Ninja Frying System Review

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When it comes to cooking snacks at home like French fries or tacos one ends up spending a lot of time making them thereby compromising on the time spent with family. But now with the Ninja Frying System, you can cook your snacks faster, using less oil and have really crispy snacks for yourself and your family.

How does Ninja Frying System Work

The special engineering of the Ninja Frying System heats it up quickly, makes it fry rapidly and sustains the pre-set temperature for quick temperature recovery helping spend 40 % less time cooking and use 30 % less oil compared to regular fryers. This is because of the special fusion heat technology in Ninja Frying System combines oil temperature maintenance and complete submersion of food in oil.

In regular fryers when frozen food is added to oil, the temperature of oil dips and takes a long time to return to normal making the food absorb more oil and cook slowly. But the fusion heat technology of the Ninja Frying System heats the oil a lot quicker so you get your snacks crispy, quick and healthy. In other fryers food is not submerged completely into the oil and the floating portions of the food does not cook too well and absorb extra oil. But the Ninja Frying System has a patented immersion basket that keeps the food completely immersed in oil. This also means hands-free cooking that keeps you free from flipping, turning and actually cooking the snacks.

The Ninja Frying System has a cool zone technology that prevents food particles from burning and keeps your oil fresher for a longer time. The custom pour spout of the Ninja Frying System also eliminates messy problems like spillage while draining and stores the oil away. One doesn’t have to worry about accidental burns because the entire body of Ninja Frying System is made of cool to touch exterior. No dirty marks or finger prints will find their way on the slick matt finish exterior and it has the largest food capacity than any regular fryers so you cook a big bunch of fries in one go.



What do I get?
Buy Ninja Professional Frying System at for just $99.99. Official website



Ninja Frying System Video

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