New Yolker

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What is New Yolker: It is an egg yolk remover that’s meant to do the job easily and quickly.


New Yolker is supposed to help you have the healthy egg whites while you remove yolks easily. We like eating eggs and they are indeed a good way to start your day. But the problem is that they can lead to you piling on the calories on a regular basis. You can avoid that by removing the egg yolk from your everyday diet. Sadly that can be quite difficult and leads to mess in your kitchen. New Yolker claims to help you find a way around that so that you can get the healthy proteins of egg whites alone.

New Yolker is simple for use

Now you don’t have to go through those tricky methods to separate egg yolks and end up wasting your time. Squeeze and release is all it takes to let New Yolker do the job for you. It will separate out the egg yolk effortlessly and you are left with the healthy, protein packed egg whites for your breakfast or whatever you choose to make.

New Yolker can be used directly on the pan too

Yes, that’s the delight of working with the New Yolker, according to its claims. It’s said that you can use it to pluck egg yolks out of the pan too. And there won’t be any mess for you to clean up later.

New Yolker has an effective squeeze and release bulb

And that’s the secret of this egg yolk remover. You can simply squeeze this bulb and place it over the yolk. Once you release it, the yolk is lifted up and your job is done simply and without any tricky manoeuvres.


The good thing about removing yolks this way is that they stay intact in the bulb and can be stored for later. You can use them for baking if you like or making sauces and dressings for that matter.


Using New Yolker is so easy that even kids can do it. It is supposed to offer you a way to delicious egg dishes made healthier without yolk. It’s also dishwasher safe and easy to clean, making it a value addition to all kitchens.



New Yolker Video

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