked for about two weeks. Then, the motor just quit. We returned it and got a replacement. It just quit working after five weeks! I cannot recommend this product! Chinese piece of crap!

  2. I have purchased 3 Euro Pro blenders in a row & none of the motors work. I wrote to Euro-Pro about it & they advised me to buy a replacement motor! What is the likelihood of 3 bad motors in a row? Has anyone else had this problem?

  3. I have tried at least 6 different blender/chopper machines trying to find one that will really shave/crush ice cubes for slushies and more adult drinks. I finally found it with the Ninja Pro. It really makes “snow” I cannot wait to try some of the other things it says it can do, but this was the important one for me

  4. I purchased the Ninja Master Prep Blender QB900 on or before Mother’s Day 2010 and My Ninja QB900 will not spin the blades. I really don’t think its worth the headache.

  5. I love mine, but am suddenly having trouble getting the top to fit on. I don’t know why! can anyone please tell me what I’m doing wrong?

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